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My moto is to bring you the highest-quality, affordable production services for your latest science fiction, fantasy, commercial and action-adventure. It's our dream to see our stories on screen. I'd like to see that happen for everyone.

I can help create the visuals you need. 


My service is typically priced based on the number of screenplay pages you wish to have storyboarded. In either color or black and white, standard three-panel formats. For a quote on your project, please  contact me at


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Anthony Sturmas Bio:: 

Anthony Sturmas an artist based in Los Angeles (Lithuanian and Argentian). He received his formal training at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA after receiving a scholarship for Illustration (Instructor: Marc Stricland). Once finished, he decided to pursue his true passion, Graffiti/Illustration. At a time when Graffiti first hit Los Angeles in the early 80's.


Sturmas, draws upon the "raw gut feeling". Mostly paints from events that have had happened in his life. After loosing his father at an early age, his desire and passion for graffiti flourished. The craving for Graffiti grew stronger when "Subway Art", "Breakin and Enterin" (Ice T first appeared) were published. At a time when this type of art  was unheard of, "It was radical, rebel like, no rules, you paint from within."


He received his BFS in Multi Media from The Art Institute of Los Angeles Ca 2006. Studied with Marjan and Suzuki in the informal studio class of life drawing. There, he absorbed the acute attention to form associated with the foundation of anatomy and the important fundamentals of the human form. Subsequently he had refined his own visual and conceptual work once learning from this masters. His display of work has been in the Long Beach Gallery, Rose Gallery, SPARC, Dark Secrets in PA. Editorial in the Daily Breeze, Junk in Our Trunk,  Latino Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Street Art and Street Beat aka Marty Beat just to name a few.


Today,he has committed his energy to observing his style and the historical aspects of graffiti culture. He has branched into creating animated films, storyboarding, Directing, and book covers. His storyboards and style have been impacted by Bill Recinos (Storyboard Artist for Ghost Busters 1980's) and Douglas Kirk (DreamWorks). Both men gave him that niche to look out for the proper way of doing storyboards.


"In the end if I can make you stop and think, reflect upon my painting, wonder what it means let alone say,  than I did my job as an artist". 


God Bless!



Films (Worked on):  

"Radient Bride" 2012

Storyboards by Anthony Sturmas

Director Aubree Miller

505 Films

"Deadlands The Motion Comic Promo" 2012

Writer*Director*Producer: Gary Ugarek

Storyboard Artist: Anthony Sturmas

Editor: Eric Creator (Music by Megadeath)


"Memory Lane" 2012

Cinematography: Memory Lane Video

Sabrina presenting Frank with a comic

book that she created with an artist

(Anthony Sturmas) depicting their love story.


"Dark Water" 2012

Screenplay by: Danielle Dunnigan

Storyboard Artist: Anthony Sturmas (Pre-Visuals)



TV Commercial Storyboard Artist: Anthony Sturmas

Writer/Director/Producer: Luis Guizar

Filming by Civic Studios


The Ufologist Abduction 2012

Concept Art by: Anthony Sturmas

Ending Credit Artwork by: Anthony Sturmas

Written and Directed by: Christopher Farley (Writer & Director of Atom Nine



Christopher Farley is Atom Nine in the sci-fi adventure film ATOM NINE ADVENTURES


Synopsis: A foul-mouthed, unemployed air guitar enthusiast that moonlights as a ufologist, stumbles across the most important case of alien visitation since Roswell
"Dark Matter" 2012
Concept Art by: Anthony Sturmas
Director: Johnathan Sanhueza

"Sons of War" 2012

Storyboard Artist: Anthony Sturmas (Pre-Visuals)

Writer/Director/Producer: John Kano

Filming by Creative Studios  Animatic with music.   Live Action shots off my storyboards.



Anthony Sturmas/ Storyboard and Directed Jan 2011 

Edited by 32 Productions Scott H.


"Great is the Lord"

Anthony Sturmas/ Storyboard and Directed  April 2011

Edited by 32 Productions Scott H.

3D Animation by: Bryan S.

2D Matte paintings by: Bobby P.


As follows: (Indonesian Music Video) (Behind the scenes) (3D Animation) (Matte Paintings) (Special Effects)



The Redstorm by Asturmas Studios


Behind the Scene of the Redstorm by Asturmas Studios


The Talented Artist behind The Redstorm:

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Harold R. McAlindon


LAISVE: The state of being free, of not being imprisoned or enslaved.


Written and Produced by Anthony Sturmas June 2006

Supervised by Keelan W. (Screen Writer)


*Directed by: Neil M.
*Asst. Directed by: Anthony Sturmas
*Storyboarded by: Anthony Sturmas
*Asst. Storyboarded by: Neil M.

*Senior Supervisor: Douglas Kirk

*3D Senior Animator: Igancio G.
*3D Animators: Steven P.
*3D Animators: Yuko (Rigger)

*Senior 2D Animators: Mario Rosales.
*Clean up Artist Marbella
*Matte Painter and Asst. 2D Animator Juan Batista.  

*Senior 2D Backgrounds: Sigis Sniras.
*2D Backgrounds: Aubrey D
*2D Asst. Backgrounds: Becky and Kathleen

*Senior Editor and Special Effects: Cindy Segura.
*Asst. Special Effects Kim T.

*Voice Overs: Robin and Charles B.

*Art Direction on DVD: Aaron Ross
*Graphic Design by: Arron Ross


*Music by: 27 Teflon Deep Prod.


Sigitas Sniras

Rugrats Go Wild (background painter)


Ignacio G. Amazing 3d Artist that worked on my film.


"Poker Battle"

Storyboard Art by: Anthony Sturmas

Directed by: Anthony Sturmas

Edited by: AdamzWORLD 2007  


"E Entertainment"

2D Animation Talent locator Phil Moore of Style Network 2007 


"The Surfer' (2011)

The Crew

Kyle Rutchland...............Music, Location Scout, Surfing Coach, Associate Producer
Scott Root...................Sound, Associate Producer
Anthony Sturmas..............Illustrations
Lars Lindstrom...............Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design
Boone Caudill................Writer
Anthony Arnold...............Producer
Michael Yates................Director


(3D Animatic)  "The Red storm" 

Anthony Sturmas/ Storyboard and Directed Jan 2005

3D Animation by Steven P. and Ignacio G.

Edited by Cindy S. 



(Animatic)  "Devilz Angelz"

Anthony Sturmas/ Storyboard and Directed  2005

Animation by Jose C and edited by Jose C.


"Fallout Kids"

Treatment/MTV Networks.

Writer and creator Chad George

Characters developed by Anthony Sturmas 2005


Partial List of Clients:


-"Zombie Concept Art" for Audio Visual Productions

-“Concept Art” for Director Kazeem of MOLAKE Pictures

-"Concept Art" for Director Anthony Ferrante of “Sharknado”

-"Concept Art" for Director Damion Dietz

-"Concept Art" for Director Christopher Farely from Atom Nine Adventures

-"City of Gold" Storyboards for Writer Ricardo Espinos

-"Rootogly" Commercial Storyboards for William Perls Studio

-"LIST" Pitch Storyboards for Director Davy Duhamel

-"Guys Reading Poems" Storyboards for Director Hunter Lee Hughes 

-"Killer Squirrels" Storyboards for Biofilms Director Ethan Maniquis

-"Meital Dohan" Music Video Storyboards for Director Dom Mazuran 

-"Johnny Games" Concept Art/Storyboards for Charlie Boy Productions

-“Lions Trailer” Storyboards for Director James Goad

-“Summer of 76” Storyboards for Director Thomas Kovel

-"DEADLANDS" Storyboards NWR Films, Director Gary Ugarek

-'"FRM" Storyboards and Concept Art for Edward Arayma

-"LA City" Storyboards for Director Joseph Curry

-"TSR" Whiteboard Animation for Cool New Media

-"Jungle Crooks" Storyboards for a Music Video

-"The Cannolis Animated Series" Storyboards for Joseph Palma

-"Radient Bride" Storyboards for 505 Films

-"The Surfer" Illustrations for the Opening Credits Android Films

-"TV Commercial, Storyboards for Civic Studios

-"Dark Water" Storyboards Director Danielle Dunnigan

-"Sons of War" Storyboards, CC Productions

-"Dark Matter" Concept Art, Director: Johnathan Sanhueza

-"E" Style Network Show"" Illustrations for the Opening Shot, Hollywood

-Tripped Up Ent. "Fall Out Kids" Bible Treatment, Culver City

-"Social Media Holocaust" Brian Krogstad & Damien Darby

-"Dark App. Book One" By Brian Krogstad and Lindsey L. Waterman

-"Dark App. Book Two" By Brian Krogstad and Lindsey L. Waterman

-"California Film School - Part 1" by J. Tyler Henry, Shannon Fox

-"Jackson Danger" The series by Daniel Scott  artwork by Anthony Sturmas

-"Kill The Label" Story by Nicole Broadwater artwork by Anthony Sturmas


-The Peep Show Street Wear, "Uncle Sam and Liberty" T-shirt Art

-X-Figures, Colorist For Website Splash Page

-MZRE Logo, Model Yuen Las Vegas

-"Miss Guatamala" Cartoon Icon

-"Ms. Drea" Cartoon Icon, NJ

-"Sabrinas and Frank" Comic Book Adventure

-Gold's Gym Promotional Posters Redondo Bch

-Mr Moro Hotel Wall Murals, Mexico City

-Latina Artist Cecy B Logo

-Performer Mc Profit

-Needlemouth, Jim Harnish Orange County

-Jackal Band °Logo°, LA

-ILL Skillz "Honey Badger" Mascot Logo LA 

-Tommy Lee "Mermaid Concept Art" (Tattoo Concept Art)

-1630 Clothing Line, Logos and Illustrations, Boston

-Robert Kaufman WWF Illustrations for Bedsheets, Gardena

-Perfetto Sportswear Logo, Fashion Illustrations, Torrance

-Pacific Yamaha Logo, Harbor City

-Pella Bella Illustrations for a menu,Laguna Bch

-Positive Vibrations "Robin Petgrave", Compton

-Prime Time Shuttle Promotional Material, LAX

-Carpet Guy Logo, Redondo Bch

-Grass Hut Logo, Torrance

-California Bronze Logo, Hermosa

-Royce Gracie Concept Work, Torrance

-FYB Gallery Promotional Material, Long Beach

-Image of Ink "Snowboard Comic Book" Characters Germany/Burbank

-Charles Jerome Broquard "Mermaid Water Sculpture"

-Panther Graphics Logo, Hermosa

-Deathgrip Comic Book, Hollywood

-Mystro Menis Studios Concept Art, Torrance

-Kandle Girl Wall Mural, Torrance

-Amazing Marketing Wall Mural, Torrance

-CyberEFX Studios Wall Mural, Burbank

-Albertos Wall Mural, Gardena


-Guest Artist Harvest Productions 

-Instructor for a pilot Program USC (Photo Shop)

-Instructor for Virginia Avenue Park Teen Center (Wall Murals)

-Instructor for Public School in Mexico English and Art




-Accepted to Cal Arts Ca

-Accepted to Joe Kubert Ca 

-Marvel Comics Scholarship

-Image Comics Offer (90's)

-Ford Motor Scholarship

-Art Center College of Design (Instructor Marc Strictland)




-Owner of Asturmas Studios

-Owner and creator of Devilish Gear


I offer the following services:

*Storyboards, Directing (Both Animated and Live Action)

*Traditional Storyboards and grey pantones in color

*Script writing (Bible Treatments, etc)

*Concept Work, Color Scripts

*Matte Paintings (Both for Animation and Live Action)

*2D Backgrounds, Staging Animation on 2D BG's

*3D Animation, Rigging, Models, Textures, Lighting

*2D Sculptures based off Concept Work



*Graphic Design/Logo Work/Album Covers

*Illustrations/for horror, comedy, drama, children books

*Cartoons/for web series, pin up's, icons

*Comics/ for graphic novels

*T-Shirt Conceptual Work/ Logos Urban Art

*Murals/ for Record Studios, Bedrooms, Businesses

*Image Consulting 

Anthony Sturmas

B-Girl on Canvas Aerosol and Airbrush 36 by 36

B-Girl Mural (BTD)

"DJ Sparx" from SF Aerosol on Wall

Aerosol on Canvas "Goth Girl"

"Lifestyle" Airbrush on Wood

"Cecy B" Aerosol Canvas Work

"Sling Shot" Wall Mural at BITD 2009

Wall Mural "Bldg. Structures"

Airbrush on Watercolor Paper

Airbrush on canvas Model: "Christine Nguyen"

"Jesus Cristo" Mexico 2012

"LA Rockabilly Girls" Photoshop 2012

"Urban Pink" by Anthony Sturmas 2012

Anthony Sturmas Copyright 2013

Sample Logos from Past Clients

"Do Not Linger in Your Journey, But Strive for The Mark Set Before You."

Anthony Sturmas in Mexico 2012

Anthony Sturmas in Mexico 2012

Anthony Sturmas in Mexico 2012

Mexico City 2012

Featured pictures

"Alice in The Wonderland" Bedroom Wall Mural

The Zone Effect

"The Angel" Wall Mural Mexico "Guasave" 2012

"The Angel" Wall Mural Mexico "Guasave" 2012

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