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Welcome to Mrs. Cottle's Classroom Web Page

This page is set-up to keep parents informed of happenings in Mrs. Cottle's classroom, at Encinal, and with our PTO for 2008-09 school year. Please check back frequently for updates. Feel free to share your photos, comments, and vote in our latest polls!

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The latest news for the class can always be found Also, our class calendar has important dates and times for your to know Check back often for all the information you need.


Encinal Talent Show
Mrs. Cottle's class dance and sung to Grease's "We Go Together" for the end of year talent show!

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MP City School District
District Calendar
Event Calendar
Encinal PTO News
Menlo Park Atherton Education Foundation

3rd Grade Supply List

3 ring 2-inch binder

5 binder tab dviders

1 folder with pockets

1 box crayons

1 box colored markers

1 box colored pencils

Glue sticks

One box of Kleenex

Wet wipes

Box of #2 pencils


Yellow Highlighter

All in a labeled backpack!

Mrs. Cottle's Favorites

Favorite Beverage: Lemonade
Favorite Breakfast Food: Bananas
Favorite Candy: Sees Chocolates
Favorite Tea: English Breakfast
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Cake
Favorite Dinner Entree: Lasagna
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate
Favorite Pizza Toppings: Olives
Favorite Salad: Tossed Green
Favorite sandwich: Turkey w/o onions
Favorite snack: Peanuts
Favorite soup: Chicken Noodle, Tomato
Favorite blooms: Roses
Favorite colours: blue and pink
Favorite music: Country, Classic, Light rock
Favorite charity: United Way
Favorite activity: Reading
Favorite bookstore: Barnes and Noble
Favorite Clothing store: Nordstrom
Favorite Ice Cream store: Any and all
Favorite Restaurant: Harry's on El Camino


Menlo Park, CA

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