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Access to Cornell Cooperative Extension Agriculture Program services are granted upon enrollment.  All enrollments start with a $20 base fee (email mailings) or a $25 base fee (printed mailings), which includes the "Agricultural News" and other general mailings.  We strongly recommend that you also enroll in the different commodity areas that apply to you in order to receive specific mailings for events, seminars, workshops, and meetings.

Dairy   $20.00

Livestock   $20.00

Grapes- In Contract Region  $45.00

Grapes- Out of Contract Region   $100.00

Small Berry $45

Base Fee for ALL Agricultural Producers $25 (hard copy)

Base Fee for ALL Agricultural Producers $20 (email)

Commercial Vegetable $150 (enroll directly in regional program)


To enroll, please contact Debra Gardner, Program Administrative Assistant, at (716) 664-9502 x 209.

Learning About Agriculture is Fun!


Agriculture Program Staff and Contact Information

Frank W. Bratt Agricultural Center

3542 Turner Road,

Jamestown, NY 14701


Lisa Kempisty, Community Educator - Dairy/Livestock

Office:  (716) 664-9502, Ext. 203

Cell:  (716) 499-0503


Virginia Carlberg, Community Educator - Farm Business Management

Office:  (716) 664-9502, Ext. 202

Cell:  (716) 969-3525


Debra Gardner, Administrative Assistant

Office:  (716) 664-9502, Ext. 209



Want to Start a Farm? Resources for Beginning Farmers

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
NYS Ag and Markets
Natural Resources Conservation Service
New York Soil and Water Conservation Districts
NY Farm Net
Livestock Fact Sheets
Guide to Farming in New York State
NY Beginning Farmers Website
Small Farms Website

Agricultural News

January 2013 Ag News.pdf

February 2013 Ag News.pdf

March 2013 Ag News.pdf

April 2013 Ag News.pdf

may ag news revised 2013.pdf

2013 June Ag News.pdf

2013 July Ag News.pdf

2013 August Ag News.pdf

2013 September Ag News.pdf

2013 October Ag News.pdf

2013 December Ag News.pdf

January 2014 Ag News.pdf

February 2014 Ag News.pdf

March 2014 Ag News.pdf

Field Crop Memo

FCM June 15 2011.pdf

FCM June 28 2011.pdf

FCM July 19 2011.pdf

FCM Aug 9 2011 (2).pdf

FCM Aug 30 2011.pdf

Dairy Market Watch

How to Read Dairy Market Watch.pdf

Dairy Mkt_May_13.pdf

Dairy Mkt_October_13.pdf

Dairy Mkt_November_13.pdf

Dairy Mkt_September_13.pdf

Dairy Mkt_August_13 Chautauqua County.pdf

Dairy Mkt_July_13 (3).pdf

Dairy Mkt_June_13.pdf

Dairy Mkt_January_14 (2).pdf

Dairy Mkt_February_14.pdf

Dairy and Livestock

Lisa Kempisty, Community Educator

To remain competitive, dairy and livestock producers need to stay informed wit the latest management information and adopt technologies that impact the productivity and profitability of their businesses.  To meet these producers' needs, the Dairy and Livestock program conducts workshops, on-farm meetings, and discussions featuring speakers from Cornell University, GRAZE NY, agribusinesses, and local dairy and livestock producers.  With a wide diversity of business structure, site, and management of our Chautauqua County dairy and livestock businesses, we have offered various programs to meet the needs of different owners, family members, and farm employees.


On-farm programs continue to be a popular educational tool, and pasture walks are offered monthly during the summer to demonstrate farms' grazing management.  Discussion groups also provide a forum for dairy producers to share information on farm management-related topics.  Other workshops demonstrate management procedures, and include topics on:  hoof care, calf and heifer management, and milk and feed quality.

Farm Business Management

Ginny Carlberg, Community Educator

In today’s difficult economic environment, the viability of our local agricultural businesses is a major concern.  The Farm Business Management Program helps farms increase their profitability by organizing workshops, classes, and literature on financial management, agricultural markets and economics, decision-making, and marketing.  The program spans all agricultural industries, and seeks to foster farm-to-farm and farm-to-public communication.


The Farm Business Management program also puts together the Dairy Market Watch, which is a monthly update on current dairy industry and market trends.  Past issues of the Dairy Market Watch are available for download on this site.


Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

There are approximately 30,000 acres of vineyard in the Lake Erie region of New York and Pennsylvania grown on 840 farms, making this the largest grape growing region outside of California.

Of this acreage, 98.5% consists of Labrusca (American Grape) varieties such as 'Concord' and 'Niagara' which are used for juice, jam and other fresh or fermented products. The Lake Erie Regional Grape Program consists of Extension Educators and research faculty/staff from Cornell University and Penn State University devoted to projects aimed at increasing yields, product quality, diversity and improvement of cultivars, efficiency of production, profitability and adoption of environmentally sound cultural and pest management strategies.  Visit the LERGP website at:

Chautauqua County Agriculture Facts

Chautauqua County Dairy Facts.doc

Chautauqua County Profile.pdf

NY County Data.pdf

Chautauqua County Farm Facts Brochure.pdf

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