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Canes won NSA Washington State

Congratulation on winning the 2013 Washington State Champio!nship
Canes 2013 Washington State Champion

Canes' Magic Continues in 2013

It would appear the Hurricane editorial staff has been on vacation for quite some time.  Winter and spring have come and gone and we only now can find the time to capture the exploits of our favorite ballplayers.

The Canes claimed 4 tournament championships and a 3rd place finish during the 2013 spring season.  The ladies played very well and overcame a large number of injuries and conflicts in compiling a 21-2 record during that time frame!  That record included a 15 game winning streak, which eclipsed last summer's 13 game and last fall's 14 game streaks.  These establish the three best Hurricane streaks all time.

These accomplishments have run the Canes recent championship total to 9 of their last 11 tournaments since mid-last summer.  They had won 6 straight with 35-3 record dating back to mid-last fall before falling in the semi-final game at the 20th (and final) International Youth Challenge last weekend.  They did recover with a pair of big wins in the consolation bracket.

 Of course it has always been this reporter’s priority to go beyond just capturing the results.  It is much more about the Canes’ approach to the game.  It is so awesome to consistently be adorned with comments on the team's demeanor, sportsmanship, camaraderie, etc.  Whether it be the parents of pickup players (who generally state something like, "we have never experienced anything quite like that before!") to umpires, tourney directors, relatives or friends of players that show up to watch for awhile, or even fans from other teams, the shared thoughts always make for very proud coaches and parents.  Our kids take in new players in an overly positive fashion that is apparently not all that common; we love them for that! 

And so, with an end to High School softball and the school year coming to a close, it is onward to summer and the increasingly difficult challenges that lay ahead.  The Canes are off to the Hillsboro Invitational this weekend.  This represents the first of 4 travel tournaments which surround a couple local outings.  All are hopeful the recent successes will serve as a positive springboard toward these endeavors, however, no matter the outcomes, we are all quite certain we will very much enjoy how they play the game!

Go Canes!

Hurricanes finish strong in 2012- winnig 18U USSSA Fall Championship

Congratulations to the Hurricanes on winning the 18U USSSA Fall Championship! That makes 6 tournament championships this year, plus an impressive 5-0 showing at the College Exposure tourney a few weeks ago! In summary, the ladies are currently sitting on a 14 game winning streak! They are 20-0 in their last 4 USSSA Summer State and Fall Championship Tournaments!

Weekend numbers:
- 6 games, all victories
- 30 innings of offense, scoring in 17, or 57%
- 32 innings on defense, allowing runs in 7, hanging 0’s 78% of the time
- 16 innings won, 9 tied, 5 lost
- 51 runs scored or 8.5/game
- 11 runs allowed or 1.8/game
- 16 of 30 leadoff hitters reached base, or 53%
- 10 of 32 opposing leadoff hitters reached, or 31%

The numbers appear impressive, however, 4 of the games were very close, thus making the manner and timing of quite a few runs extremely impressive. In game 2 the Canes were only up 1 when that 3 run moon shot sailed over the right center field fence in their last at bat! Similar story in game 3 when the Canes again found themselves in pitching battle only to break it open at the end with a 3 run double to right center! Game 6, the championship vs. the Snohomish County Express started a bit shaky on defense but eventually the Canes caught up, tied it at 2 apiece, scored on a great hustle play to carry a one-run lead into their last at bat, and again added an extra couple run cushion with clutch hitting.

It was the semi-final that will be the memorable one for fans and coaches. Down 5-1 to the Bellevue Blast early, the Canes fought back, 5-2, then 3, then 4, inning by inning, clawing, scratching, hustling, making plays, making pitches to an incredibly tight zone, and finally scoring the winning run with 2 outs in their last at bat as time expired! That was an incredible game. As was the case in the Championship, both teams can be very proud of their efforts.
The 14 game winning streak is a new record for the Canes. In August of 2011, they enjoyed a 13 game winning streak at a pair of Western National tournaments! That amazing accomplishment surpassed a 12 game streak earlier that summer and an 11 game run the previous season. They matched the 2010 11 game streak this summer while winning the State Tournament and Western World Series in Las Vegas!.

From a parent and/or coach perspective the wins are nice, but the key to our happiness has been recognizing that win or lose, the kids adore each other, fight hard to pick each other up, and smile and laugh to the extreme. Way more often than not they buckle up and put the pedal to the metal when necessary. But either way, one thing is always the same, post game, when in the outfield chatting, every player is so very clearly appreciative of their teammates, the experience, the opportunity to be part of the environment we have all worked very hard to create for ourselves. They are amazing young ladies!

Looking forward, the dream is that every single player learns to valuable lessons that athletics offer; the biggest being exactly that, thinking forward. It is pretty clear that in life we will all make mistakes, we will all suffer unfortunate events. These will be countered by occasional good fortune and big accomplishments. Either way, it will always be the next step we take that matters most. In simplest terms, the next pitch is the only one that really matters. We are all encouraged to dwell not on what is behind us, what happened previously; but rather to think forward, take the next positive step. Life can be quite rewarding if we always carry that thought with us.

Congratulations again Hurricanes!

Hurricanes Tournament Results

Hurricanes Extend Winning Streak!

NSA Western World Series Champions!  The Canes finished their week in Las Vegas with another 5-0 record to follow up the 5-0 record at the 16U USSSA State Tournament a couple weeks earlier.  These great accomplishments were on the heals of a 5-2 record and 3rd Place finish at the NSA 18U State tournament, as well as 3 consecutive big wins at the Hillsboro Valley Invite.
Perhaps the most intriguing piece of winning 10 straight, along with 15 of 16, and 18 of 21, is that the player's had just prior to the start of the streak announced that the goal they most wanted to achieve in the remainder of the season was to go undefeated in a tournament.  Now they've done it twice!
With regards to Vegas, the ladies were quite strong throughout.  Despite multiple heat related scary moments for individuals, the team responded to every challenge, often with huge offensive innings, resulting in multiple double digit scores, including 21 runs in the championship! 
That game resulted in somewhat of a, "story for the ages:"  there we were playing in 110 degrees, down 4-3 in the 6th inning when everyone's favorite cheerleader dad wandered into the dugout with a big camera and a giant smile and announced, "we need to win this game....it is my birthday!"  The ladies laughed a bit at the exuberance, circled up and decided on their pre-batting cheer, "For Dennis!" 
-- insert one real long period in the blazing sun for the opposing defense and we base coaches here --
The Canes sent 17 batters to the plate that inning, scoring 12 runs!  If that weren't enough, they added 6 more in the 7th, all to ensure a happy birthday for Dennis! 
Well, OK, a very happy day for all Canes and fans!

However, as would be our wish as coaches and parents, there was a more significant accomplishment:
There were a group of umpires from all over the entire west that when not umpping kept watching our games instead of the 18U games, repeatedly making a huge deal over the team's execution of fundamentals, but even more so over the teamwork, camaraderie, demeanor, kindness, sportsmanship and overall approach to the game of the kids from Washington.  This wasn't just in passing between coaches and umpires, but between umpires and the tournament directors who reiterated the acclaids, as well as between umpires and the parents they walked to seek out in that glorious looking shade down the left field line.
Next up; ASA Western Nationals, a tournament the Hurricanes finished 2nd in last year, but very near the fields in which they had won the Triple Crown World Series just a few weeks prior!

This is a glorious time of year and hopes are high that we will finish well, however, it is clear that this team has reached a pinnacle in understanding, that in the end, it matters not so much whether you win or lose, but rather, how you play the game....

We couldn't be prouder of our young ladies in White, Black and Green.

Best wishes Hurricanes!

Congratulation Hurricanes on winning first place at NSA Western World Series

lasvegas2012 136.JPG

Washington Hurricanes take first place at 2012 USSSA State CHAMPIONSHIPS

Congratulation !!!
softballUSSSA2012 191.JPG

Congratulation for 3rd place finish at 2012 NSA state Championship

softball 208.JPG

What a great 2011 Season

The Washington Hurricanes finished 2nd at the 16A ASA Western Nationals in Kent, Washington, August 1-7.  That accomplishment was rewarded with an invitation to play in the ASA Nationals next year in Alabama!  Only the top two teams in the 44 team tournament received that invitation.
In addition, the Hurricanes recently won the Triple Crown Fastpitch World Series in Park City, Utah.  55 teams competed in 16A and the 'Canes became the first ever Washington state team to win a championship at that tournament at any level.


The Hurricanes won 6 straight bracket games after pool play in that Championship run, logging victories against teams from Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, and ultimately a friendly Washington foe, the Snohomish Shock, in the finals.  The scores were 9-1, 5-2, 14-0, 9-5, 6-5, and 10-1 in the Championship game.

The Hurricanes then added 7 more consecutive victories in the ASA Western Nationals before falling twice to the Castro Valley Synergy of California in the Championship series.  Game 1 was a genuine back and forth battle, finally going into extra innings and resulting in a 6-5 loss for the 'Canes.  It was the 2nd International tie breaker for the 'Canes, having won a thrilling 9 inning game earlier in the week.  The Synergy took control of momentum early in game 2, winning 8-1.  Hurricane wins during the 6 day tournament included scores of 8-0, 6-4, 4-2, 3-2, 14-4, 8-4, and 4-2 over 3 teams from California, 2 from Nevada, and 2 from Washington.

After winning both the spring and fall USSSA State Championships and finishing 2nd at the NSA State Championship, as well as grabbing another 2nd in the ASA Regionals in 2010, the ladies made aggressive National competition goals as a first year team at the 16 year old level.  As such, they skipped the state tournaments this time around.
While last year a great deal was made of the team's 53 victories (against 19 losses), this year's team was only able to play 53 games total as the ladies first had to finish their High School seasons.  After starting 19-2, the 'Canes hit a real rough patch mid-season, but they re-committed to one another and their goals and finished extremely strong.  In the end, they had compiled a 37-16 record, including winning streaks of 12 and 13 games, the latter coming in the two National tournaments!
Coach Mitch offered the following thoughts in addition to the summary above, "It was a true testiment to commitment and dedication as the ladies did not play well at all in late June and early July.  They had to take a hard look at where they were compared to where they started and where they wanted to be and made an incredible run!  In the end they definitely surpassed expectations.  Their belief in one another and what they could potentially accomplish, and the effort they were willing to put forth while chasing those dreams was a wonderful thing to be a part of.  While that represents a coach's perspective, I believe every parent is equally proud of their daughter's contributions while facing and overcoming such challenges as a team.  These are skills that will propel them in life, which is of course the hope, the ultimate goal, the real reason we coaches have dedicated our time to this endeavor."

The 'Canes are now looking forward to Fall Ball, winter workouts, and High School play in preparation for college exposure tournaments and representing their state at Nationals next summer.

ASA Championship Western Regionnal 2nd Place
Sudden Impack 2nd Place
Triple Crown Silver Bracket 1st Place
Tormaschy Memorial tournament 1st Place

Hurricanes place 2nd in Sudden Impact Invitational

The Canes won 6 straight games, 12 overall, before falling to the very talented Snohomish County Express Black in the Championship game by a score of 6-2.
Saturday pool play included a 13-1 win vs. the Titans, a 9-3 victory against the Renegades from White Rock, Canada, and finally an 12-6 triumph over the Lady Bombers.  All three games were marked by hard hitting, inspired fielding, and solid pitching.
Those victories were rewarded with a number 1 seed, a first round bye, a later start Sunday, and the opportunity to play an 18U team in an exhibition game.  The down side was knowing they would have to play 4 straight if they could continue their winning ways in the Gold Championship bracket.
The Canes drew the Bellevue Blast in the 18U exhibition game, got off to a good start in the first inning and held on for a 5-1 victory to start the day.
Immediately following was the 16U quarter-final matchup with the Fusion, another solid Canadian team.  The Canes trailed for several innings but were sparked by a tremendous defensive double play in the bottom of the 4th and a pair of solo home runs to start the 5th!  This ignited a huge rally leading to at least a dozen hits and a 15-4 final score.
Next up was the Seattle Fastpitch Intensity in the semi-final.  The Canes continued clicking on all cylinders and ended the game early with an 11-0 victory.
Finally, the Championship matchup with the Express.  They too had a 6-0 record and had won by similar scores, including a 10-0 win in their semi-final matchup with the Speed.
The Canes made several uncharacteristic miscues and left the bases loaded several times, including one final 7th inning rally, before falling to the better team that day.
The tourney allowed the Canes to extend their record over the last four tournaments to 19-3, earning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes (the 4th tourney was pool play only - no championship brackets).  This week they are off to Portland to test their skills in front of college coaches in the 176 team Valley Invite
Sweet Trophy

Hurricanes swept east washington @Tormaschy Memorial tournament

The Canes traveled to Selah, WA to play in the Tormaschy Memorial tournament June 4th & 5th.  The weather was great, 80 to 85 degrees all weekend, but the Canes were hotter!  Saturday, the team whipped the Kittitas County Hurricanes 13 to 0, throttled the Kelso Vengance 12 to 1, and finished with a well played victory over the Walla Walla Impact 6 to 2.
Their stellar play earned the Canes a #1 seed going into Sunday bracket play, however, it wasn't clear how big a statement that was until the first round Sunday, when all the teams from the Canes bracket won!
The Canes Sunday path to the Championship included walloping the Lady Warriors from Othello 12 to 2 and beating the Vengance again 11 to 5.
As was the case Saturday, the Impact proved to be a very worthy opponent in the Championship Game, taking a 3-0 first inning lead.  The Canes scored 1 in the third and later exploded to take a 7-3 lead, which they held throughout with fabulous pitching and tremendous defense.
In all, the Canes tallied 61 runs while allowing only 13.  They scored runs in 20 of the 30 innings and "Won the Inning" 19 times, while losing it only 3 (8 ties).  The team hit .361, amassing 62 hits and striking out a mere 9 times.  Canes pitching and defense was stellar as well, holding opponents to a .212 batting average and scoreless in 22 of 30 innings, while committing only 6 errors all weekend.
What a way to come out of High School ball; immediately displaying tremendous energy and focused teamwork throughout 6 games!  It's summer Canes' fans - there's no better time of year!

Hurricanes win fall 16U fastpitch championship

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Welcome Hurricanes!

The Washington Hurricanes fastpitch strive to provide a safe and healthy environment that is both mentally and physically rewarding for any girl who is willing to accept the challenge and commitment of team sports. The Canes believe that by providing an environment that rewards dedication, determination, cooperation and hard work, the girls will build the foundation they need to ensure their success for a lifetime. Please take a moment to view some of the team's sponsors this year, we appreciate all their help.


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