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7/20/2012 1:22:07 PM - 002016483705
finally got rid of that UNSIGHTLY '.blogspot' :) ~ YAY!
4/25/2012 7:19:18 PM - 002016483705
Happy 2nd Birthday Declan! :) oh how the time does fly!
4/19/2012 3:11:37 AM - 002016483705
i adore my babies. pretty sure my heart would explode if i loved them anymore. beyond happy to be able to spend every day with them & looking forward to seeing the men they become.
12/29/2011 8:01:09 PM - 002016483705
loving being a momma to two beautiful boys! :) not to mention that Cullen is so much easier than Declan as a baby. so content. Literally just Eats and Sleeps. Already sleeping for 5 hour stretches at night. it's wonderful! couldn't be happier.
11/17/2011 6:02:00 PM - 002016483705
keith and I have a date tomorrow and Declan wakes up this morning with a fever & croup. :) awesome. lets hope this 4 hour nap he's in the midst of will knock out whatever is ailing him.
10/25/2011 6:22:57 PM - 002016483705
our little man has completed his first session at the gym! :) it took the full 8 weeks but as of today he is jumping with both feet off the ground! so proud.
9/30/2011 4:49:41 PM - 002016483705
We've got 4 molars coming in at the same time! Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets ... oh how i love you!
9/8/2011 5:27:12 PM - 002016483705
Keith and I have a date tomorrow afternoon! :) it'll just be the two of us from 11am - 5pm
9/5/2011 12:20:48 AM - 002016483705
declan has popped another tooth :: sound asleep upstairs. making pumpkin breads with my love.
8/23/2011 6:04:18 PM - 002016483705
Earthquake! crazy. :) i've never felt one before ... can't imagine one that actually does damage though.
8/20/2011 10:00:39 PM - 002016483705
my one symptom of being pregnant ... forgetting my camera! i would never leave home without it and within the last 3 weeks I can't seem to remember it to save my life. so frustrating.
7/22/2011 10:09:26 AM - 002016483705
pregnancy insomnia is awesome. :) at least now i have plenty of time to get things ready to head to Pittsburgh this morning. always a silver lining - even when it'll be 110 degrees at 11am! woot!
7/10/2011 7:59:53 PM - 002016483705
home after a week in paradise!
5/31/2011 3:53:28 PM - 002016483705
recovering from quite a weekend! :) 3 weekdays of rest and then Round 2! love the summer!
5/20/2011 5:43:53 PM - 002016483705
where is Keith in my pictures?? :) that's what he gets for leaving me last weekend ... haha!
5/16/2011 4:53:35 PM - 002016483705
i want to go out and do some shopping :: declan takes a 4 hour nap; i want to stay home and have some quiet time :: he sleeps for 30 minutes - irony at it's best. :) ha!
4/25/2011 11:41:46 AM - 002016483705
1 year already ... ridiculous. :) it's going to be a fun day!
4/19/2011 7:43:04 PM - 002016483705
was going to consolidate all of the albums into 1 52 weeks of Declan album but then I'd lose all of the captions and I like seeing it organized into weeks ... leaving it the way it is! :) but next time i'll do it by month or quarter year or something. i start do lose track of my mind doing it in weeks.
4/8/2011 9:37:17 PM - 002016483705
double ear infection. 101.3 fever. diarrhea. cough. runny nose. ... when it rains it pours! poor little lamb.
4/5/2011 2:56:36 PM - 002016483705
Declan is in his crib right now practicing his laugh ... he sounds like woody woodpecker. :) haha! is that really what we sound like to him??
4/4/2011 2:22:48 PM - 002016483705
so many pictures to upload and things to post but it's not going to be today! a high of 76 degrees :: see ya when it rains!
3/29/2011 6:57:01 PM - 002016483705
Declan the celebrity!
3/24/2011 1:12:04 PM - 002016483705
Declan's birthday gift gets delivered today! YAY! :) so excited .. cleaning and getting ready for it now.
3/1/2011 4:51:39 AM - 002016483705
Had my first facial this morning since two days before I went into labor... It was glorious! :) thanks Mom!
2/23/2011 7:48:02 PM - 002016483705
after a dissasterous lunch mess and diaper :: Declan, his bath tub toys and I took our first shower together! it was a blasty blast!
1/31/2011 2:30:05 PM - 002016483705
Can't wait for Spring! I want to take my baby outside to play. and take walks. and eat fresh, local fruit from the farmer's market. go away snow, i've had enough of your snowy whiteness.
1/9/2011 9:03:41 PM - 002016483705
i would like to state that declan has started giving kisses. and they're gross. open mouth slobbery wet kisses. :) i love them.

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