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 Vicky Beckham Smith of A-Z ANIMALS presents interesting information filled environmental education programs on a variety of wildlife subjects and other environmental subjects. A-Z ANIMALS environmental education classes include a power point presentation, presentation of live animals in a safe way, and hands on experiences with biofacts along with activities that re-enforce information of the class. These programs are a great alternative to field trips as nature is brought into the classroom.  Most often requested subjects:  bats, reptiles, adaptations, birds, endangered species, creepy critters,  manatees and insects.  

 Look at our calendar to see what dates are available for your program.  Schedule a program by contacting Vicky Beckham Smith at batlady1963@yahoo.com

Info About A-Z ANIMALS

Habitat for Bats interview with A-Z ANIMALS



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EEAA Names Vicky Beckham Smith Best Environmental Educator

Before founding her own environmental education business A-Z ANIMALS Vicky was involved with animals and nature.  She is a former dance teacher who often brought animals or nature into the classroom to inspire her students not only about the art of dance but by the beauty of nature.  She worked as a volunteer and staff educator at the Birmingham Zoo where she had the opportunity to hone her teaching skills and increase her knowledge of environmental issues and her love of bats was increased as well.  After moving to Eufaula AL she volunteered at the Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge, while also traveling across the state presenting programs from her  A-Z ANIMALS repertory..  Vicky has served on the EEAA Board for  9 years.  She continues to train and broaden her knowledge of the natural world by attending various conferences and workshops.  She shares her knowledge presenting programs not only to young students but to teachers as well through teacher workshops. ---Her passion, energy, knowledge and willingness to promote a better world has benefitted thousands of indiviuals.  Over 7500 people from caving programs with Legacy in North AL to wildlife and nature arts with Auburn University Environmental Institute across the Black Belt of the southern part of our state and to students in various schools across AL were reached  last year with environmental education programs presented by Vicky  She and her bats were featured on Discovering AL BATS program.  She is known as  The Bat Lady to many in AL and other southeastern states and she will tell you that Batty About Bats is her favorite environmental education program to teach. Vicky is involved with the  Environmental Education Alliance of GA and a member of the  National Association for Interpretation.  She is also involved in  international environmental education programs through her work with the Association of Zoos and Aquairum's  Bat Taxon Advisory Group. Vicky is an educator that works tireslessly to provide fun, informative programs and activities.
Best Environmental Educator 2012

Bats on GA Public TV

Isis, Phaedra and Juanita are movie stars.  They made their GA TV debut on May 20, 2011 on GA Public TV.  The program airs again on May 21 at 6 PM.



You can now download the program with Vicky and her bats http://discoveringalabama.org/videos/  Enjoy!!!


OMG invited Vicky and her bats to participate in the 2nd Annual OMG Day program for children at Fayette Montessori School.  Vicky told the children and adults present that many bats are endangered around the world and that 2 are listed as endangered in GA.  She also talked about White Nose Syndrome and the rate at which bats are dying from this fungus.  Over a million bats have died since WNS was first discovered in 2006.  It is now in 19 states across the US and still spreading we are afraid. 

Spring Programs

If you are intersted in scheduling an A-Z ANIMAL program for spring please check my calendar and contact me as soon as possible. 

Lubee Trip for EEAA Members

On June11-13 2010 8 members for the Environmental Education Association of AL traveled to Gainesville, FL for a field trip to the Lubee Bat Conservancy.  Norma Lewis and I taught a teacher's workshop, BATTY ABOUT BATS, to the group.  We had a power point presentation that gave many interesting facts about bats, discussed the myths surrounding these nocturnal animals and that taught the group the differences between micro bats and mega bats. The group then got to help Lubee keepers prepare diets for the 200+ bats that reside at Lubee.  After lunch with the keepers the group had a tour led by Lubee keeper, Tasha King.  During the tour the group learned more about Lubee's mission and got to view some of the beautiful fruit bats and see them interact with us.  Saturday night we took the group over to the University of Florida to see their bat house and see the bats emerge on their nightly hunting flight.  See photos to enjoy our group enjoying themselves. 


"Miss" Vicky will be teaching camp at Cochran Mill Nature Center this summer beginning June 7.  Check with Cochran Mill Nature Center to register for a camp of your choice.  Choose from Wonderful, Wet Water; Down and Dirty; Legs, Legs, Legs; Warm Blodded Invertebrates, Incredible Invertebrates; Plentiful, Pretty Plants----space is limited. 

Q & A

Are live animals brought into the classroom? Are animal body parts used?
Yes, when available animals are used during the presentation. Yes, I do have biofacts that I allow students to hold and touch.  I try to teach the children respect for both the living animal as well as the preserved body parts that we are fortunate enough to have. I have all required state and federal permits for living animals as well as permits to possess the body parts.

Favorite sites

Habitat for Bats
Cochran Mill Nature Center
Lubee Bat Conservancy
Preservation of our Endangered Wildlife | One More Generation
Organization for Bat Conservation
Bat Conservation International, Inc.
Southeastern Bat Diversity Network
Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Mission Statement

A-Z Animals provides hands-on education for students and adults in order to foster a greater appreciation of nature and  to foster a desire to conserve our natural resources.


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