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Travel Tips

Pack light. Travel light. You'll thank yourself later.

Get to know the locals. Stay with a local family if possible when traveling to a foreign country. This can be arranged through organizations such as Servas, Couchsurfing, and Airbnb .

Document your journey. Keep a journal or blog. Take photos or video.

Book your air ticket on a Tuesday or Wednesday about six weeks before your journey. This time frame usually provides the cheapest rates.

Read about the places you are traveling to before your journey, especially locations of historical interest. Study the cultures (and cultural etiquette) of countries you will visit. Also, a little homework on your art history can add some spice and interest to your museum visits.

Learn how to say "please,"  "hello,"  and "thank you," in the languages of the countries you are traveling to. The locals will appreciate it.

Get at least one quality, current guidebook. It will be a worthwhile investment.

Use common sense while traveling, but don't shy away from getting out of your comfort zone. You may emerge a transformed and better person.

Have fun. Appreciate the beauty. Savor the adventure.

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