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It is a very good skill of card counting at blackjack and scowled up by the casinos. In fact if you can do it properly and win it again and again then they can even block you from playing blackjack in their casinos. Do you know anything about card counting and why the casinos are doubtful of those players that can win the blackjack card counting easily? They think that this is not at all easy to play and the people that can win it are considered as cheaters. There are players that are very good at it and can play very well are still afraid of playing it. It can show the odds in the person’s favor. The house edge in this game is been destroyed if the hit is very much rich in the face cards.
Having very rich shoe in the face cards will show that the dealer is having a very great chance of busting their hand. There are lots of good books written on these types of methods to play card counting which is very easy to find on the internet of any type of bookstore. This is a very superb idea in counting the shoe down by keeping a track of cards shown by the dealer. Do you know the number of face cards that are contained in a six deck shoe and the amount of cards that are under six without counting the aces? When the high are having a numerical advantage and when the low cards are very low then the shoe is in favor of the player.
One of the important ways in which the card counters are been defeated by them is having another good player in the team which can make weird bets, but always increases them when the shoe is in their favor. One of the team can even use the member of the team with an alias of the mad bomber so that he can show an advantaged table so that he can make some bets and then leave. This ploy was used by the team for a very long time before they were caught. Card counting has been a very terrific game for the casinos when they had to deal with the deck games. The dealing of shoe has now made this card counting very hard. If people are good at playing card counting they can be caught very easily. Source of this article

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