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Limit of five (5) garments per visit, please

If you bring a arm load I find my quality suffers because I feel rushed to get on to the next customer.


SmilingMy fitting area is very small, please do not bring small children unless they are here for a fitting. 

To avoid crowding others arriving with you may be asked to wait outside the sewing room. 

Weather permitting garage doors will be up and you can enter thru garage and go to door marked “ Sewing Room”.   If garage doors are not up, go to front door.


For bustle options on a wedding dress check here: 


All clothing MUST arrive clean and fragrance-free.  If you have pet hair on your garments, please have this cleaned with a lint-roller prior to your alteration, as the pet hair gets into the machines.  No soiled garments please.  There is a fee for washing and/or lint-rolling.  My allergies cannot tolerate cigarette smoke, perfumes, fabric softener, Febreeze, etc. .


I prefer to not work on leather. 


You can check these sites for price comparisons to see my rates are VERY reasonable as I do it out of love for family and friends, not as a business. 



Call or text for Fittings/consultations

By appointment only


To view projects after mid July 2011 go to Facebook page!/pages/Babs-Sewing-Room/164226353646152 


50+ years sewing experience

10 years experience altering prom, pageant, wedding dresses


Hemming jeans to keep original hem  


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