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We offer 1 party package in order to fit your party needs. This package come with party favors for all guests and birthday shirt for party child. When you have your party with us, your party will be the only one going on in the gym and in the party room! The gym time will consist of Active Games, Kids Korner, Pit time, and an Obstacle course. If you have a special request let us know to see if we can do it for you!


Party package is for 10 children or less.
60 Minutes in the gym.
30 minutes in the party room.
$150.00 for Party Package.
$10.00 per guest over 10 on party day!


You must come into the facility in order to book your party.
You will pay in full for the Party Package that you want.
You pay for any extra guests on the day of the party.
AIM does not supply any paper products for the party.
Children must be between 4 and 11 in order to enter the gym for the party.
The party games will be geared toward the age of the party child.
If you have guests that are older or younger than the party child they will be included in the games set up for the party child, they will not get special things to do.
In larger parties you will get 2 Gym Workers so that party can be spread out so that no waiting in line has to happen.
You will be called the week of the party in order to confirm your party info.


Report to gym 15 minutes prior to party.
Your party items will be put in a holding area. If you are the first party of the day then your items will be put into the party room.
You will meet the Party Director and Gym worker.
All guests will be required to sign in at the front desk.
AIM will provide a Party Host that will help you in the party room.
AIM will provide Party worker(s) for the Gym Portion of your party.
All adults attending the party must go upstairs to the viewing area to watch the party.
Parents of the Birthday Child are allowed on the floor.
AIM will do all the set up in the room.
AIM will do all the clean up in the room.


The Party Director is Brenda Whitney. She will be the person that calls to confirm your party info the week of your party. If you have any special requests please contact her. She will be onsite the day of your party. If you have any issues with support staff please let her know. If you have any problems the day of the party please let her know.



This person is in charge of the gym portion of your party. He/She will be the person that gets all games ready for your child to have fun! If you have booked a larger party then you will have 2 workers for your party. It is possible that your party will split into 2 areas next to each other so that the children can play rather than wait in line!


The Party host is the person that will help you in the party room. He/She will help you do whatever you need. They can help serve cake and ice cream, or drinks. They will set up your room prior to your party entering  the room. They will also clean up room when your party is over. 

Party Dates

September 10, 24
October 8, 29
November 12
December 3, 17
January 7, 21
February 4, 18
March 4, 18
April 1, 22
May 6

No birthday parties will be held May-July due to summer camp. 

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