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Benefits of rain water tanks

The rain water tanks are now not old fashioned anymore; these are used widely and are used well. There are many benefits due to which the people install these rain water tanks so that even the rain water tanks is not wasted. So, what can you use the rain water for, or the train water tanks for? Here are a few benefits that you will find; these explain what the water tank can be used for:

1) Rain water is perfect for toilet flushing
Of course you can use the rain water for this purpose and it won’t even need filtration. The water is a blessing that must be used sparingly, so if there is rain water available, and there is a way to collect and store that rain water why not use it! Have the rain water tank installed with the help of a professional. You will be using that water for toilet flushing. The benefit is that it will keep also the toilet clean and the pipes clean too. It will have some residue of acidic stuff in it, which makes it better for flushing.

2) For bathing
You can also use the rain water for bathing. It is also another way to save and store water for good, the rain water, the natural water is perfect for bathing and it also helps the body be a bit more energetic, it is fresh water, it is cold and helps get a better freshness. So save and store rain water in the water tanks and then use it for bathing and showering.

3) Laundry
Another better use for the water that pours down as rain is doing laundry. In many countries when it rains people have their laundry done under the open sky. But if you could save that water in the tanks, and now use the well water it is also a good way to save some energy. Another great benefit of the water tanks.

4) water heating systems
If you have geezers and other heating systems that use water, these water tanks can provide the water for that.

5) Plantation
Rain water as we know is best for plants. Irrigation gets the best with the rain water, so if you have that water stored, it sure wills help you with that.
6) washing cars
Another use of the stored rain water in the tanks is that you can use that water for washing cars. You can also use the water in the water tanks for fighting fire

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