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I am looking for a roommate to move into my apartment with an AMAZING LOCATION by June 28th.

I am in my mid-20's and I work at Duke University. I am very active, and love to get involved in the community as well as meet new motivated, positive people. I keep the house very clean, and would like my new roommate to have the same ideas of cleanliness. It is also very important that my new roommate has a full time job to pay the bills.

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This 2nd floor Apartment is very quaint with a pink antique stove that works perfectly, pine walls and floors.
The living room spaces, kitchen and bathroom are already furnished, so you will need furniture for you room. I welcome other furniture to the house as well, and we have plenty of storage room available if you need it.

- Awesome, yet quiet location: 1 minute from Oberlin Village and 30 seconds from Downtown Raleigh
-whole apartment is 900 square feet
- 1 bedroom available facing south (towards backyard, natural sunlight, quiet) - (Rent $450 - 1 large bedroom)
- 1 bathroom
- Pink Stove, Microwave, Washer and Dryer
- bar area
- lots of storage
- 3 parking spaces, and parking across the street
- back porch with BBQ and tons of seating overlooking the backyard
- huge backyard with yellow picnic table
- 2nd floor window that opens to outdoor balcony area to place outdoor furniture facing Peace St.
- Huge washer and dryer in basement
- cats and dogs allowed as long as you clean up after them (shedding etc.) and they are potty trained
- lease 1 year but flexible - private rental
- Utilities: New Roommate will have to split the utilities below:
*water = free
*electric (lights, air conditioning/heat and stove included) = ~ $40 - $55 a month
- 3 air conditioning/heat units ( 1 in each bedroom and in living room). Very efficient way of cooling and heating house in the winter and
summer. Since it is summer I only keep the air conditioning on in a specific room when I am in the house, I make sure to turn off all lights and air conditioning when I leave the house as to reduce the electric bill.
*cable (I do not have cable just internet for netflix) = $30 a month - If you want cable, and would like to pay the difference no prob


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