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Teen Caves of America are to be safe havens where teenagers can gather, socialize, and have fun. Our goal is to start with one Teen Cave in our home town (Port Charlotte, FL), develop a basic floor plan allowing for a youth friendly environment where teens will feel at home, and then use this floor plan/model to gradually expand to cities nationwide.  We would like our business model to become the repeatable successful model that will become the chosen alternative hangout for teens throughout America. Our facilities will be real clubs for teens much more like college student unions than the old arcade type enterprises. Our intention is to fill a void by bringing Teen Caves of America to small towns where "there's nothing for kids to do".

Our goal will be to create a place where teens will come together and learn to get along with their peers without drugs, violence and gang affiliations. Since many teens come from families that can't afford memberships, we plan to offer 'scholarships' based on income levels of their parents or guardians- hence we will not turn away any teens because of inability to pay.

Our staff at all Teen Caves of America will be capable of mentoring teens on a range of subjects and issues that may concern them. Additionally teens and young adults will be asked to assist in supervision as well as on an Advisory Counsel to make sure our Teen Caves will truly address their needs.

If you share our vision of providing safe places for teens to gather and have fun while being encouraged to stay in school, keep out of the criminal justice system, while helping them gain self confidence, relationship skills, and hope for the future please contact us about getting involved.

We hope to be able to serve a large base of teenagers in our area and to give them an alternative place to go and have fun.

Please read the Update on our Progress which appears on our Port Charlotte Cave page.

Invitation to join us in the Teen Caves of America movement

As stated on our About Us Page (follow Navigation above) Teen Caves of America is the vision of parents and grandparents Bobbie and Steve McCay in response to the need in our community for something for teens to do.

Hopefully we'll be able to find a place here in Port Charlotte where we can open a Teen Cave without the operational costs like rent and utilities being so high that it will be impossible to keep the doors open.  Commercial rents here seem to be very high so if you happen to know of a likely place that might serve our needs please contact us with that information.

To email Steve and Bobbie, send reply to: mccays@teencavesofamerica.org  To call Steve dial:  941-875-3347

Stand Up for Teens, make your voices heard...

We all know Teen Caves of America are desperately needed facilities for our teens especially right here in Charlotte County, so please folks leave a comment below to show your support.  Your comment can help start a snowball effect.  We need you to get the ball rolling.  Leave a comment today,  please!!!

P.S.  Read the Update on our Progress which appears on our Port Charlotte Cave page.

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Steve McCay, Founder
Teen Caves of America
11/7/2012 2:46:57 PM - 006017938060
This is well needed. I hope that you can continue with endurance for the kids of this community could really use somewhere safe to go.

David Schutte
Director of Student Ministry
Edgewater Church
10/31/2012 6:30:37 PM - 006014491067

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