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Delta Gamma offers to women of all ages a rich heritage; a continuity based on sound and tested principles of personal integrity, personal responsibility, and intellectual honesty.

Here at Fresno State, our Gamma Lambda chapter of Delta Gamma supports Valley Center for the Blind and Wolters Elementary School. Along with our volunteer hours, our chapter puts on two amazing philanthropies! Anchor Splash is our philanthropy in the Fall Semester where we put on swimming events including relays, synchronized swimming and biggest splash competitions. In the Spring Semester, Anchor Slam is our competitive basketball tournament. All the proceeds are donated to Delta Gamma's foundation. For more information on our foundation, please visit the Delta Gamma website at

Latest news

Welcome CDC!

Sophie Norman from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln will be visiting from Nov. 1 to the 8th! 

One more girl signs her bid!

Congrats to Michelle Middione for signing her bid after COB events!

Welcome to our Fall 2010 New Members

Katchen Anderson, Taylan Bennett, Brittney Block, Emily Bodily, Alana Cantrell, Samantha Dodero, Jamie Guzman, Linnea Horn, Alyssa Locy, Tara McCombs, Kaitlyn McNicholas, Erika Meija, Katelyn Morrill, Morgan Penner, Sarah Villa, Katie Warnes, Lexi Zimmer

Best of Wishes to Erin Garcia!

Erin Garcia is representing the Gamma Lambda chapter of Delta Gamma at the Leveraging Leaders Convention in Indiana this week. We wish her the best of luck and know that she will represent our chapter with pride!


Sign up for Fall Recruitment here:

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Welcome our Spring 2010 New Members!

Savannah Diaz, Hannah Gilbert, Christina Lettire, Jordan Rangel, Jen Santos, and Rachel Waldron signed their bids last week! Congrats!

Best Grades for Fall 2009

Delta Gamma recieved the highest GPA on Sorority mall with a 3.1 for the Fall 2009 Semester! Congrats girls and keep up the good work!

Spring Recruitment!

Be sure to come out for our activities next week from 2/2 to 2/4! See all the details on our calendar

Spring Semester '10

Today is the official move-in day for the Delta Gamma house, Good Luck with this semester!

Car wash

Thank you for everyone who participated in Delta Gamma's car wash, we had a great turn out!

Congrats Fall 2009 New Members!

Trina Alaniz, Shelbey Hoskins, Elizabeth Farr, Hannah Lipman, Chelsea Jackson, Janelle Issak,Nicole Weese,Katlyn Thele, Brittany Smith, Elissa Stover,Rebekah Row,Caitlin Pieh,Paige Ogden,Lauryn Meissner,Brittny James,Chelsea Cochran and Julia Jepson.


Delta Gamma recieved the Highest GPA for Spring 2009, and the 2nd highest new member GPA! Good job ladies and keep up the good work!


Congratulations to Kelly Souza the new Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon!

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