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Compost Bins
Please bring in your compostable fruits and vegetable remains! We  need to layer this with alfalfa hay and manure (preferably from goats, rabbits, or turtles). The compost needs to be turned twice a month with water added at this time. Contact Sr. Barcelo if you are willing to help with this!
Bees in the Trees
We noticed bees coming back to the trees. We need to get this tree out, fill the whole, or some other solution
Garden Goals
Compile a list of your personal immediate, near term, and future goals for the garden and give them to Julie or Sr. Barcelo so that we can start working with the landscapers to produce a phased layout of the garden area.


Tucson, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ

Pittsburgh, PA


Homemade Self-Contained Gardening Systems.mht

The EarthTainerâ„¢.mht

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