Since the original script for Deadlands III is taking forever to get financed and most likely never be shot as written I decided that if I make a 3rd film, I would scale it back and focus solely on the Rescue Shelter aspect of an outbreak. it is somethng I touched upon in Deadlands 1, but never was able to really flush out.

So based on some story outlines, I order storyboards to be made for specific sequences that would be in the film if it gets made. This particualr storyboard is what I call "The Standoff".

The Resident CDC expert at the Shelter (character name - Melisa Walsh) is trying not to be extracted by the military team lead by Capt. Morganelli. Some city residents step in to protect her from the group who are under orders from someone high up the government food chain. She is the daughterof a significant political figure but wants to stay behind to help the sick and injured, and not be sent to an underground bunker to live out her days in seclusion.

When the residents step in to help, headed by Dave, a stand off ensues at the rescuse shelter, which is housed in the Patterson Park High School in SE Baltimore.

This is the storyboard panel. Enjoy