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Avery is turning 5!

Wow, I know I always say it but how does time go by so fast???  I feel like it was yesterday when I was wabbling around with Avery in my tummy and now she's turning 5 this month!  crazy crazy!


We're having a girls-only Frozen themed party at Color Me Mine.  That'll be super fun!  I hope Avery has a wonderful time.  Mommy has a special surprise for her on her special day!  An Elsa dress!!!!  So excited to see her in it!

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Lauren!

Our sweet baby Lauren is turning 3 soon! Can you believe it??? I'm having a major "my baby is all grown up" mommy moment.. tears.......

We'll be having a Dora themed (of course!) birthday party at our house with her school friends and mommy and daddy's closest friends and kids. I can't believe how many friends she has at school! She has such a good personality (minus the tantrums) that it's really no surprise!

Happy birthday Lauren! We love you so so much!!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Avery!

Our princess Avery turned 4 in April!  We had a big celebration at My Gym with all of Avery's school friends and longtime friends.  It was so much fun and Avery was so happy!  Avery is the light of our lives... Can't imagine our lives without having her be in it!  Avery is such a grown up these days and a serious girly girl.  She loves to bake cupcakes, crack and whisk the eggs for mommy when she's cooking, take care of her little sister and play with her Barbie dolls.  She has a gazillion barbie dolls and everytime we go to Target, she always wants another one.  Barbie really needs to stop making more dolls!  Avery has tons of friends at school.  She plays with everyone - boys and girls.  A lot of the boys' moms come up to me and tell me that their sons go home and say that Avery is their girlfriend.. Hmmm.. that means Avery has like 4 boyfriends! 


The other day when I was exhausted from work and consoling screaming Lauren, I told Avery "Avery, mommy is so tired and I don't know what to do with Lauren.." And Avery guided me to the sofa and said "mommy, lie down, you  need to rest."  haha!  I dont know who is the mom sometimes!!!

Happy 2nd birthday, Lauren!

Our sweet little Lauren turned 2 on Febuary 4!  We always refer to Lauren as "our sweet little Lauren" and Avery has "our princess Avery"... Because those adjectives fit them perfectly!  Avery is a princess in all sense of the word.. She is a little diva with a crazy good fashion sense and acts like as if she is a real princess just born to a peasant family!  Too many princess and Barbie movies, I suppose... Lauren is the sweetest, cutest little girl ever and make us laugh all the time but also make us cry happy and angry tears... The most mischievous little girl ever!  If she's quiet somewhere we can't find her, there is big trouble ahead because she's made a huge mess somewhere!  I have cleaned up poop from the floor, yes, poop!  I have found her with a bowl of cereal dumped on her head with her sitting on the floor splashing milk with her hands and eating the spilled cereal off the floor... She did go through a biting stage at school which worried us A LOT and then also went through hitting and pushing stage after that and now she's a completely nice little lady.. Ok, LADY is pushing it but she's much calmer. 


She really makes us laugh ALL the time and is cuddly, super kissy and huggable.  She loves her mommy and gets super jealous if anyone (Avery and Daddy) try to hug or kiss mommy.  It's been a little hard on our marriage, haha.  Just kidding.  Lauren has finally started to talk!  We were a bit worried with her delay in speech but now she says a lot of things.  Most things dont' make sense and only mommy can understand/guess what she's saying but still, to Lauren everything she says makes complete sense.  Although she acts like a tomboy, climbing, running around, making messes, rough playing, she still is a girly girl at heart.  She loves to put on pretty dresses and shoes, sparklier and rufflier the better!  Lauren is a big lover of shoes, which worries me because she'll want her first pair of Jimmy Choos at age 5!  If we took her to a party where you have to take off your shoes, Lauren will disappear all of a sudden.  We usually find her where everyone puts their shoes.. She's trying on all the shoes!!  Gross but funny.. Lauren is a super fan of Minnie Mouse at the moment... She has moved on from Elmo.. Sorry, Elmo!  you're yesterday's news!   


We're so happy to celebrate Lauren's 2nd birthday and thankful that she's growing up to be such a happy, healthy girl!  We love you Lauren!!!!  You light up our world!

Time for changes... New school!

The girls started their new school at Beach Cities Child Development Center on August 27.  It was a very emotional good-bye at Good Samaritan daycare where the girls spent the last year and a half.  It was hard for mommy to say good-bye to the nice teachers she's become close to and to say "see you later" to Auntie San and Auntie Ray's sons , Jaden, Rai and Sho.  Avery asked to go back to the old school for a few days but she eventually adjusted to the new school and now she's doing great!  She's made a few friends, Nadya, Charlotte, Madeline and Lanee.  She has learned quickly all the months of the year, body organ parts (a little creepy to hear her say "brain, lungs, etc) and how to spell her name!  Lauren is the same old Lauren.  By her second week, she had bitten 2 kids, fell and got a huge black eye and have gotten report back that she is such a great eater!  Haha, nothing has changed with Lauren!  Lauren is starting to say more words now which makes mommy and daddy breathe a big sigh of relief!  Except the words she says are "No!, Mine!"  It seems like Lauren has become a leader in her class.. Everytime we pick her up from school, we see Lauren walking and yelling at some kids and we see a trail of other little kids following her.  Pretty cute. Go Lauren!

Happy 1 year anniversary, House!

We moved into our house on July 20, 2011.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was probably one of the happiest day Paul and I shared together, other than our kids being born of course.  It was bittersweet when our little one-bedroom condo was sold couple months ago.  We had great 4 years there- it was our first home, it was the first home to our 2 girls and we have lots of wonderful memories from that house! 


We love our new house, it's alread been a year since we've lived there and we already have made great memories in it.  Thanks for being the most perfect house for our little family and happy 1 year anniversary!

Our summer so far...

We love summer!  We wish it can be summer all year long.  We love that if we want to, we can just put on a swim suit and go swimming or put on our flip flops and go to the beach or not put on jackets or sweaters!  It's been a jam-packed summer so far for our little family.  Our big trip this year was to the Dominican Republic to celebrate Uncle Danny and auntie Jina's wedding.  It was so beautiful there and we had a wonderful time.  Avery was such a beautiful flower girl and she did the job well!  Lauren loved the pool and running around the big resort.  We came back beautifully tanned!  We stayed in DR for a week then went over to Philadelphia for Uncle Danny and Auntie Jina's Maryland wedding reception.  I must say, this was a bit much for our little munchkins.. Avery started to fight more and more with her cousin Elizabeth and Lauren cried more than usual in car rides.. They were just restless at this point!  It didn't help that it was over 100 degrees and very humid.. We're so spoiled with the wonderful LA weather!  Lauren was an absolute mess on the way back from Philadelphia in the plane.. We felt bad for ourselves and for Lauren but most of all, the other passengers!!!  Lauren was not having it and pretty much passed out from exhaustion from screaming and crying.. It was definitely one of the toughest moments of my mommyhood...


Girls have adjusted well back to being at school.  Their school has special programs in the summer where they have "water play day", "Dress like Twin day", "sports day", "Ice Cream Day", etc.  It's been fun doing different things everyday for school.  


For this coming week, the girls and mommy will be spending the week with mommy's college roommates and their kids.  We've rented a house near Disneyland and the mommies and kids will spend the week together going to Disneyland, Pretend City, the beach, etc.  The house also has a pool so girls will get to swim everyday too!  We're so excited to meet all the kids and mommy is so excited to see her good friends.. They're visiting from Chicago, San Francisco and Oregon and this is a super special treat for mommy!!!  We are wishing this summer will never end!!! 

Mommy and Avery day!

Avery and mommy had our first "Mommy and Avery day" on Saturday.  I've been feeling sad for avery because since lauren's been born, she's been so patient, accomodating and such a good sister.. so i wanted to reward her with 100% avery and mommy time.. which I know is the best gift to her.. she adores mommy, which is nice cuz i know that there is someone who'll love me no mater what until she becomes a teenager.. then she'll hate me 100% of the time. haha.. 
So for our first stop for mommy and Avery day, we went to get her hair cut at this kids salon in Palos Verdes.  They put the toddlers in a rocket ship and cut their hair and each kid gets their own flat screen TV with any show or movie they want. it's pretty amazing how accodmodating they are.  and they style their hair and put flowers in it.. Avery LOVED it. 
then we went to ruby's cuz we got a free kid's meal coupon from the haircut place.  we had bugers and fries and had a small ice cream sundae.. at this time, Avery said "i want everyday to be mommy and avery day.." oh, i almost cried..
then we went shopping at the Gap.  they're having some good sales!  i love shopping with avery cuz she tells me to try on all this stuff, usually glittery and ruffly.. and she says "it's too big for you, mommy" or "i love it" or "i don't like it"  so honest.. 
then we went to color me mine.  she painted a snow cone and i painted a bowl.  she was so happy.. she looooved color me mine.  we pick up our stuff on saturday.. idon't think she gets that we get to keep what we painted...
sadly, i took her grocery shopping after that and she dint' wanna go home.. and she wouldn't get in the car.. so i yelled at her to get in the car and we ended our mommy and avery day with  "i don't like it when you yell at me, mommy"... booo... i felt like bad mommy then.. cuz i feel like she'll forget the whole day of fun and just remmeebr the mommy yelling part...

Lauren's my best friend but but but... sometimes I don't like her... (TEARS)

Avery and Lauren are quickly developing the "I hate you but I love you" sister relationship.  They are the ultimate "frenemies" - friends who are enemies.  Avery will take Lauren toy just because she can.. Then in frustration, Lauren will attack her and sometimes bite her.  Then Avery will cry and tell on her sister "mommy, Lauren bit me!"  Then Lauren will start to cry.. Then Avery will go and hug her and kiss her and say it's ok... Then Lauren will laugh and Avery will laugh and all is forgotten and good.  The only person who stresses after all this is mommy... This happens around 2-3 times a day... yikes.. How am I gonna make it to their teenage years...


Yesterday morning in the car on the way to church, they were holding hands in the car and Avery said "Lauren is my best friend. I love my sister" and Lauren smiled and played peek a boo with Avery while watching Blues Clues in the car.  Life was good.  Girls were getting along.  Fast forward to after dinner... Lauren was getting tired so I put her down on the couch with her Monkey and a bottle of milk as she always chills every night.  I guess I put her on a pillow that Avery wanted to lie down on (remind you, there are 2 of the identical pillows on our couch and Avery wasn't even going to lie down on the couch anyways).  Avery starts screaming that Lauren took her pillow and that it's her favorite pillow.  I gave her the identical pillow and said there's another one.  Then Avery said Lauren is lying on the spot that she wanted to lie on with the pillow that she wanted.. This went on for a while.. "Mommy, tell Lauren to get off!"  I finally convinced her to let it go.  Avery said in a low voice "I don't like Lauren.."  I said " you dont' like Lauren?" then Avery looked at me and with huge tears dropping from her face "no, I love Lauren... but but but sometimes I don't like Lauren too"  then started to cry and cry.. It was so sad but cute.. Then Lauren dropped her milk bottle from the couch... Avery ran to her, picked up the milk bottle and said "here you go Lauren, I love my sister...."

I am a proud mommy!

I've been having a hard time accepting the fact that Avery is growing and becoming a little lady.  She is just such a beautiful girl, inside and out.  Everytime she says "is that a good idea, mommy?" or "It's ok, mommy" when I say sorry about something, i just want to stop time and say "please stop growing!"  The things she says these days is just daunting.. Like she's a grown adult!


I think being an older sister has matured her a lot too.  She is so protective over her sister and loves her so much even though Lauren is not always nice to her.  She started to tell me not to bring Lauren to her classroom anymore because the other kids bother Lauren.  The other kids like to poke at Lauren's belly or touch her feet or sometime push her when she's trying to walk and that makes Avery very upset.  She'll push everyone away from Lauren, stand guarding her sister and says "she's my sister, leave my sister alone!"  It's quite funny and so touching. 


Avery has been going to Sunday school at grandma's church with her big cousin Minji for the past couple months and does she love it or what!  I think she likes the whole Sunday school environment but being with her idol Minji is just icing on the cake, cherry on a sundae! Their Sunday school class sang in front of the entire Church on Sunday and mommy cried like a baby with pride and daddy was in the front with the camera.. haha.  She did such a great job even though she's the youngest in her class!


Avery will start her ballet class at a real dance school in July.  Avery loves her 30 minutes dance class at her school but the ballet class will be a 1 hour class at a professional dance school. She is so excited!  She'll get to wear ballet tutus and ballet slippers.  I get so excited just thinking about watching her! 


I'm just so thankful to God for giving us such beautiful, wonderful children.  Our big girl Avery is just the best helper to mommy and Lauren keeps us on our toes and always laughing.  I hope I remember these wonderful moments I have with my little girls forever!  If not, thank goodness for pictures and videos~



Boss of all of us....

Wow, how fast kids grow!  I feel like it was yesterday when Lauren came into our lives.. I look at pictures of Lauren's birth and 100th day and think wasn't that just a couple months ago???  She's already 15 months old, walking, throwing tantrums, laughing, flirting, and just being cutie pie Lauren.  Lauren makes us laugh everyday.  She is almost the complete opposite of Avery.  Avery's always been a well-behaved, little lady always a clean freak and trying to please mommy and daddy.  Lauren is a little rebel who loves to make a huge mess, cause trouble then run away after leaving us a huge smile or a hug.  She already knows that whatever she does, a smile and a hug makes us forget everything.  Lauren is so bossy!  She screams if she doesn't get what she wants and all 3 of us, including Avery jump to get it for her.  Sometimes Avery cries in frustration since she knows she can't take anything from Lauren since Lauren is "her baby.."  Avery is such a great big sister and I'm so happy that Avery came out first and Lauren is the baby... Lauren as a big sister would be big trouble....


Lauren is a big flirt and knows exactly when to use her smiles, hugs and hard-to-get moves.  She gives the best long hugs and makes you feel like nothing else exists when she's hugging you.  She's a real mama's girl and right now, no one comes close to mommy.. But she also loves her big sister too.  Avery and Lauren are such good friends but like all good friends, she fight constantly.  They both end up crying with mommy playing ref but they hug it out and are laughing as if nothing happened.. Geez, I have to watch them fight and make up for the rest of their lives.......


Sorry for the late update!

Wow, it's been over a months since mommy's last post about our family!  Well, we've been super busy.. Busy every weekend going to children's birthday parties, trying to clean up the house, taking care of sick children and mommy and daddy desperately trying to find some alone adult time together...  I'm really hating this rainy, windy season... It's been so cold in LA these last couple months that Miss Lauren's nose won't stop running and Avery's cough won't go away!  Really hate it!  We're holding our breath almost every week wondering if the school will call to pick up Lauren or Avery (mostly Lauren) for runny nose...  We're both lucky that we have jobs that are very understanding about our family life situation.


Avery is turning 3 next month.  Her birthday party is all she can talk about these days.  She's been inviting every single kid in her class to her party... Um, mommy does the invites... I don't think we can have EVERYONE at her party.... Avery loves school and can't wait to go to school everyday.  She especially loves dance class with Miss Gail which is every Tuesday.  I think she'll be a ballerina one day!  We're thinking of enrolling her at the dance school near our house on weekends.  Avery was recently invited to her first classmate birthday party. It was a princess themed party (surprise surprise) and she loved it!  It's so fun to watch her be social and make friends.  She's pretty outgoing although i can sometimes see a shy side of her when she's embarrassed or all attention is on her.  Avery loves everything makeup, princess, dresses, sparkles and nail polish.. She's still a very good big sister although these days, she like to taunt Lauren with a toy or food.  Lauren has no patience for such behavior!  Avery's the one who usually ends up crying....


Speaking of Lauren... Lauren is now 13.5 months old!  She is taking her first few steps.  The most steps she's taken has been 10!  Her face is too cute when she walks as if she's surprised and playing around.. Her face says "wow, look at me!"  Lauren loves her mama these days and nothing else seems to matter to her.. she says "umma", "mamma (food)" and "night night."  She likes to blow kisses and wave bye bye.. so cute!  I've heard from a million people that Lauren looks and acts like a boy.. I get it... but when I put her in pink dresses with bow on her hair, she resembles a girl... I think..  Lauren is into food, food and food these days.. She also loves mommy's cell phone and remote control.  She was liking the car rides for a little while but is back to hating it again.... Headache!!!!!


Lauren's 1 year check-up

Lauren had her 1 year checkup today with Dr. Nakashima.  She's grown so much!!  She is now 20 pounds 1.5 ounces and 29 1/2 inches tall.  No wonder my arm is hurting these days!  She is all about being held by mommy these days.  She will let out the loudest screaming cry is I dare to put her down on the floor or a chair.  Oh no you didn't!  She is so much fun these days but certainly a handful!  She's developed quite a personality that's very playful, mischievous, sneaky, cute, fun, etc... She will crawl around the entire house crying looking for mommy in every room if she can't see me.  Sometimes I'm walking just right behind her watching!!!!  :-)


Doctor checkups!

Mommy's been really lazy about taking the girls for their checkups at the doctor's office (especially Lauren, sorry Miss Lauren!).  So today, both girls went to see Dr. Nakashima (we changed our doctor from Doctor B to Dr. N).  Everything checked out well, Avery was a model patient that Dr. Nakashima raves about all the time.  She practiced her checkup before the doctor came in and she opened her mouth before the doctor asked her to and put her ear up to his face before he asked her to.  Dr. Nakashima thinks Avery may be a hypocondriac!  haha.  So the result of the checkups.. Drum roll please....

Avery is 36 inches tall and 30 1/2 pounds at 31 weeks.  She is pretty average for both but Dr. Nakashima thinks she may be a bit too chunky... ???  Dr. N estimated that at this rate, Avery will be around 5'5" tall and 145 pounds.  we'll see!

Miss Lauren is 28 1/2 inches tall and 19 pounds at 10 weeks.  She is in the 75th percentile for height and around 55th percentile for weight.  Pretty average and normal.  Lauren on the other hand was NOT a model citizen at this appointment.  She wanted to touch everything and wanted to jump off the exam table.  She probably  knew the shots were coming! 

Overall, our girls are growing well and doing just fine!!! 

Lauren is standing!

Lauren started to stand over the last week.  She also has 2 small bottom teeth and she can wave hello!  Growing too fast!  Slow down please!

What's up with you, Avery?

Avery is now in pre-school!  How time flies!  She is growing into such a beautiful little lady.  Some things Avery is up to these days:

-Avery loves everything Princess and she likes to put on all of her princess dresses everyday, cinderella, snow white, Ariel...

-Avery says Umma about 100 times a day. May be more.  She loves her umma!

-Avery loves to help mommy take care of Lauren.  She is a very good babysitter when mommy needs to cook dinner or take a shower, etc.  She makes sure Lauren stays out of trouble and if anything happens, she's quick to come and tell mommy!

-Avery thinks mommy is her slave..  She's always asking mommy for stuff.  When she asks for milk and daddy says "I'll go get it" she says "no, umma go get it."  Thanks a lot!

-Avery can carry a conversation with most people (mostly mommy since she understands the most)...

-She now knows her ABCs and colors and can count up to 10.

-She loves chocolate, candy, chips (but then who doesn't?) but doesn't like cakes...

-She only eats icing off of the cupcakes

-Avery loves going to school and seeing her friends and saying hi to the teachers.  Melts my heart!

-Avery is an excellent "Trick or Treat"er.

Latest thing Avery said that made me tear up was when she came home after spending 1.5 days with Uncle Steve and Auntie Gina. She said "I missed Lauren. Lauren, you're so cute"....  It would have been nice if she said "I missed mommy" but I guess missing her sister is more special!



Who is Miss Lauren?

We call her "Miss Lauren" because she is a boss to us all in the Hwang household.  One scream from Miss Lauren makes us all shiver and jump and say "yes, what can we do for you?"  Even Avery has surrendered to Lauren.... 

*Lauren loves to put her hands on mommy and daddy's sonicare toothbrush to feel the vibration. 

*Has the biggest smile when she wakes up in the morning.

*Lauren STILL hates the car ride.  Her record crying (with screams) time is 1 hour and 15 minutes from Downtown LA to grandma's house in Fullerton.  We're hoping turning her car seat forward at 12 months will help with the crying...

*Lauren is sooo over jar baby food.  Now she has moved onto egg yolk omeletes, rice porridge, fried tofu, etc.

*She loves her sister Avery but gets annoyed by her often when Avery suffocates her with her hugs and kisses.  "Leave me alone, Avery!"

*Hates being left out.  She has to be part of every family conversation, every meal, she just has to have us in her sight at all times.  "How dare you laugh without me!"

*She is an angel at school but a little trouble-maker at home... She has everyone at school fooled!

*She is an expert crawler and starting to stand holding onto furniture.

*She is not a fan of baths... Strange, who doesn't like baths?

*She hates diaper change.  She hops like a fish out of water during diaper change and screams bloody murder.

If you can't tell, Lauren has a very strong personality.  She is a girl who knows what she wants and likes and will take no less!


Happy Halloween!

Monday is Halloween!  Now that we have kids, Halloween is a whole new holiday!  When we were younger, it was costume parties with lots of alcohol and going to scary theme parks.  Now, it's making goodie bags for pre-school, going to kid costume parties and going trick-or-treat.  This year, Avery and Lauren have a halloween party at their friend Jaden's house on Saturday, fun halloween dinner with the Knyal boys on Sunday, halloween parade at their school on Monday followed by trick-or-treat at our new neighborhood.  I'm sure they'll think this is a very strange holiday but it's a lot for mommy and daddy to celebrate with our girls!  Stay tuned for pictures.....

Happy birthday for mommy!

What a wonderful birthday I've had so far and it's only 4:30pm!  My family came to our house last night for a birthday dinner completely prepared by Paul and he made such an amazing dinner of bacon wrapped filet mignon, corn, salad, baked potato, steamed spinach and grilled salmon!  I was full just eating filet mignon and salad!  Everything tasted so good!  This morning, I woke up to Avery staring at me saying "Happy birthday, umma" with a big kiss!  She said happy birthday like 5-6 times this morning.  She also sang the bday song for me too!  It was too cute.  Another moment when I wish I had a video camera stuck on my head!  Lauren has been saying "umma" like crazy so that was extra special to hear this morning coupled with her huge smile!  Such cuties!!!  I got so many facebook birthday wishes from friends that I feel so happy and humbled.  Nice of everyone to send me a message!  My husband, my crazy husband, sent me a 5 dozen rose arrangement to my office....  It's so big, we had to leave it at reception since I can't find anyone to carry it up to my desk for me.  I'll just have to admire it whenever I go down to reception!  They're really beautiful and VERY LARGE!  Thank you, Paul!!!  I can't wait to get out of work so I can go home with our cutie girls and eat some take out and watch TV!!!  Looking forward to finishing this awesome birthday with a mellow night lounging on the couch with the girls and Paul!

My poor little sniffle babies....

Avery and Lauren has had the sniffles for a long time now.  Avery got a cough and runny nose over the weekend and of course while coughing she threw up.  The doctor says she has a little cold now but her wheezing sounds like she may have allergies or asthma.  It's probably allergies since mommy and daddy are both allergic to animal dander.  Avery couldn't go to school on Tuesday which was a fun day for Avery.  She got to spend the whole morning playing with uncle Danny and Auntie Jina who are visiting from Philly and spent the afternoon with mommy.  That is what Avery would call a perfect day!

Lauren has had runny nose for about 3 months now.  The doctor says nothing is wrong with her except she has a minor cold which is lingering on and on due to being in daycare everyday. So finally on Wednesday, Lauren was rejected from daycare! haha.  I was told by the teachers not to bring her until her runny nose was under control.  I spent all of Wednesday caring for Lauren's tiny little nose and she seems to be much better today.  That cute little nose has never gotten so much attention!!!! Lauren is such a good girl though, letting mommy clean out her nose every couple hours.  At the end of the day, she did look at me like she wanted to kick me in my face though... Well, she's back at daycare today and let's hope that she's not kicked out again!

Lauren Update

Miss Lauren is already 7 months old!  How time flies... She is really the happiest baby you'll ever meet, always smiling and when she smiles, she smiles with her eyes, her mouth, her nose, everything!  Lauren is doing very well at her daycare with teacher Diana, Christina and Fannie.  Funny thing is, they say she is such an easy baby, sleeping well, eating well and playing by herself well.  Are they talking about the same baby???  At home, she screams to have me hold her all day long.  I guess she really likes her daycare!  Bjorn and Ergo carriers are our best friend when we're at home!

Lauren is starting to sit now.  She can sit for may be 5 seconds before she falls but we're making progress.  I can tell she wants to sit, stand, do all that her big sister does.  I pray and hope that she doens't start talking soon!  I don't know if I can stand to have 2 little toddler talking all day long!  Lauren started to eat solids a month ago and she has had all kinds of good stuff - Butternut squash, carrots, peas, sweet potato, apples, watermelon, yogurt, etc.  She loves food!!!  I gave her a taste of ice cream the other night and I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her face and she was going to tackle me like a football player!  Her daycare school teacher joked with me the other day that Lauren loves to eat and screams if they don't feed her fast enough!  That's my girl!

We can tell that Lauren will be a very tall girl, probably taller than Avery although Avery is pretty tall too.  Lauren is such a cutie pie and we're so blessed to have 2 beautiful, well-behaved children.  Halloween is coming up next month and we're so excited to dress up!!!! 

Avery Update

Wow, mommy's been super lazy at writing journals!!!!  It's been a bit crazy with moving houses, mommy going back to work, then moving offices back and forth, finding a new daycare in Torrance, then going back to downtown daycare.... Busy busy busy! 

Avery is growing super fast!  She is so tall which was unexpected.  She is talking so well these days too and it's hilarious the things that come out of her mouth these days!  She carries on a full conversation with her sister Lauren who just looks at her like "are you talking to me?"  One night, Paul and I were driving late at night with Avery watching DVD in the back and Lauren very quiet.  I asked Avery "is Lauren sleeping?" She said "No, Lauren awake." Then I said "ok, thank you Avery" then she said "you're welcome."  But I knew she was sleeping cuz Lauren is never that quiet in the car!  So we stopped a few minutes later to find Lauren snoring in her seat.  So I asked Avery again "Is Lauren sleeping?" she said "No, Lauren's awake."  Haha, lying to her parents already!

The other night, Lauren was sitting on my lap and Avery ran into her room and got her pots and some wooden food toys.  She ran back to me and Lauren and said "Are you hungry?  Want some soup?"  so I asked Lauren "Lauren, what do you want, a sandwich?"  so I told Avery "Lauren wants a sandwich."  she said "Sandwich?  SURE!" then stirred her pot around and came back and fed Lauren and said "yum yum yum."  Too cute!

The highlight of August was going to the Barney Live Concert with cousin Minji, mommy and auntie Gina.  She was so happy when Barney came out and screamed like how mommy screamed at the New Kids on the Block concert. 

Avery has been loving her new room and sleeping in her own bed.  It was a tough adjustment but now she sleeps well throughout the night in her big girl bed.  She loves to water our garden and say "hi" to our neighbors.  She is a cutie-pie!!! 

Lauren's first meal

Lauren had rice cereal for the first time!  She is almost 6 months old which is a month older than when Avery started.  May be it's because she's older or just a good eater all around, but she really went after it!  She loved eating with a spoon and she ate 2 bowls (twice as much as the recommended amount for first time) in like 3 minutes.  She cried for more but I had to stop her... She just loved it and I loved seeing her love it!  good job Lauren!!!

Hwang family is moving!!!

We're moving this Saturday!  We bought our home in Torrance/Redondo Beach and after a few weeks of construction, it's ready for us to move in!  We're so excited to have a spacious house with backyard, big kitchen, etc!!!  It'll be such a nice change from our tiny 1 bedroom condo! I have to say, it's worth the wait!  Avery and Lauren will each have their own room with a guestroom for guests that roll through LA.  Mommy will finally have her big kitchen that she's been dreaming about.  No more bumping into daddy and yelling at him in the kitchen!  Our new address beginning this Saturday will be 20804 Annrita Ave, Torrance, CA 90503.  Please come visit us soon!

Lauren Latest

Our pretty girl is growing up healthy and beautifully!  But wow, the temper on that girl is scary! She screams if we don't pick her up enough and she hates to be left alone.  She hates the car ride but loves being center of attention. She seems to understand what's going on these days and looks around at everyone when they talk.  She is such a cutie pie!  She looks at Avery most of the time like she's crazy. Avery is always kissing her and hugging her which I think Lauren likes but still looks at her with funny face like "what are you doing to me?"  Lauren can now roll over from her back to her tummy and it takes her all of a second to do that.  She is starting to grab onto things (like my hair) and drooling like crazy since she's teething.  We'll start her on solids next month which we're excited about and I'm sure she'll love it!  She likes to suck on watermelon and apples now adays. 

Lauren has been staying with Fullerton grandparents until our family moves to Torrance.  We miss her so much but she's been loving the time with grandparents.  I thinks she's so spoiled now she'll be uncontrollable!  I guess grandma will have to come often and play with her! 

Avery's first day at school!

Mommy went back to work today and Avery started school at  Good Samaritan Child Care center.  Avery will be in the Busy Bee class with mommy's best friends' kids, Auntie San's Jaden and Auntie Ray's Sho!  Mommies are so excited that our kids will be spending a lot of time together everyday.  Avery loved her first day of school and she didn't want to go home when I picked her up!  I expected her to cry all day and I was waiting for them to call me to come and console her.  She hates it when we leave her at Sunday school and I always get a call to pick her up!  She loved school and made a "first day at school" painting for us!  Our little girl is growing up and we're so proud!!!

Happy 100th Day, Lauren!

Lauren is 100 days old today!  It seems like yesterday that we celebrated Avery's 100 days.. wow.  We'll be celebrating with my family at a Korean restaurant.  I was up late last night making a sign for the dinner and have picked out really cute dresses for the girls.  My mom is bringing some flowers and dduk for the head table.  Exciting!  Lauren is getting ready for the festivities by taking lots of naps today.  She'll be ready for her party tonight!

We're so happy to have you in our lives, little princess! We love you tons and tons!

Avery Update

There is not enough space on this website to tell you what a character Avery is these days!  She's just so much fun to watch.  I just look at her and laugh all day long.  What a silly little girl! 

Avery loves her little sister.  Sometimes I ask her to watch Lauren while I take a shower or do the dishes.  When I sneak in to see what she's doing, Avery has carried over her step stool that I  bought for her over to Lauren's crib and is standing next to the crib just staring at Lauren.  She sometimes whispers "it's ok, baby, don't cry" or "hi baby, you're so cute."  It's the funniest thing.  Then if Lauren makes a little bit of noise, Avery will run over to me and say "umma, baby crying!" and lead me to Lauren.  Makes me tear up sometimes!!!  I'm so proud of her!

Avery's really really into princesses.  Princess movies, princess dresses, princess games on iPad, etc.  Needless to say, she only wants to wear dresses and her gold shoes.  Haha.  What a prissy little thing!  When she wakes up, she wants to put on a dress over her jammies and put on her gold shoes and watch Beauty and the Beast or Little Mermaid.  We watched 10 minutes of Toy Story then Avery said "no more."

For a few weeks, she refused to eat.  I made 2-3 choices for lunch and dinner and she just refused to eat any of it!  For a while she only ate noodles and pastas and fruit.  It drove me nuts!  And then it seemed like the only words she knew were chocolate and ice cream.  BUT!  for the last few days, she's been eating like a champion!  She ate a large bowl of odeng soup with tofu, korean soup with rice and tons of tofu, egg omelette, etc. I'm a very happy mommy this week!  She didn't even want to look at tofu until this week and all of a sudden, it's her favorite!  Too weird.  Being a mommy never gets old! 

I want to close with a funny story about Avery.  Since mommy got an annual pass to Disneyland, we've gone twice already.  The second time we went, just the two of us, we rode all kinds of fun rides.  This girl is fearless!  She loves the rides and when it's over, she says "one more time!"  Anyways, we went to see the Disney Junior show where Disney Junior channel characters comes out and do a live show.  The theme of the show was Minnie Mouse's birthday party and at the end, a huge birthday cake came out with candles for Minnie to blow out.  (side note: whenever Avery sees birthday cakes with candles, she thinks she's supposed to blow it out...)  Well, in the middle of the show, Avery gets up from our seat and starts walking out to the aisle.  I took a little while to follow because I had 2 bags and drinks to gather before I can get out of the seats.  when I got to the aisle, Avery had walked towards the stage and tried to get up on stage.  The security guard had to stop her.  I was little embarrassed but laughing at the same time.  She seemed so determined!  She said "Happy to you"!  haha.  She wanted to get on stage and blow out the candles! Isn't she the cutest?? 


Lauren Update

Lauren is growing up too fast!  She's already 3 months old and we'll be celebrating her 100th day next week!  It seems like it was yesterday when I held this skinny little newborn in my arms but it's already been 3 months and she's this chunky, healthy baby!  I say everyday that she's a very beautiful baby.  She really is.  Just gorgeous!  She smiles all day long and she is cooing a lot.  I think she'll be chatterbox like her big sis!  Paul says she's a mommy's girl.  She smiles at mommy all the time and her eyes follow my every move.  She has this tiny little mouth that my aunts say is what I had when I was a baby.  They said that when I was a baby, my mouth was the same width as my nose and that's exactly what Lauren has. 

She's been sleeping like a champion!  At night, she sleeps for at least 6 hours, sometimes up to 8 hours straight!  Last week was challenging because she refused to nap in her crib for more than half hour..  I had to hold her all day long which made me really tired.  But this week, she's been napping for 3-4 hours at a time in her crib which leaves me a lot of time to do housework or play with Avery.  It's been perfect since we're getting ready to move to our new home and there's a lot to do... She's such a good daughter!  I am really lucky to have such wonderful little girls!

Avery's 2 Year checkup

Avery had her 2 year checkup!  Can't believe she's 2 years old already!!!  At her checkup, we found out that she weighs 25.5 pounds and is 34 inches tall.  She was always in the 90th percentile for weight and height but now she's just average at 55 percentile.  That made me a little sad like I'm an inadequate mommy.  Avery refuses to eat these days which makes me so sad.  Dr. Beesley said they go through phases of lots of eating and then no eating so not to worry.  He thinks she'll have a growth spurt really soon.  We'll see!!!!

Happy Birthday, Avery!

Saturday, April 16th was Avery's 2nd birthday.  Avery's been looking forward to this day for so long because this is the day she goes to Disneyland for the first time!!!!  AND this is also the day she gets to blow out candles of her own birthday cake!  She's been practicing blowing out candles at home with candles stuck on bread.. Sometimes, she blows out other people's cake candles hoping it's her own.  But this day, it was her very own cake!!!

Avery and Minji (Minji calls Avery her "Best Friend".. too cute!) woke up at 6:50 wanting to go to Disneyland.  We got there around 10:30 thinking we'll stay for 3 hours or so.. we ended up leaving at 5pm!  The only problem was that it was the hottest day we've had in months!  At first, Avery was restless from the heat and she seemed to just hate every minute of it.  But once we cooled down during lunch, Avery and Minji rejuvenated and had so much fun!.. They went on the circus train ride twice, dumbo ride, merry-go-round 3 times and It's a Small World.  Avery wanted to go on It's a Small world one more time but the line was too long and hot so we passed.  Mommy will take her one weekday and go on it as many times as she wants! 

After a fun day at Disneyland, we met the rest of the family at Little Prince Cafe to celebrate with dinner and cake.  Minji and Avery played in the play area while adults ate yummy dinner and we blew out the birthday cake candles TWICE.  Avery loves blowing out candles! 

It was such a fun (and tiring) day. Happy birthday our princess!!!!

Happy birthday, daddy!

Friday, April 15th was Paul's 35th birthday.  I really wished that we had our house by now so we can celebrate his birthday at home with a meal prepared by me!  But we're still in escrow for another month so we went to Orange County to celebrate with the Chang family.  I took the girls to Orange County early morning so they can spend the afternoon with cousin Minji before daddy's birthday celebration began.  We picked up Minji from school and met Auntie Gina at Irvine Spectrum to play in the water fountain and ride the merry-go-round.  Minji and Avery had so much fun running around in water getting drenched and riding the merry-go-round.  They kept saying "one more time..."  They rode it twice!  Mommy had such self-control! 

After Irvine Spectrum, we met the rest of the family at Sushi Jin for yummy sushi dinner and cake.  I think Paul had a fun birthday... Since the next day is Avery's birthday, Paul's birthdays aren't as big of a deal anymore.. hahahaha  Sorry daddy!

Lauren's 10 Week checkup

Lauren had her 10 week check up on April 14.  You'd never believe how much she's grown.  Remember at 2 weeks, she was in the 10th-15th percentile for height and weight???  She is now in the 75th percentile!  Craaaazy!  Doctor Beeseley asked me if I'm feeding her McDonalds happy meals already!  He then joked that we have to put her on Jenny Craig diet formulas!  Haha.  My little porker.  She's so cute though!  She now weighs 11 pounds and 1 ounce and is 22.5 inches tall.  She had her first vaccination shots as well.  4 shots total!  WOW!  She was very very mad when the needle went in!  The look she gave me could kill!  But good job, Lauren!

5 Hours!

2 nights ago, Lauren slept for 5 hours straight.  Last night, she slept for 5.5 hours straight!  I hope this continues.... 


Avery has been a bit of a terror.  Terrible twos, I guess....  Even at her terrible state, she's still a very good girl!  She's still very loving to her baby sister and a very good helper to mommy.  She has her little baby moments though...  I was warned that it'll happen once a baby sister enters the picture.  I hope she knows that her mommy loves her always!!!!

Family update

It's been a month since mommy last wrote a journal entry!  Bad mommy!!!  I can't tell you how crazy it's been trying to recover from c-section, look for a house, raise 2 kids, etc...  Just having 1 extra kid is a TON of work!  and she doesn't even talk or walk or eat real food!  I hear it takes some getting used to but it does get easier.  Gosh, where to begin with the update on our little family.  So much has been going on......


First off, we've been looking for a house to make our home since the week before I gave birth.  We've been looking at a few different neighborhoods but now that we have 2 kids, our focus has changed from hip, trendy neighborhood to what neighborhood has nice quiet streets safe for our kids with good school districts!  We've looked at a gazillion houses and since this will be the biggest purchase we'll make in the next 10 years, we're being very cautious (may be too cautious).  We need to make a decision soon!!!  Avery has been a trooper tagging along with mommy to look at all the houses while Lauren stayed home with grandma.  Thank God for grandma!  One day, I'll be able to tell Avery that although it was a pain in the butt for her, she was there when we found our house! 


While mommy, Avery and Lauren have been living with grandparents, daddy has been all alone living in LA during the week.  We have no idea what he eats everyday or if he does at all!  He's been driving to grandma's house on Fridays after work and leaving at 5am on Monday mornings to work.  We feel bad for daddy and miss him so much during the week.  The weekends seem to go by way too fast for us!  Can't wait for us to be a family again!!!


Avery has been an awesome sister!  Exceptional, really!  She's grown up sooo much in the last month!  She speaks so well and what's more impressive is that she speaks both Korean and English!  It's just amazing.  She loves her princess movies, wearing princess dresses, wearing necklaces and dancing around the house with grandpa.  While she's trying to be girly girl, she also is a little goofball and grandpa says she's like a grandson, not a granddaughter.  She loves attention and she's getting a lot of that from grandparents these days and she's just loving it!  We recently got her a little baby doll so she can do what mommy does with Lauren.  She gave it milk, put a diaper on it and carried it around for a couple days but lost interest. She was back to her best friend Bear.  She loves her Bear.  I hope she remembers when she's older how much she loved her Bear.....


Lauren is a really beautiful baby.  Since she was born skinny, grandma has been feeding her milk every waking moment and she's gotten very chunky!  She's starting to get little rolls on her legs and arms and she has double chin and chubby cheeks.  Grandma is so proud now!  We can't wait to weigh her at her 2 month checkup next month.  Lauren sleeps 3 hour stretches at night but she did set a record with 5 hours couple nights ago.  But then for a few days, she woke up every 2 hours for milk.  I think she was going through a growth spurt.  I was exhausted!!!  Lauren is very strong and she doesn't like to sit still.  Avery was very mellow and played in her crib by herself but Lauren wants to be held all the time and she screams if we ignore her. I think we have our hands full with this little one!!! 


Mommy and daddy are doing fine...  Trying to keep our head above the water these days and figuring out what's best for our little family.  Stay tuned!

First family outing

Today, we had our first family outing to Dr appointments. We got everything ready the night before but still managed to leave the house 15 later than we wanted. Due to the terrible cold that's going around, the Beesley's office was packed with patients. The wait there was an hour and I had to rush to my appointment with Dr. Bohn and leave Paul with 2 kids at Dr. Beesley's office. He was still with the doctor when I was done with my appointment!! Lauren is now 6 pounds 5 ounces - 15th percentile for weight and 10th percentile for height. What a teeny little peanut she is! Avery was always in the 95th percentile for both so it was unpleasant to hear that Lauren was so tiny. Lauren still is not in the clear for Jaundice so we have to sunbathe her everyday and feed her formula only for 3 days. Since we're looking to buy a house soon, we looked at a few houses after our appointments. We have no time to waste In our quest for our next place to live! The girls were troopers, Lauren slept the whole time and Avery slept some but was a good girl overall. Overall, going out with 2 kids was ok but I can't imagine doing it alone without Paul... Some day, i'll have to do it alone...

Mommy and Lauren update

We've been at grandma's house for 4 days now and mommy's recovering very well and Lauren's been an absolute angel. She reminds us of how Avery was when we brought her from the hospital. She sleeps well, eats well and only cries when she wants food or when we're changing her diaper. She really hates diaper change time!! She poops every time we feed her and falls asleep as soon as she's done eating. She's not even a week old but she sleeps 2-3 hours straight at night. We've all forgotten what it's like to have a newborn at home and we're having to refresh our memory very quickly. Surprisingly, she looks nothing like big sis Avery and not quite sure yet who she looks like. One thing is for sure, her grandma is absolutely in love with her! She tells Lauren that she's the prettiest baby she's ever seen! Mommy gets her staples removed tomorrow. I'm trying to get some naps every chance I can get but with a newborn and Avery who is starving for mommy's attention, it's not so easy. But I'm so fortunate to have such great support from Paul and my parents. Paul, Avery and I took a long walk down our street yesterday and I did great! Avery has been a great big sis and she says "sister" every time she sees Lauren and the kisses on her sister's forehead continues. I think she'll be a great big sis!!!

We're a family of 4!

Lauren joined our family on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 1:47pm via c-section at Good Samaritan Hospital.  We were so anxious and excited to meet our little girl since she's been giving us a bit of a scare the last few weeks.  Hearing the news from doctors that she was too skinny in my tummy and that she needed to fatten up before coming out to the world made us worried yet anxious to see her.  She was just the perfect size and in our opinion, not skinny at all!  Well, compared to Avery she was skinny but which baby isn't??  I mean, Avery was a giant baby!  Lauren weighed 6 pounds 7.5 ounces and was 18 inches long.  It was yet another beautiful day in Los Angeles and a perfect day to welcome our little daughter.

Avery came to visit us at the hospital on Friday night with grandparents and Uncle Steve's family and quite frankly, she wasn't all that impressed with her little sister.  She pointed and touched her face and said "baby" but didn't seem to be jealous or all that interested.  She was more interested in hanging out with her cousin Minji.  When she came back on Sunday without cousin Minji, she was more interested in the baby.  She still didn't seem jealous when mommy or grandma held Lauren.  YAY!!!

We're going home tomorrow (Monday).  Thanks to Aunt Lee who hooked us up with this awesome VIP hospital suite, we had a very comfortable relaxing stay at the hospital and if we didn't miss Avery so much, we'd stay here till they kicked us out!  We'll be home at Fullerton grandma's house for a while starting tomorrow.  Keep checking back and follow us on our new journey as a family of  4!

On our way to welcome #2!

Today is the day!  #2 is arriving today!  It's 8:20am now and we'll be checking into the hospital by 11am to deliver our baby at 1pm. Avery spent the night at grandparents' house so mommy and daddy was able to stay up late and catch up on our shows that's recorded on our tivo and had a nice big shabu shabu dinner and sleep till 8am!  But all night we talked about how much we missed our little Avery.... According to grandma, she's having the time of her life playing with her cousin Minji.  They've all of a sudden formed this special bond where they hold hands and run around together whispering stuff to each other.  It really is so cute and makes you tear up....

Back to #2... Dr. Bohn and Bochner both predicted a 6 pound baby so I'm curious to see how small or big our little girl will be.  I'm hoping for over 6 pounds.  I tried my best to fatten her up in the last 2 weeks and now it's just up to her.  Hopefully she'll eat and sleep well when she comes out and she'll grow and grow!

People asked me this week if I'm nervous about today.  Honestly, no I'm not.  Even as I type this, I'm not nervous at all.... The surgery part is kinda scary to think about but that's not really up to me.. I just lie there.  The pain afterward is scary too but what can I do about that.  It's just for a week or so.  I'm not nervous, I'm very ANXIOUS and EXCITED!  I'm so excited to see what our little girl will look like and more excited to see Avery meet her little sister for the first time.  I'm sure I'll cry a river tonight when Avery comes to visit.  Avery's been kissing my tummy every morning saying "Hi, Baby" but I doubt she knows what's really going on.  Hopefully it'll register in her brain soon that this baby is here to stay! 

Ok, we have to finish packing up!  Wish us luck and please pray for us!! 

Nanna's last day

Today is Avery's nanny (aka "nanna")'s last day with us.  She's taking a trip to her motherland, El Salvador, next week before her new job with our friend Amy starts in February.  Oh, I'm so sad.. What will I do without her???  The next 2 weeks will be challenging since Dr. Bohn's order to rest will be hard to obey without nanna. I do have the option of running to my mom's house, hehe.  Thank God for moms!!!!

Spending time with mommy!

Mommy was supposed to go on maternity leave on Friday, January 14 but after our appointment with Dr. Bochner on Tuesday, mommy started her leave on Tuesday, January 11 instead.  According to Dr. Bochner, our #2 is on the skinny side (all things being normal) so he suggested that I take more time to rest and lie down.  I need to increase my calorie in-take and decrease my activity to preserve the calories for the baby.  #2's head, arms and legs size are in the 50th percentile range which Dr. Bochner said was average but her belly was only in the 20th percentile which was worrisome.  December was a busy month for us and I should have taken easier.....  I'm sorry baby girl, mommy should have been more careful!  Now I'm drinking Ensure everyday with Power Bars as snacks to fatten myself up a little more.  I've been sleeping as much as possible and lying down whenever I can. 

Avery has been loving the time with mommy at home.  She's been such a good girl, leaving mommy to lie in bed or watching Blues Clues with mommy so mommy doesn't have to get out of bed.  It's been nice to have our nanny with me every to help out as well.  I've been feeling so guilty about not paying more attention to #2... I haven't taken pictures of my belly as much as I did with Avery, I haven't been singing to #2 in the car as I did for Avery and haven't been eating as much or resting as much...  I think God has given me a wake-up call and this time to force me to reflect and spend more time with #2.  Trust me, we're spending A LOT of time together now....  I'm actually bored to tears!!! And so tired of eating!

I have another appointment with Dr. Bochner on Tuesday. We'll see him weekly to see my progress and see if the baby has fattened up at all in the last week.  In another week, if the baby is still skinny, we'll have a c-section that week and get her out of my tummy so we can fatten her up with milk...  I hope I can have her on my scheduled date of February 4.....  Please pray for us!

Oh boy, terrible 2??

I'm not sure if Avery's entering the scary "Terrible Two" stage but she was quite a handful this weekend.  New years weekend is chaotic enough in my family with grandma's birthday which is new years eve and the hectic new years brunch.  This weekend, Avery had a 2-day tantrum which was very out of character for her and out of control for me.  She's been such a good child the last 20 months, I didn't know what to do!!!  Do I just hold her all day long?  Do I yell at her and give her time out for 48 hours?  Do I become sympathetic?  Apathetic?  What do I do??

It all started on Friday afternoon when she just stood in a shopping center parking lots crying and throwing her hands in the air.  Then continued when she woke up at 2am crying for no reason and wanting to be held.  Grandma, grandpa, daddy and I were up trying to console her and taking turns trying to hold her but nothing worked.  She was screaming and crying UNTIL we turned on Beauty and the Beast.  She fell asleep in daddy's arms finally after 4 of us sat on the couch watching the movie for an hour.  HEW... Then she was in a bad mood all throughout Saturday.  I thought the whole day, "who is this child that has taken over Avery's body??"  Then I thought, is it terrible twos that everyone talks about????  OH NO!!! 

Thankfully, when we got home on Saturday, she was sleeping well and happy again.  It was as if none of the tantrums ever happened.  I'd like to think and hope that it was just a bad case of "bad-mood" and may be feeling overwhelmed with a lot of people and noise??  She was a little bit constipated as well.  Whatever it was, I'm glad it's over for now!!!!

Latest on Avery....

Avery is 20 months old now and we just can't believe it.  Avery will be 22 months old when her baby sister joins our little family.  I think Avery is finally understanding that there is a baby in mommy's stomach.  When I ask her "where's the baby?" she taps on my tummy.. She used to tap on her own tummy so this is a big improvement.  Avery is now very much into everything princess.  Her favorite movie right now is Princess and the Frog which we have watched about 50 times.  I let her watch 20-30 minutes at a time throughout the day but sometimes, I let her watch the whole thing from beginning to the end....  She loves that movie and I'm shocked everytime I watch with her because she remembers the lines!!!  And she says the lines before it comes on!  It is just amazing! 

She also likes to play with kitchen sets- pots and pans of all sizes.  She pretends to cook something and she feeds me her imaginary concoctions.  Too cute! 

Last week, she also helped me set the table which brought tears to my eyes.  I gave her a plate, fork, cups, napkins, one at a time and she took them from the kitchen to the table and put them where they belonged.  It was amazing!  She's going to be a great mommy's little helper when her little sister comes. 

Her vocabulary is out of this world too!  It's so funny the things she says these days.  Should I make a list of all the words she says now???  That would be a long list.. But it'd be fun to see it written it all down....  hmmmm... 

All grown up!

Avery has given up pacifier for almost 2 months now.  That was a very easy transition without any resistance from Avery.  Starting last night, she has given up milk bottles as well!  Avery's been only wanting to drink milk for couple weeks now and refused to eat food.  I've been cooking up a storm trying to get Avery to eat SOMETHING but everything she tries, she says "no no" and says "milk" instead.  ARGH!!!  I finally decided that it is time to get off of the milk bottle because then, she'll want less milk. She loves sucking on her bottle while holding her teddy bear.  I think it's the most comforting thing to her... The only way she'd fall asleep is while drinking her milk in the bottle holding her teddy bear and we've been so afraid for her teeth... I don't want all of her baby teeth falling off!!!  Baby bottles must go!

So our plan of attack - (1) Get rid of all bottles from our sight and replace them with sippy cups.  (2) Give her choices of sippy cups (cup with handles, cup with princess pictures, big cups, small cups).  (3) Make her eat all of her dinner no matter how long it takes or how much she resists.  (4) Even if she cries and cries all night for milk, don't give in!

So it began. Our mission impossible.  But you know what?  She drank her milk from her sippy cup and she was totally fine!!!  We were nervous for no reason at all!  AND she ate all of her dinner!!!  My mom always says that Avery adapts to new environment really well.  I guess grandma is right again!  She did look at me funny at one point when she asked for milk and I gave her a sippy cup and said "no no... milk" and then I said "This is milk, try it" then she took it took couple sips and hugged her sippy cup like she'd hug her bottle.. But the difference was that she only took a few sips of the milk and didn't get full from it.  I left this morning while she was chowing down on her wheat pancakes.  (You're probably thinking wheat pancakes??  Trust me, they're good!) I'm so relieved that she's eating again and now I have one less thing to do - washing bottles!!!  Now if I can just get her to go potty on her toilet, I'm DONE!!!!

Oh, by the way, she chose the princess sippy cup for her milk!


Not so happy 19th month day...

My little Avery is back to her happy, loving self.  BUT!  I only got to enjoy 2 days of happy Avery before she got sick with a cold!  This past weekend was beautiful and sunny and Avery got to enjoy her first princess-themed birthday party where she dressed up in her prettiest dress.  Next day was Samantha's baptism where she got to wear another pretty dress.  But all this dress-wearing, outside events made Avery catch a cold!  By Monday it was cold outside again and the constant weather changes did a number on poor little Avery's body.  She had phlegm filled cough, runny nose and fever by Monday night.  Poor little thing...  Nights have been extra hard on her and us since she's up every 30 minutes coughing and crying, sometimes followed by  vomit.  We changed our sheets so much in the last couple days!  Last night seemed like she was at a turning point and slept well for 9 hours straight.  Thank you Lord!  I also got some good sleep thanks to Avery!  She woke up this morning, very kissy, smiley, happy happy.  Her cough and runny nose is still there but fever has subsided and she seems to be doing much better!  She gave me lots of kisses and hugs this morning before I left for work and she also put on her princess dress to dance around the house.  Our little cutie-pie is baccccckkkk!!!!!

Grouchy Grouchy!

Our little fun-loving happy princess has turned into a grumpy grouch! Everything is "no no no" with a little bit of frown.  Can I have a kiss? "no no no.."  Can I get a hug? "no no no..." The only thing she says "yes (or Yeah)" is watching Barney, milk, or something she wants.  If mommy or daddy ask for something, it's always "no." What happened to our little girl who used to just run to us for no reason and hug and kiss???  Another thing, when I try to help her with something, she pushes my hand away....  Don't like that...  When is this phase going to be over?  It IS a phase, right?? It goes away and comes back when she's a teenager, right???

A Very Fairy Halloween!

Happy halloween everyone!  Avery was a beautiful little fairy for halloween!  How fitting since she brings so much magical moments to our lives everyday!  Having Avery as our daughter is really like a fairy tale...  (*tear*)

We went to uncle Brad's house for halloween dinner and trick-or-treat.  Brad's son Thomas was Buzz Lightyear and Gavin was Woody from Toy Story.  Gavin was not happy at all on this night and didn't really want to wear his costume.. Our little Avery kept her wings on the whole time and more amazingly, she kept her pigtails on all night!!!  Avery went to every house with her little basket and collected tons of candy which mommy didn't let her eat..  She did have a bag of organic fruit gummy bears.  She doesn't know the difference!  For all she knew, it was like the snickers bar mommy was eating!

It was a very fun halloween and most importantly, very SAFE halloween! 

18 month check-up!

Avery had her 18 month checkup today.. She is now 24 pounds and 7 ounces and 32 inches tall.  Not much growth it seems from her 15 month checkup but she is still around 75th percentile for both height and weight.  It seems like she has growth spurts every 6 months or so where she grows to 90th percentile and then stays pretty steady for a few months.  It's so fun to see her grow and grow!

Daddy's girl.. Well, this month anyway...

Avery has been completely and only into daddy lately.  First thing she says when she opens her eyes in the morning is "appa" and whenever the phone rings she says "appa" and whenever she hears walking outside in the hallway it's "appa."  What happened to the days when all she said was "umma???"  What about umma???  Paul is loving it of course.  Strange thing is, she calls out for appa and wants his attention all the time but when she needs something, it's always umma.  Mommy does all the tiring work and daddy gets all the love.  Last night, she woke up in the middle of the night, kissed daddy's feet and went back to sleep cuddling in his arms.  What?????  So unfair.  And on top of that, when she calls me, it's not just "umma", she yells "UMMA!!!!" really loudly.  I don't like it at all!

If you're wondering why there hasn't been any new photos of Avery lately, it's because little munchkin broke our camera.  Few weeks ago, she was playing with mommy's little camera and she said "uh oh" right before she dropped it on the floor.  The lens won't go back in and now we're stuck with daddy's big camera. Who wants to lug that big thing around?? 

Avery's vocabulary is increasing everyday. It's just amazing the things that come out of her cute little mouth.  She says "now" (kinda bossy, not sure if I like it), "yeah", "elmo", "milk", "book", "down", etc... Too many to list.  But she's definitely not shy about telling us what she wants which has become too frequent but so cute!  It does make our lives easier now that she can tell us what she wants.  She wants me to sing "happy birthday" song and Barney "I love you" song all the time!  We hold hands and swing side to side when I sing these songs.  We look silly but I love it!!! 

Naughty Naughty!

Our little mischievous girl.... Avery's been a curious naughty little girl these days.  Everyday is "where is....?" day for Paul and me.  Avery has been taking our valuables and hiding them all over the house.  Last week, she was playing with my wallet and hid my credit card which was never found.  That was easy to replace.  Yesterday, she was playing with daddy's wedding ring and watch and Paul couldn't find his watch this morning which was a wedding present from my parents.  That is not replaceable...  We were panicking today that Avery had thrown it in the trash and had our nanny dig through our trash cans for it.  Finally, we got a call from our nanny that she found it in one of the kitchen drawers. HEW!!!!  I know exactly when she did it too!  When I was washing dishes, she came in the kitchen and opened one of the drawers and was fumbling around in there.  I thought she was pulling out the ziploc bags like she always does but when I caught her eye, she jumped and looked VERY guilty... I should have known!  But she also had the same guilty look when she opened the trash can last night too... Which makes me wonder, what did she put in the trash can?????  I know what you're thinking... What are you people doing letting your 1.5 year old play with your wallet and watch??   Bad parents!

What? 17.5 months old?

What??  Our little munchkin is already over 17 months old?  How is the time going by so fast??  I'm spending a lot of time these days looking at Avery's baby pictures and trying to remember what it was like to hold her in my arms for the first time... Yes I know, Avery's still a baby but I'm talking about her 1-6 month old pictures.  She's been such a wonderful little girl to us and I hope that our baby girl #2 is just like her big sister, with her own cutie-pie personality of course! 

Avery's turning out to be a real girly-girl, loving putting mommy's make-up on herself and mommy and sometimes her stuffed animals.  Her new favorite toy is a baby stroller mommy bought for her for $5 from the LA Toy District.  She rolls that thing around everywhere!  She also loves her new sofa chair which is just the perfect size for her.  She wakes up in the morning, grabs her book, milk, her seal doll and goes straight for her sofa chair.  Oh, we can't forget her ultimate favorite - the IPad!!!  Her uncle Timmy bought her an IPad when we were in Philly and she loves that thing!  She watches Youtube (currently she likes Sesame Street), plays kiddy games and reads her toy story virtual book on it.  But I think she thinks an IPad is called "Elmo" because she points to it and says "Elmo" when she wants it.. May be because she watchs Elmo on it?  I can't wait till she can fully communicate with me.  It'll be even more fun to carry on a conversation with my little sweetie and find out what's exactly going on in that cute little head of hers.  

Avery's quite the mommy-immitator these days.  She'll copy everything I do!  I really have to be careful not to teach her bad habits.  The other night, I was lying on my bed watching TV with her and she pulled me off the pillow and she took my place and laid back on my pillows.  I was stuck at the foot of the bed since she took my place!  She's always watching me very intently, learning everything that I do.  Paul calls her my mini-me.  I think we'll have to start potty training process soon.. Wish us luck!!! 

Poor Little Avery....

Avery had very high fever this weekend.  She felt a little warm on the way to Gymboree on Saturday morning but we didn't think anything of it and mommy took her all over town shopping and hanging out with cousin Minji and Auntie Gina.  Avery has never gotten sick so we didn't think it was anything serious. By Saturday night, she had 103.2 degree fever and by Sunday night, the fever hiked up to 104.7 degrees.. She spent Sunday in cool bath cooling her fever and taking Motrin and Tylenol.  Avery was so lethargic and it was so sad to see her little red face (from fever) staring at us with pain.  Motrin and Tylenol seemed to bring down the fever which was a relief.  Mommy took her to Dr. Beesley on Monday morning and found out that Avery has a throat infection and was prescribed antibiotics.  Amazing!  2 doses of antibiotics later, she was back to her normal self!  She has to take it for 4 days but wow she's doing so much better already!!!!! 

16 months and growing too fast....

Avery is already 16 months old!  Can you believe it???  I feel like I just had her in my arms at the hospital!  Oh, tears...  She's such a beautiful little angel and I can't imagine our lives without her.  She'll be 22 months old when the new baby arrives.  I have a feeling she's going to be a wonderful big sister.  She's totally in love with her big cousin Minji and she just met her other cousin Elizabeth whom she just totally loved hanging out with.  Seeing Avery with Elizabeth this past week made us realize more and more that Avery needs a sibling.  Preferably a sister (hehe) but a sibling at least!  She just followed Elizabeth around like a little puppy dog... So cute!

Avery's vocabulary has increased too.  Her new words are airplane ("airpin"), thank you ("thank too"), open ("opin"), more ("mo mo"), shoes (she actually says this correctly) and amen ("amin").  Her saying Amen is the cutest!!!  It's amazing how a brain in that tiny little head can absorb so much information.  She amazes me everyday. 

Avery is a very affectionate girly girl.  She loves hugging mommy and gives huge smooches even when I don't ask for one.  "Muah!" she says.  But I have to admit, when we ask for a kiss, she never gives us one unless we have some snack in our hands to bribe her with.  She always sleeps snuggled up against us, with a leg or arm always on our body... The biggest challenge has been trying to keep her away from my belly when we sleep.  Her favorite way to fall asleep is to put her head on my belly.. Trust me, her head is very heavy and hot!  I'm afraid she's crushing her little brother/sister!  The other day, I tried to teach her that there's a baby in mommy's tummy.  Then I rubbed my belly with her hand.  Then I asked her "where is the baby?" then she lifted her shirt and rubbed her own belly and said "baby."  I have to figure out another way to teach her that one! 

Her personality is coming out more and more.  And what a personality!  She likes to wear necklaces and bracelets and I think she's more interested in wearing pretty dresses now.  She is going to be a little princess!  She makes these flirty faces where she squints her eyes and flashes you a beautiful little smile when you least expect it.  She likes to hold hands when we sing songs...  What a joy being Avery's mom is!!!! 

I'm riding on an airplane....!

Our little family just came back from our trip to Phildelphia for Hwang family reunion.  It was Avery's first airplane ride and drum roll please....  She was AWESOME!!!!!  I realize everyday how blessed I am to have such a good little girl!  She was extra awesome on the way to Philly.  she played with us saying "airpin" (airplane) over and over for about 30 minutes.. then fell asleep for over 2 hours.  Then she woke up and ate some dinner then she watched Up on the DVD player uncle Steve lent us.  Then we landed!!!!  It was amazing.  Other passengers commented that they didn't even realize that there was a baby around them and how she's the best baby on the plane!!!  We had some complications coming back (we missed our flight) so her sleep schedule was messed up but she was still a good girl.  Hew, a huge milestone done with!!!  I had nightmares about her first airplane ride...

15 month checkup!

Avery had her 15 month checkup last Friday.  Avery weighed in at 23 pounds and 4 ounces and 31.5 inches tall.  She's in 75th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height.  Dr. Beesley predicted that Avery will be a very tall girl.  One thing I'm confused about it her weight.. I thought she weighed more than 23.5 pounds!!  She's so heavy!!!!

I'm ok, mommy!

Avery had her second "babysitting" experience this Saturday.  While Paul and I went to a birthday dinner at Katsuya, Avery spent 3 hours with Hyun Sun and her boyfriend, David, and their dog Mochi.  We pet-sat Mochi for almost 3 weeks last month so Avery was so happy to see Mochi again!  She kept pointing to Mochi saying "dog" like when she watches "Up" and the dogs come on.  We left her with a friend just once before when she was a few months old since we always leave her with grandma.  Since grandma is in Arizona visiting great-grandma, we had to find other friends who can watch her for a few hours.  Hyun Sun did a great job texting us updates and pictures of Avery so I didn't have to worry.  But from what I saw, it seemed like Avery was in good hands and having a great time.  They spent their 3 hours at the Grove (Avery's favorite spot) having dinner and watching the water show.  They said Avery slept for the first hour of it but was playful once she woke up.  They said they pretended like Avery was their baby when people told them that she was cute, haha.  I used to do that with my niece Minji, pretend like she's mine (*sigh*)...  When we were leaving their house after I picked her up, Avery gave each of them hugs and kisses.  Well, Mochi got many many hugs and kisses.  Avery had a great night, thank you Hyun sun and David!!!!!!

15 month old toddler!!!

Our little speed racer Avery is already 15 months old and a real toddler!!!  I guess toddler by definition simply is a child just learning to walk.  I guess Avery's been a toddler for a while!  She's so fast now it's just amazing!  She is still pretty attached to mommy and her leg and it breaks my heart to leave her in the mornings.  Her screaming and kicking for me lasts for all of 30 seconds but it's still so sad when I have to leave her.  I actually shed some tears yesterday morning....  sad sad...

Avery's vocabulary is increasing too.  She now says "umma (a little too often)", "appa", "up (too often)", "night night", "bubbles", "uh oh", and "baby".  Sometimes we think she repeats what we say like "Thank you" but we're never sure.. Whatever she is saying, it's so cute!!!

Avery is a social butterfly like her mommy and daddy.  When we go to gymboree, she's too busy trying to make friends rather than particiapte in activities.  What great personality our little angel has!  She's also very affectionate with mommy and daddy, always giving us hugs and kisses.  It's been way too fun!!!  

Happy Father's Day Month!

Avery and mommy want to wish the best daddy in the world a very happy father's day (month)!  Paul has been the best daddy and husband anyone could ask for!  We love you sooooo much!  muah!Wink

A conversation with Avery

This conversation between mommy and Avery happen like 10 times a day...


Avery: (stretches out her arms at mommy) "Up, up"

Mommy: (shaking her head) "no no"

Avery: (shaking her head up and down) "yes yes"

Mommy: "no no"

Avery: (touches her arms) "ah-puh" (means "it hurts" in Korean)

Mommy: "What hurts?"

Avery: (arms up) "up up"

Mommy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (how do you not laugh at that?!)

Avery update

Avery is now 14 months old, wow, how time flies!  I feel like we just celebrated her 1 year birthday and that was already 2 months ago!! 

At her birthday, she was barely standing.  She stood for 2 minutes on her birthday and we thought it was the most amazing thing in the world.  Now, she is a pretty good walker.  Wabbly of course but still, she can walk about 10 feet!?  I must say that she's a late bloomer compared to other kids but better have a cautious kid than not, right?  But then I think Avery's just being lazy.

She's also very attached to her mommy these days.  She has become a permanent fixture on my leg.  I walk with Avery dragging on my leg.  Very funny!  It's become a little tough for mommmy to do anything at home, like go to the bathroom or wash dishes, since Avery is on my leg looking up saying "up up."  

Avery loves loves loves Barney.  Mommy cannot stand Barney at this point..  But Avery dances, sings, claps, etc when Barney comes on.  So funny how kids just love that stupid purple dinosaur! 

Avery loves the water - pool, bath.. It's so hard to get her out of the water since she kicks and screams when we try.  She shakes her head and says "no no no." hahaha... 

Avery got a huge dog from daddy and she's become inseparable with it.  She sleep on it, she drinks her milk on it, she chews on the ear and she just pets it and says "night night."  It was only $50 at Toys R us and it's the most softest thing!  Awesome purchase!

Avery is very interested in socializing these days.  It's so sad to see Avery trying to touch and talk to other kids at church but no one will play with her.  Yes, Avery did have chicken pox and just recovered from a bad cold but come on!  We don't take her out when she's sick?  She's germ free, let your kids play with her!! 

The highlight of this past couple months was her 2 gymboree classes.  So cute to watch her in that environment.  She was like a little deer caught in a headlight.  Didn't know what to do and took like 20 minutes to warm up to the idea.  But oh so cute!  We've decided to wait till she's a pro-walker to enroll her in a class which I suspect will be in a month or so! 

Hello, Summer!

It's been pretty warm the past couple weeks, especially on the weekends.  Avery has taken full advantage of the nice weather and has gone swimming twice already!  Of course, she went both times with cousin Minji.  They're an inseparable pair!  Avery looves the water.  She always loves taking baths and it's a struggle to get her out of the tub but boy, does she love the pool!  It's like a huge bath tub! 

The first time she went swimming, she just went in with mommy and Minji and floated around in mommy's arms.  We also sat in the jacuzzi with grandma which was a lot of fun.  But the second time, we went with daddy, uncle steve, auntie Gina and Cousin Minji!  We also bought her a floating saucer so she just floated around by herself as long as she wanted. It's so fun to watch her enjoy the water. We also walk to the pool, with Avery and Minji sitting in the Radio Flyer.  That's cute too!  We can't wait to take her to the beach!  She'll enjoy the beach more now that she's a little older... Fun, summertime! 

To Gymboree I go!

Avery went to her first Gymboree Play & Learn class this past weekend.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!  At one point, I laughed so hard tears were coming down my face.  At first, she seemed confused or overwhelmed or just observing.. She held my finger so tightly and was really quiet.  It took her about 15 minutes (it was a 45 minute class) to warm up to the idea of playing with other kids and all the colorful equipments they had.  Their gym equipments are cool because they are air filled so it's bouncy and safe for the little tykes!  There were some little ones, much smaller than Avery, walking so well and playing aggresssively!  I hope Avery doesn't become an aggressive, mean little girl that all the mommies stare at with "stay away from my baby!" eyes.. haha!  It was a good class but too much of it was independent play.  Avery enjoyed the singing and group activities more than the individual play using gym equipments.  So this weekend, we'll try the Music class and make a decision about which one to enroll in.  I have a feeling Avery will like this one more since she dances to any music these days.  She even dances to commercials?! 

One more thing I have to mention!  After gymboree, our little family had lunch at the park. Avery went down the slides by herself for the first time!  We were SO proud, what an accomplishment!  Her face looked like she was going down a death trap but she still did it all on her own like 3-4 times!  Yay for Avery!

Oh Shucks, Chicken Pox!

On Friday, Avery broke out with some red spots on her head and torso.  Daddy was away on a trip so of course mommy was freaking out all by herself.  But I suspected that it was chicken pox.  After lots and lots of internet researching, I found out that 2% of children who get chicken pox vaccinations get a mild case of chicken pox within 6 weeks of vaccination.  Of course, my special Avery is in that 2%!  Luckily, it didn't itch and she didn't have any fever.  Other than the unpleasant looking spots, she seemed completely normal.

Today, we went to Dr. Beesley's office and yes, it's chicken pox!  It'll be gone in a few days and I'm so happy that it hasn't bothered her and it's so mild~

A few steps!

Avery took 3 steps last night.  She's been taking couple steps here and there but 3 steps were monumental!!  She is really not interested in independent walking though so I think it'll take a long time before she's really walking.  She stood for a while.. then took couple of steps.. then stopped to look at us who were holding our breaths.. then she took one more step.. then Paul and I clapped and yelled "yay!". then she stood there, clapping and laughing..  then she went "plop!"  It was so exciting!  Good job, Avery!

Avery also had her 1 year check-up.  Our little girl has grown so much!  She is now 22 pounds and 30 inches long.  Wow!!!  She is in the 75th percentile in her age group.  wow, big girl!

Happy 1st Birthday, Avery!

Avery turned 1 on Friday, April 16.  We had a big animal-themed birthday celebration on Saturday.  Avery was a trooper and was fun to watch.  It was a lot of fun (& stressful) planning the event and I'm so sad that it's all over.  The party was a lot of fun, mommy and daddy's little tribute to our little girl's 1 year of life.  FYI, pictures from the big bash will be uploaded to this site within a week (?) so check back often!!! 

She's been such a joy to have in our lives and she's made our lives so fun and exciting!  Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us!  Thanks to those who couldn't make it but wished her happy birthday in spirit!!!  Thank you!

11 months....

Avery is 11 months old.. Counting down the days until she turns 1!.  It's making mommy so sad that her baby is already 1 years old....  However!  Everyday she gets old, the funnier and happier she gets.  Her personality is definitely coming out now and she knows what she likes and doesn't like.  We were watching Mickey's Clubhouse the other morning and when Mickey Mouse asked a question, she shook her head "no."  It's amazing to see her understand everything and know exactly what she wants. 

She isn't walking yet but I can tell that she's getting close.  She doesn't seem all that interested in walking though, why would she when she has her mommy and daddy waiting to give her a ride whenever she wants? 

She started to carry around her blankie and stuffed toys the other day. she seems to really like soft, cuddly things.  She's always trying to take all of her blankies with us to go out and I'm always trying to convince her to leave it at home.  Can't believe we're weeks away from her 1st birthday party!!!! 

10 months old!!

Avery is 10 months old today!  How time flies!  It seems like yesterday that she came into our lives and now it's already been 10 months and she's cruising and eating solids... Mommy is sad that she's growing too fast but also happy that she's such a happy and healthy little girl!

My guess is that she won't be walking by her 1st birthday.  She likes to walk holding onto things but I don't think she'll be ready by April.  Which is fine..  I still like holding her and carrying her around.  These days, right after bath, I wrap her up in her towel and we pretend like she's a swaddles newborn... She lets me walk around like that for couple minutes before her legs start to kick and arms start to wave.  For just a few minutes, I go back to 10 months ago when she was born... oh, tear...

This past weekend, we took her to the park and played in the playground.  Although mommy was terrified that Avery would get dirty :-) we had a great time.  Avery loved the swing!!  Slide, not so much...  can't wait for her to play with other kids and make some friends!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!  Hope you and your loved ones have a fun and love filled day!  It seems like everyday is valentines day at our house since we're more and more in love with Avery as days go by! She is such a hoot and is developing quite a personality.  She is very stubborn as we're finding out and she likes to make fun of mommy's attempt at discipline...  She'll soon learn not to mess with mommy!  not...

Avery is now almost 10 months.  Only 2 more months until her 1st birthday which we're so excited about!!!  It's been a bit of a challenge to teach her new tricks.  I know she can do them, like clapping and waving, but she won't do them if I ask her to. She'll only do them when I'm pretending to not look.  What is up with that??  She's been a big dancer though... Anywhere, anytime, if there is music, her little bum starts to shake. It's so funny. It was really cute at the Grove when she was standing on the bench dancing to the outdoor music as people were walking by... I felt like the mommy of a street performer!!

9 months!


Avery is now 9 1/2 months old.  I cannot believe it!  Time is just flying by and our little girl is growing up too fast!  We went to Dr. B's office last week for her 9-months check-up.  She weighed 19 pounds and 1 ounce and measured 27.5 inches long.  No wonder my arms feel like arms of steel!  She weighs almost 20 pounds!  She's a good eater, good sleeper, just overall happy little girl so we cannot be happier! 

Avery has 2 teeth!  You can definitely see 1 and the other just peeks out.  I think she's freaked out by it since she's always chewing on her upper lip!  She crawls all over the place now and cruises (walking while holding on to tables) all over our house.  She's been eating finger foods lately.  The only thing she really eats with a spoon is yogurt and apple in the morning.  Other than that, she prefers to feed herself.  It's so fun watching her too!  I'm experimenting with her foods these days, trying to come up with interesting recipes!  Last night, she ate little pasta shaped like bugs with veggies and cheese sauce.  She loved that!  She also tried fish "sticks", veggie and chicken rice porridge, grilled cheese sandwich, tofu with veggies, etc.  Her face when she tries something new for the first time is priceless!  She certainly has many facial expressions! 

She also started to say "umma (mommy in korean)" and "apa (daddy)".. It's more like "umma, umma, umma" and "apa pa pa pa pa".  It seems like she only says "umma" when she's in distress or hungry or sleepy or something unpleasant... But she says "apa pa pa" whenever!  Unfair!  but it's nice to feel like i'm needed... 

So far so good and we're all enjoying our lives together with Avery!

First Tooth! - January 12, 2010

Avery got her first tooth yesterday!  We've been waiting for this tooth for so long that Paul and I rushed home from work when we heard from Philly grandma that she felt a tooth.  It was such an amazing experience for us!  A little bit of tooth was sprouting out of her tiny little mouth.  We got a metal spoon and tapped on her gums to hear the clacking sound!  You can't really see the tooth yet but you can certainly feel it!  Avery's sucking her lips like crazy now since her gums' itchy and I guess she feels this weird thing in her mouth now.. It's too cute!

Merry Christmas!!!

We (Paul, Jo and Avery) would like to wish all of our families and friends a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!  We hope that the new year will bring everyone good health, happiness and love!!!

Boy, am I glad to put this year behind us!  This year was a tough year for everyone and I hope next year will be a better year for all of us!  In the midst of all the tough economic times, I am SO thankful that God blessed us with our little Avery who has brought so much love and joy to our family. 

Thanks to everyone for your love and support this past year and we cannot wait for Avery to meet all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't believe that this year is almost over and we already celebrated Avery's first thanksgiving.  Paul and I went off to Maui for our 2nd wedding anniversary without Avery for 6 days and returned on Thanksgiving morning.  It was soooo hard being away from Avery for that long and was thankful that there are cell phones so I can call as many times as I want.  Paul and I had a great time snorkeling and golfing (yes, I golfed!) and it seems that Avery had an awesome time with grandparents and her cousin, Minji.

When we got back, it seemed like Avery grew and matured so much!  She seems to learn to do something new everyday so over 6 days, she learned to go from lying to sitting position all on her own, eat large korean crackers, squeal when she's excited or annoyed, stand and lift her legs like she's walking, almost crawls and best of all, HUG (this is awesome)...

Avery is still missing her first tooth... She's not drooling very much anymore but that little tooth is still nowhere in sight!!!

7 months!!!

Avery turned 7 months old yesterday.  Wow, how time flies!  And today, Paul and I are celebrating our 2-year anniversary!  yippee!!  Avery is so grown up now it's unbelievable.  She's so aware of everything that's going on.. The most amazing thing she's been doing lately is that she's been sitting on her own in her crib or on our bed playing with her toys.  She's more into the rattling tylenol bottle and DVD case than cool toys that we bought for her.  Paul and I joke that we never have to buy her toys since she likes to play with remote control and tylenol bottle!  Anything mommy and daddy touch, Avery has to touch! 

Avery's quite the eater.. She's now tried everything at the organic counter at our market except onion!  She actually liked red bell pepper!  That one was a surprise to me.  She's beginning to eat some chicken and beef.  It's always fun to see what I can cook up and puree for her.  She's been eating little star crackers so she can practice her motor skills.  She's pretty good at grabbing the cracker and putting it in her mouth.. She looks so proud when one goes in her mouth, probably because mommy and daddy are clapping and yelling everytime she makes one in! 

We're so proud of our little girl for how well she's grown and what a wonderful little girl she has been!  Paul and I are leaving for Maui in 3 days and although I'm so sad to leave her and I'll miss her like crazy, I'm thankful to her that she's allowing mommy and daddy to go on a trip!  We can't wait till she'll be old enough to go snorkeling with us and look at pretty fish!!!

6 month check-up

 Avery went to see Dr. Beesley yesterday for her 6 month checkup.  Today, she's 6 months and 2 weeks old so the checkup was a little overdue.  Avery was in really good mood all day so I was sad to take her to the doctor for her shots!  She hated it at her 4 month checkup.  The nurses gave her a lot of attention... And then as soon as Dr. Beesley came in and said hello, she started to cry.  I think she knows that Dr. Beesley = pain.  haha!  But then when I said "Avery no crying, it's rude" she stopped crying right away. It was kind of amazing.  Dr. Beesley was impressed and said "Avery listens to mommy.  I just hope she listens to mommy when she's a teenager!"  Teenager??  Not our little Avery.. She's gonna be a little baby forever!

Avery now weighs 17 pounds and 3 ounces and 27 inches long.  She is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight.  That was bittersweet for me since I always loved that she was over 100th percentile and she was big strong girl.  But then Dr. Beesley always told me that she was too chubby so it was kind of nice that she was more "average."  She did much better with the shots this time and didn't cry as much.  Her eyes became wide as soon as the needle went in and her face turned red.  She cried for seconds and then stopped as soon as the shots were done.  Good girl!

L.A. had really bad wind yesterday.  Avery loved watching the trees move and the leaves blowing.  We went to the grocery store on our way home from the dr. and the market's electricity went out while we were there.  Avery and I both thought that was funny.  We came home to find that our building lost electricity as well and our elevator wasn't working.  I had to carry Avery, her carseat, stroller and groceries to our 3rd floor.  Avery laughed the entire time I carried her up the stairs.. She thought it was funny that mommy was dying!!!!!

No Tooth Yet but Wants to Crawl!

Surprised Avery still doesn't have any teeth.  Where are you, little tooth?  She's definitely drooling less and I've been looking and feeling for a tooth but nothing!  I'm sure she'll have one soon enough...  She's loving her solids but she'd rather have a steak or sandwich like mommy and daddy.  She reaches for our food but instead we give her mushy peas and carrots.  She's not happy about that!  Sorry little Avery!  Daddy tasted her sweet potatoes and loved it... Cauliflower, not so much...  I'm really enjoying making her food though.  It's pretty fun to see what kinds of things you can puree! 

We've been praciticing sitting.  She's really good when she's just sitting by herself without any distraction. But if we put a toy in her hand or she tries to look at us, "timber!" she goes...  We still need a little more practice!  She definitely wants to crawl.  She hasn't figured out that she needs to lift her head up with her arms before she moves her legs... Her legs move like crazy with her head planted on the floor... I'm surprised her forehead hasn't turned purple yet! 

She's growing sooo fast that it's making me sad and happy at the same time.  It's awesome to see her recognize mommy and get so happy whenever I'm around.  I love it!!!

Almost 6 months...

Hmmm.. What can I tell you about Avery?  Avery will be 6 months in 10 days.  Still a little munchkin!  She's a very happy, healthy child but with a bit of a temper and "go-jip."  She's starting to yell really loudly if she can't move a certain way or if we don't tend to her quickly enough.  Where does she get that from?  hmmm..  She just recovered from her first bad case of constipation which we remedied with prune juice, soy milk and veggies.  Poor thing was so unhappy when she was constipated...  She's all better now!  She has now tried sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and squash along with her brown rice cereal.  She wasn't all that excited about her solids until couple days ago. 

She still doesn't have any teeth...  She's still drooling a lot, I think a little less, so we suspect a tooth will come out sometime soon.  She is a rolling machine and it's becoming really hard to put on her diaper.  She "crawls" around her crib like 3-4 laps before she falls asleep and it's pretty fun to watch.  She is so much fun and such a sweetheart, we love her so much!  

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

On the 26th, I celebrated my 34th birthday.  This birthday was the most special one of all since I got to celebrate it with our little angel, Avery.  She makes everything about our lives special and wonderful.  For the celebration, our little family of 3 went out to dinner at Stinking Rose and a nice dinner together.  Avery was such a good little girl and let her parents enjoy their night out.  On Saturday (my actual birthday), Gina and I went to the salon for over 4 hours and got perms.  I got a straight perm and Gina got a curly perm.  Our hair came out awesome!  So nice to not have to straighten my hair every morning.  Then my Chang family went out to dinner at a Korean restaurant and had a feast!  Minji was of course the center of attention at the restaurant and Avery was again a good little girl being held by me, daddy, grandparents and uncle.  Sunday was a bit of a difficult day as Avery was suffering from constipation.  It was such a sad day watching her suffer....  By Tuesday night, after her regimen of prune juice, vegetable diet and soy milk, she was back to normal.  HEW! 

All in all, it was the best birthday ever!!!!  Thank you everyone for your well wishes!Pleased

Mommy's so Happy!

I have been sad and worried for couple weeks now about whether Avery recognizes me as mommy.  Since Avery is cared for by nanny, grandma, daddy, etc., I was worried that she didn't recognize me.  Paul always told me I'm crazy, haha.. But this past week and all this weekend, she has been so happy to see mommy and even stretched out her hands to me while Paul was holding her.  She even cried when Daniel and Michelle held her and stopped when I held her!  I felt so powerful!  I was more than excited and happy!  I guess she was just too young to express herself to me until now! 

We're eating Cereal!

Avery is a big girl now!  She started eating cereal for the first time last week.  Since this is the second week eating cereal, she's pro now.  Half of her food ends up on her face and her cloths but still, she is doing a great job!  Her head follows the spoon which is really funny and she just cannot eat fast enough.  Since couple weeks ago, she hasn't been too excited about her milk in the bottle.. She eats half way and plays with the nipple with her tongue and pulls the bottle in and out of her mouth.  I guess she needed a little change to her diet!  She is sooo over baby stuff!  She wants adult food!

Avery's Second Vaccination

Avery had her second vaccination appointment with Dr. Beesley today Sad Avery was in the best mood all day, laughing and talking...  We saw Dr. Beesley and she checked out just perfectly, except Dr. Beesley pointed out the obvious.. Avery's legs are very chunky!  Which is odd since she doesn't eat that much.. not nearly as much as what the books and websites say she should be eating.  Anyways, she measured at 25.5 inches long and 15 pounds 1 ounce, both in 90th percentile for weight and height!  Our little girl is not so little!  She was playing on the examining table when the mean nurse came in with all the needles...  Avery started crying during the oral vaccination, I guess it didn't taste as good as the nurse said.  She cried hysterically during her 4 shots then as soon as the shots were done, she was smiling again!  I think it was more of the shock that made her cry than the actual pain...  Thank God the second round of vaccinations are over!  Mommy can't take any more of the shots....

The next Michael Phelps!!

Avery went swimming for the first time this weekend at Uncle Jarred's house.  We went to Target and bought the only swimming suit they had in Avery's size (too cute) and into the pool we went!  Avery usually loves bath time so we figured she'd love the pool as well.  There was a part of the pool with a seat where the jacuzzi water pours into the pool and it was as warm as her bath water so we stayed there most of the time.  The first day, she seemed to be confused...  The second day, she was splish splash, having a great time.  Mommy didn't go in the pool the second day so Avery kept looking up and smiling at mommy, showing off her splash moves...  It was so precious! Wink

Welcome, Irma!

Avery's new nanny, Irma, started today.  Since I'm working from home today it was easy to get her up-to-date on the inner workings of Avery Hwang.  It was fun to watch her speak Spanish to Avery since Avery was laughing and talking back to her.  We decided that she likes the sound of Spanish.  Hopefully she'll learn to speak Spanish from Irma! 

Back to Work!

Mommy (me) came back to work yesterday.  Yesterday was probably the hardest day of my life and the time I spent at work seemed so long!  I cried all night on Sunday before I fell asleep and contemplated taking another month off of unpaid leave.  But I woke up, spent couple hours with Avery giving her a bath and feeding her and worked up the courage to leave our house.  It was so hard but I made it to work with only one cry in the car.  I got to work and what a surprise!  Paul had set up a digital photo album on my desk with all the pictures of Avery with the help of my coworker, Len.  How sweet!  There also was a card written by Paul from Avery.  Avery told me that she loved me very much and thanked me for taking good care of her for the last 100 days.... I cried a river after reading that!!!!  I'm welling up as I'm typing this... 

To my surprise, I only cried 3 more times after that...  haha.  I had so much work to do that I didn't have much time to miss her or look at her pictures... I guess that was a blessing in disguise.  I planned to leave the office around 3pm and see Avery but I ended up leaving the office around 5pm.  What a day!  Seeing Avery after a long day at work was even sweeter!!!  She laughed and laughed last night and was such a happy little girl.....

Avery's 3 month schedule...

Avery is growing much too fast!  She has learned to roll from her back to tummy and sometimes (rarely) she rolls back to her back.  So it's really dangerous to leave her anywhere since she'll roll right off!  She is a big time talker like mommy and laughs a lot.  She's a happy little girl.  Her little smiley face lights up my day!  We're moving on to size 3 diapers this week and she started to drink out of the big girl bottle.  This Saturday is her 100-day celebration and I'm so happy yet sad that she's growing so fast!

Avery has pretty regular sleep schedules too but she'll sleep whenever I make her.  Haha...  She typically wakes up around 7:00 am when daddy goes to work and has a diaper change and a bottle then we go back to sleep right away and wake up around 10:00.  Then I give her a bath (we started to give her morning baths but probably will change back to night baths when I go back to work) and then she has her breakfast bottle.  Then we play for awhile and she falls asleep for her long nap around noon and sleeps for 2-3 hours which is perfect since I can take a shower, eat lunch, tidy up the house, prepare things for dinner and go on the internet.. Then she wakes up around 3pm and has a bottle and then we go for a walk or we dance together to some music or I entertain her with song and dance (you don't want to see this but she seems to like it)!  Then she naps for an hour around 5pm and I prepare dinner.  Then Paul comes home when Avery wakes up around 6:3pm and we have dinner!  Avery has her dinner bottle before we start eating and then she sits while we have dinner.  Then she takes a 30 minute or hour nap and around 9pm, I wash her face, feed her a bottle and by 10pm she's asleep. 

Our days are so jammed packed and we have so much fun.  Days go by extremely fast when you have a baby... I go back to work on Monday... Please pray for me. I don't know if I'll be able to survive at work without seeing Avery..... 

Avery's growing too fast!

Avery turned 3 months old last week.  I can't believe how fast she's growing and makes me so sad that she'll be a fully grown girl in no time! I go back to work in 5 days and I'm trying to make the most of my time with her until then.  She's such a sweet, happy little girl... Joy of my life!  She talks constantly (quite the chatterbox), laughs a lot and won't stay still.  We're celebrating her 100-day birthday on Saturday.  Wow, how time flies!!! 

Avery's first roll!

Avery rolled over for the first time today!  She rolled over twice in 5 minutes!  Can't leaver he lying on a bed or counch anymore!  Nope, she's a big girl now!!!!

Avery's Special Day

Sunday was a very special day for our little Avery. Pastor Michael at our church called up Avery, Paul and me in front of the church congregation during the service to pray for our little Avery. She wore her lime green dress and looked so cute! She loved the attention! She stood there with us smiling and taking in all the attention and the prayer. It was a beautiful day for our little family!

Avery is 10 weeks old!

Last week, we went to Dr. Beesley for Avery's first vaccinations shots.  We learned that Avery has grown to 12 pounds 13 ounces and 24 1/4 inches.  She is in the 90th percentile for both height and weight for her age group.  Yay!  Avery had 1 oral vaccination which she pretty much spit up (my bad since I fed her right before we went in for the shots)....  and 3 shots on her legs.  It was traumatizing!!!  But Avery passed out right after the third shot and didn't give me enough time to feel sad or cry.. As soon as the shots went into her legs, her eyes went round and she let out a loud cry and as soon as the last shot was done, she fell asleep in paul's arms.  She slept the whole way home in the car.....  I was so proud of our little girl for being so brave!  If mommy can be half as brave....

To home we go!

After a month of being spoiled at my parents' house in Orange County, we're back at our home trying to raise our baby on our own! It was so nice and comforting to stay with my parents and have my mom look after Avery for me so I can take naps and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. Since I had a Caesarian birth, it was more necessary to have some help for the first couple weeks. The recovery was quicker than I thought and not as bad... The first week after I came home from hospital was a little painful and hard to get out of bed but I managed to go to Avery's doctors' visit with Paul. By second week, there was little pain left except when I was getting out of bed. I even drove myself to my doctors' appointment during my second week. By third week, there was little pain getting in and out of bed. The websites and books made caesarian recovery sound horrifying and long but it was not like that at all. There is still little sensation in my lower stomach though... But I must say, my tummy is getting flatter by day. Yay!!!!!

A week ago, Avery and I returned to our home in LA. With Paul gone at work, it's been nice to spend all day with Avery getting to know her and taking care of her. I don't know how I'll return to work in July. I can't imagine it! I can't believe she's already 6 weeks old! Avery does something new everyday. These days, she started to coo and make all kinds of noises and make these huge smiles at mommy and daddy. She holds up her head for long periods of time now and she makes eye contact with us which is fun. She's ginormous too! We're going to the dr. tomorrow so I'll report on how much she's grown on tomorrow's blog. She slept her record of 7 hours the other night too which was heavenly! She eats, poops and sleeps a lot.

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated our first mother's day as parents! Having Avery in our lives has been the best blessing... She's been such a wonderful little baby so far. She started sleeping for 5 hours straight at night and not sleeping much during the day. She's acting like such a big girl that we keep forgetting that she's only a little over 3 weeks old! She's eating a lot these days too and started to wear size 3 months. Wow! She's a cutie-pie though.

For mother's day, Paul asked my mom to watch Avery and took me to get my hair cut and for a manicure and pedicure. It was such a nice treat to be pampered! I was looking pretty nasty these days! Couldn't remember the last time I blowed dried by hair! Now with my new haircut and great looking hands and feet, I feel wonderful.

On Sunday, we took Avery to church for the first time. My mom's friends met Avery for the first time and they thought she was so cute and pretty! It never gets old hearing people say how cute she is, haha! When we got home, Paul watched Avery so I can take a loooong nap. Paul and my brother also made mexican dinner for my mom, Gina and me so we don't have to do anything. It was awesome. After dinner, my niece Minji entertained us! Too cute. It was an awesome mother's day!!!

Avery's 1 week checkup!

Avery went to her first pediatrician appointment on Friday. It was pretty hectic trying to get mommy, daddy and Avery ready to get out of the house in the morning. Early morning appointment was not a good idea.. Now I understand why my friends who have babies or kids are always running late and never on-time. Whole new found respect for mommies out there! Avery put on her special outfit that daddy got her and we were off to see Dr. Beesley.

At the Dr.'s office, all other babies cried in the waiting area except Avery! She slept quietly in her carseat. She was an angel. She even played and smiled the whole time during the exam! Dr. Beesley said "she's a keeper... You should definitely keep her." Yup, she's a keeper! She sleeps for 3 hour stretches and never cries... She's really an angel. I remember my friend Sara saying after the birth of her son, "He's so easy, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop." That's how I feel these days. Avery is fed around midnight, then she wakes up once around 4am and then sleeps till 7am or so. But boy, does she eat!!! She is a porker! We don't really hear her cry since she wakes up and plays by herself until we come to feed her.

Our Avery grew in the last week! She is now 8 pounds 11.5 ounces and 20.25 inches. Yay! Although pregnancy and delivery was a little rough, having a fully developed, healthy baby was all worth it. She is already so alert and strong.

Avery Eunae Hwang is Here!!!!

Our little angel, Avery Eunae Hwang was born on April 16th at 6:30pm at Good Samaritan Hospital. She was a whopping 8 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long. Since we met with Dr. Bohn for our "Game Plan," things went a little different than we all expected and I feel the need to document the happenings of April 16th in this blog to show my daughter one day what an ordeal I went through to have her when she says her first "mommy, how could you do that to me?" haha!

We were admitted at Good Samaritan Hospital at midnight on April 16th. We began dripping Pitocin around 1:30am to induce labor. By 8 am, I was 3cm dilated and was having pretty strong contractions. Around 9am, Dr. Bohn broke my bag of water and that was painful! I was given Epidural around 1pm or so but I tried to go on with as little epidural as possible since I heard that epidural may slow contractions and I didn't want to be completely numb when the time to push came. By 3pm, I was 6cm dilated and doing well and the contractions were out of this world!!! They were coming at less than 2 minutes apart and lasted a minute or so.. So as soon as I got through the contraction, another one came in a flash. Paul and I were excited and thought that we would have a baby by late night. But around 4pm, the baby's heartrate slowed a little and we had to turn off Pitocin for an hour. When her heartrate returned to normal, we turned Pitocin back on but by then, I was bleeding pretty badly. We waited another hour for the bleeding to stop and by 6pm, the doctor told us that the baby dropped suddenly and made my cervix so swollen that it was impossible for the baby to come out vaginally. The only choice was to have a C-section which was a hard news to hear but by that point, I was so exhausted from my 18-hour labor that I welcomed the surgery.

Paul and I were in the operating room, Paul with his video camera in hand, and the doctor called out, "look at the size of this head!" Then we heard "your baby is huge, there is no way she would have come out of you vaginally anyways." I wish we knew that earlier before our 18-hour labor!!! THEN we heard the most amazing sound ever! The sound of our little girl crying. Paul went to cut the unbilical cord and yelled out "she looks like an Avery." We were debating between the names Avery and Emma and decided that we'll choose a name after we saw her in person. She was an Avery! Paul brought her over to me while I was being closed up and she was just beautiful and I could not believe that she came out of my body! It was the happiest day of my life hands down!

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Thank you Uncle Dave and Auntie Hyun Sun for your photo contribution from DR!!! We just love those photos!
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Hi Catherine, Thank you for following my site! Happy to entertain! I got Avery's 1st year photos done at Minmi Photography in Buena Park, CA. Their website is www.minmiphotography.com and their phone # is 714.562.9282.
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hi joann! my name is catherine and ive been following your blog for about a couple of months now & was wondering where you got avery's 1st birthday pictures done--they are gorgeousss. could you reply back please :)

ps. avery is a dollllllll. God bless your family and the little one cooking in the oven! :)
11/8/2010 8:09:33 PM - 003048596010
i like you and paul oppa's pick on "emma" :)
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Have any suggestions for Baby #2's name??? Leave us your suggestions here!
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