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Luncheon Meeting
Second Monday of each month
   Shingle Springs Elk's Lodge
3821 Quest CT. Shingle Springs

   11:00 AM Happy Hour
Noon Luncheon

Please stop by and see what we are about!

This Month's Speaker

Our speaker today is Kelly Muren, MA who is currently a Survivors of Trafficking Case Management intern at  Opening Doors, Inc. in Sacramento. Opening Doors’ Survivors of  Trafficking (SOT) Program reaches those who have been identified as victims and desire to receive services necessary to lead a life free of violence and exploitation. Their niche and expertise is working with victims of trafficking who are from other countries regardless of age or gender. They provide emergency response meeting victims’ most critical needs such as safe housing, food, medical care, transportation, and language interpretation as needed. Once a victim is through the initial crisis period they are enrolled in case management services which connects them with counseling, English as a second language courses, immigration legal services and job skills training with the goal of removing barriers affecting their ability to thrive in the United States.

BIG SIR -- Dan Cockcorft

As you may be aware of 2 out of 3 SIRS Branches are failing to attract enough new members to maintain their membership. This is not a new trend. SIRS has been losing members statewide at a rate of about 5%-7% since the 90’s. The good news is that we are one of the more healthy branches.  Although we are not growing we are pretty close to maintaining our active membership at 90-100 members thanks to your efforts in bringing out your neighbors and friends. I would like to not only maintain our membership level but also to see it grow.

The state Growth Membership Committee did a lot of research on the healthier growing branches of SIRS and found that the branches that have developed activities and events, which included wives and significant others, are doing much better. Also branches that have several differ activities do better. 

First of all I hope we can have a record turnout for our Ladies Day Lunch In June. You may not think your Ladies want to come but I bet if you give them the opportunity you will find she enjoys it. Secondly although we have a strong Golf and Fishing Group, it sure would be nice if we could add more activates and maybe even some that include our Wives and Significant others. If you have a suggestion or would like to head up a group with the help of SIRS please let me Know.

LITTLE SIR -- Jay Guertin

I greatly enjoyed our Getting to Know You, SIR exercise from last meeting. A large number of you went out of your way to share with me you also greatly enjoyed it and would like to do it again. I will be checking with you today to see if our group would like to do this exercise again in the last half of 2014. Please be ready with your vote.

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