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Sunrise taken from the boat ramp area at Hard Labor Creek State Park, near Rutledge GA. Taken 30dec13
Watkinsville Park Waterfall
Watkinsville Park Waterfall
Waterfall after a light rain, in the Watkinsville GA Park.
Winter Blues
Winter Blues

Stormfront Sunrise
Stormfront Sunrise

Artist Info:

Born in New York and raised in Easton PA, I am now based in Athens GA.  After graduating from the University of Georgia's Grady School of Journalism, the pursuit of interesting photography keeps me searching for that next shot. 



- Numerous sales through National Geographic's My Shot Gallery.

- Credited inserts in NatGeo Educational Feature Stories.

- Gwinnett Magazine's "GwinnettScapes" multi-page spreads.

- Images purchased by Gwinnett County (GA) Parks Department.

- Multiple private client sales including printed/framed limited collections.


Contact me at for more information.


The Legal Stuff

I am not the wedding photographer Chris Bligh from New Zealand; any similarities in our images is completely coincidental.

All images are protected by copyright... so don't even think about it. Wink


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