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Your Choice For Asphalt & Concrete (Commercial & Residential), Parking Lot Maintenance, and Custom Decorative Concrete in metro Atlanta

If you are searching for top-notch asphalt & concrete contractors in metro Atlanta, look no further than ACRR.
Asphalt & Concrete contractors in metro Atlanta are in high demand. Many individuals are searching for asphalt & concrete companies of this type to fulfill their asphalt & concrete needs when they require a new driveway, walkway, pool deck, pothole repair, parking lot restoration, concrete resurfacing, and more. Although there are a few different asphalt & concrete contractors in metro Atlanta to choose from, one must often look around in order to find the best of the best regarding these metro Atlanta contractors. With that said, we are confident in proclaiming that ACRR is one of the best in the metro Atlanta area for many different reasons.

ACRR has years of experience in the business and has built a great reputation over that time. We offer our services throughout the entire metro Atlanta area. Our business has increased in size due to our reputation, services offered and desire to offer excellent customer service to our clients.

Custom Concrete Services Available in metro Atlanta:


•Asphalt & Concrete Services (Commercial & Residential), New Installations, Tear-Out & Replacement, Restore, Repairs, Concrete Patio, Concrete Slab, Concrete Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter, Asphalt Overlays, Perma-Flex, Hot Milled Asphalt, etc.
•Color Concrete, Decorative Concrete, Epoxy Flooring including Metallic Epoxy, Stains, Overlays, etc, (Basements, Driveways, Pool Decks, Garage Floors, Concrete Flooring, etc.)
*Speed Bumps



*Asphalt & Concrete Services
*Parking Lot Maintenance & Restoration (Seal Coating, Striping, Crack Fill
*Pot Hole Repair
*Speed Bump Installation
*Curb and Gutter
*Bobcat Service

*Epoxy Flooring (Kitchens, Restrooms, Retail, Warehouses, Restaurants)
*Decorative Concrete Overlays (Pool Decks, Driveways, Walkways, etc)

Our company has many goals in mind when offering asphalt & concrete services to our customers. Some of these include producing high quality results, providing superior customer service, and meeting the needs of our clients. We take painstaking measures with every job we perform and will complete your project with your vision in mind.

In order to truly see our work and understand the pride that we take in our services to your home or office, the best way to do so is to view our photo gallery and start envisioning your new structure today. You most likely will have many questions regarding the services we offer, the steps we need to take in order to complete the project and the cost of doing so, we invite you to contact us and obtain a FREE estimate regarding the service which you are interested in.

Please visit our website to view pics of some of our quality work:

Increase the Value of your home or business.
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Value, Integrity and Craftsmanship are the reasons our customer's refer us to their friend's and business associates.

We look forward to serving your needs!

Asphalt & Concrete Restoration and Repair

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Metallic Epoxy Designer Flooring

Designer Concrete Flooring

We offer all types of concrete resurfacing but to go along with staining, coloring, & concrete overlays we are the only company within metro Atlanta who specializes in Metallic Epoxy. A revolution to ordinary solid epoxy. Metallic Epoxy is 100% solid epoxy (Forklift grade) and with ME your options are endless. No two ME jobs are identical. Your Metallic Epoxy floor will be your own personal work of art for friend's & client's to marvel over. To add to your new beautiful designer concrete floor you'll also enjoy the facts that it is Slip Resistant, Stain Resistant, Mildew Resistant, Scratch Resistant, and strong enough to endure the heaviest equipment. It's great for all concrete surfaces!

Parking Lot Restoration

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