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Rylie's First Pictures 8/14/09

P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-19.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-12.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-18.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-15.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-17.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-16.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-13.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-14.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-1.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-2.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-3.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-4.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-5.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-6.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-7.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-8.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-9.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-10.jpg 2009-08-24
P148-LTPP0148108144JCP-11.jpg 2009-08-24


Welcome to our family page! Here you'll find updated pictures and news about our little family. Please feel free to save any of the pictures or videos to your own library or share your pictures with me so I can add them to ours.

Ryan and I invite you to come back regularly and watch our baby grow with us.

Rylie's Growth

8/17/09: 6 lbs 13 oz
8/13/09: 6 lbs 8 oz
8/10/09: 6 lbs 3 oz
8/7/09: 6 lbs 0 oz
8/5/09: 5 lbs 12 oz
8/3/09: birth- 6 lbs 4 oz, 19 inches

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Updates on our baby

Happy 1 month birthday!

Exactly 1 month ago today our little princess was being born! It's so hard to believe that this last month has already gone by so quickly!

We spent the majority of the day at the mall with my friend Krista and her daughter, Jillian (who is 11 days younger than Rylie). We met for lunch at noon and walked around from store to store for the next 4 hours. The girls did really well, I was very impressed!!! Here are some photos we took of our first official outing with both of the girls.


Homemade Moby Wrap

Today we tried out our homemade wrap again. Rylie seems to really like it. It is very comfortable for me too. It is very secure so I don't have to worry about her falling out. Here is a link to a site that has directions on how to make several baby carriers (including the Moby):


You can find directions on how to wrap the wrap at http://www.mobywrap.com/t-instructions.aspx.


4 Weeks ALREADY?!

So Rylie is now 4 weeks old today. It's amazing how fast this last month has gone. She is now staying awake for longer periods during the day and sleeping better at night. She's waking up about every 3.5 hours now to eat.

I actually got Rylie to latch on without using a nipple shield last night!! If only I can keep her awake while I breastfeed.

We are meeting my friend Krista and her new daughter, Jillian, at a local mall Thursday. Jillian is 2 weeks younger than Rylie. I can't wait until they are old enough to set up real play dates!

Rylie this week:

- Uses her legs to push herself back while she lays on her back
- Uses her elbows to hold herself up for a few seconds
- Calms down when I sing to her

She eats....and eats... AND eats!

Rylie is 3 weeks old today. She is now staying awake for longer stretches (normally from 9-11am & 11pm-1am). We are feeding on demand instead of worrying about "oh no, it's been 2 hours since she ate, we have to try to make her eat!". Sometimes she only wants an ounce then an hour later she will want 3 more ounces. Tonight it has felt like all she's done is eaten!!! As soon as she finishes 2 ounces she wants more.

We are still working on the breastfeeding thing. Rylie likes how fast she can get it from the bottle and my breastpump isn't really efficient so now my milk production has started to slow down. I know it's my own fault but now I'm trying to fix things. I'm taking the herbal supplement, fenugreek, so hopefully that will help increase my supply and will help keep her interested in the breast.

We got Rylie's pictures made about a week and a half ago and just got them back today. They are absolutely precious! Check out the "Rylie's First Pictures 8/14/09" album to see all of them.

Rylie is now doing the following:

- lifts her head and holds it up for about 10 seconds
- turns her head towards sounds
- stares at moving lights/shadows
- eats 3-5 ounces each feeding
- has started reaching for my face/hair
- coos when she's content

She has done the following since birth even though "professionals" say she isn't supposed to yet:

- blows spit bubbles (not supposed to do this till 4 months)
- smiles (some say before 8 weeks it's a sign of gas but she does it in response to stimulus too)

2 Weeks Later...

So It's been just over 2 weeks since Rylie was born. She really is a happy baby! She's now waking up to eat every 2 hours on her own... thank goodness we don't have to wake her up anymore! This kid really is a deep sleeper and can sleep through anything!

We had a rough start with breastfeeding. Since I was given Magnesium Sulfate for 3 full days before she was born, she had quite a bit in her system when she was born. We had no choice but to give her a bottle right from the start. Once she became more alert and we could work on breastfeeding, she wouldn't take the breast. It was really disappointing to me and I was becoming frustrated but knew I shouldn't push her. I didn't want her to associate her feeding time with me as only frustration so I would offer the breast, then someone would feed her while I pumped. I knew there had to be a way to get her to latch on. We saw a few different Lactation Consultants and they all became just as frustrated as I was and suggested to keep trying, and continue to pump and give her the bottle. If she didn't mind the taste of the breast milk, why wouldn't she take the breast?! What was so different?!

That's when I went against the advice of the Lactation Consultants and tried a nipple shield. She immediately latched on and began feeding!!! YAY! I really wanted to experience that bonding with our baby and it really is special. I'm so glad we tried the shields. Even if we don't wean her off of them, she is still breastfeeding and we couldn't be happier.

Rylie is starting to reach for my face when she feeds. She's staying awake for longer periods now too. It's amazing how fast they change! We got her first pictures made at JCPenney's on 8/14 and they are absolutely perfect. I can't wait to get them back and upload them!!!

Rylie Alexandra Brindle

Well, it was just over a week ago that they admitted me to the hospital and told me they would induce labor. Now, we are home with our new bundle of joy and things are going well. If you have called, texted, or left me a message on facebook/myspace and I haven/t gotten back to you, please forgive me! We have so many people who love us and it's hard to give everyone an update individually plus take care of an infant.

I will post more later but for now I'll get the site up and running so you can see all the pictures and videos of our baby girl, Rylie Alexandra Brindle.

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