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Welcome to our site! Here you'll find the latest pictures and news about our group. Visit us regularly to see what we're up to.


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Medication Donations

We are trying to collect the items below, we will greatly appreciate anyone who can help us collect these items before October 15th


Non-Medical Supplies:
1) Note Pads (pens & pencils)
2) Patient information cards to include:
a. Date of Examination
b. Name
c. Age
d. Blood pressure

e. Heart rate
f. Respiratory rate
g. Chief complaint and Problem list
h. Current medications being taken
3.) Markers to Color Code Instructions (Dr. Zavala used them)
4) Snacks for patients:
a. Crackers with Peanut butter, Cookies
b. Snickers, Lollipops, M & M's :
5) Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash Cleanser (ex; Purell)
6.) Alcohol based hard soap
7.) Rosaries & Scapularies >-
8) Zip-Lock bags (Big & Small)
9) Toothbrushes & Toothpaste (ask your dentist or hygienist)
10.) Shampoo & Soaps
11) Rubbing Alcohol (big bottles) will be obtained upon arrival to Guatemala City
at Market place
12) Hydrogen Peroxide (for ear washings & wound cleaning) will be obtained upon
arrival to Guatemala City at Market place
13.) Pen lights
14.) Duct tape for the treatment of Warts
15.) Paper towels
l6.) Kleenex
17.) Machine for ear washings (Dr. Joe Arocha will supply)
18.) Paper Sheets for examination tables
l9.) Medicine Cups
21) Ear wash
22) Diabetic strips for One Touch
23) Batteries for glucometers
a. Flip Flops for Showers - to prevent Fungal Infections in Feet
b. Toiletries
c. Personal Items & Necessities (Medications)
25) Self adhesive stickers that say
1 vez al dia
2 veces al dia
3 veces al dia

26) Mouth guards – for teeth grinding
27) Fans
28) Scale
29) Lip Protector
30) Toothbrush
31) Toothpaste
32) Dental Floss
33) Mouthwash

Medical Supplies:
1.) Over the Counter;
a. Turns (Need larger supply of Antacid Therapy)
b. Calcium (Oscal or Citracal)
c. Zantac/ Tagament / Pepcid
d. Baby Liquid Vitamins
e. Childrens Chewable Vitamins
f. Adult Vitamins (Centrum, Stress Tabs)
g. Iron - In Pill and Liquid form ,
h. Monistat Cream & Suppositories y
i. Pregnancy tests
j. Acne Medicine
k. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin
1. Nafkon A- Eye Drops
m. Visine / Murine - Eye Drops
n. Benadryl & other Antihistamines
o. Ecotrin Tab,s / Asprin (Any form)
p. Preparation H
q. Meds to help with Constipation
i. Milk of Magnesium
ii. Stool Softener & Laxatives
r. Glucometers
2.) Prescription;
a. Flagyl
b. Mebendazole
c. Eye Drops
i. Ofloxin
ii. Cipro
iii. Garamycin
iv. Nafkon A
d. Gastritis (Need a larger supply of these) i. Zantac
ii. Tagament
iii. Pepcid
iv. Proton Pump Inhibitors
1. Prilosec
2. Prevacid
3. Aciphex
4. Protonix
5. Nexium

e. Osteoporosis Medicine
i. Fosamax
ii. Actonel
iii. Calcium (as above)
f. Vaginal Yeast Infections:
i. Diflucan
ii. Monistat (as above)
g. Zovirax
h. Acne medicine
i. Retin-A
i. Blood Pressure Medicine
i. Beta Blockers (Toprol, Metoprolol)
ii. Ace Inhibitors (Enalapril, Captopril)
iii. Diuretics (Hydrochlorathiazide, Lasix)
j. Ditropan
k. Synthroid
1. Diabetes Medicines
i. Glucotrol
ii. Glucovance
iii. Glucophage ^,
m. Allopurinol
n. Analgesics Medicine (Need a larger supply of these)
i. Tylenol
ii. Ibuprofen
iii. Advil
iv. Motrin
v. Naprosyn
vi. Celebrex
vii. Vioxx
viii. Bextra
ix. Anaprox
x. Voltaren \
o. Parasite Medicine
i. Mebendazole ;
ii. Albendazole
iii. Flagyl
p. Scabies Medicine
i. Lindane
ii. Ivermectin (1 dose treatment)

q. Fungal Infections
i. Lotrimin Cream
ii. Ketoconazole
iii. Diflucan
r. Antibiotics (liquid / powder / pills)
• Amoxicilin
• Bactrim
• Augmentin
• Ciprofloxacin
• Ofloxacin
• Z-Pack
• Erythromycin
• Cefzil
• Cefuroxime
• Flagyl
s. Duraphat - Dental Varnish made by Colgate (To be obtained by Dr. Nick Sartor)
t. Alpha Blockers
i. Terazosin
ii. Doxazosin
iii. Flomax

u. Breast Cancer Medicine
i. Tamoxifen
ii. Arimidex
iii. Femara
iv. Aromisin
v. Weight Loss & Loss of Appetite
i. Megace
ii. Provigil
iii. Periactin
w.Osteoporosis- Fosomax, Actnel
x. Alpha Blockers for Prostate
y. Antidepressants
Zoloft etc.

.I.) Otoscope - Ear thing
a. Gioscope Specula (Plastic)
b. Ear Spoons for Wax
2.) Opthalmoscope - to examine fundus of the eye
3.) Digital Thermometers with Extra Batteries
4.) Thermometer Probe Lovers (Need Thousands)
5.) BP Cuffs (Some Automatic)
6. )Pediatric size BP Cuffs
7.) Extra Stethoscope
8.) Blood Sugar Monitors with thousands of Strips
9.) Sharps Plastic Containers
1 0.) Scale for Babies
11.) Thermometer for babies .
12.) Extra Batteries
1 3.) Gloves (Need Thousands)
1 4.) Alcohol Pads (Need Thousands)
15.) 5cc Syringes for dispensing medicine
16.) Bulb syringes to remove nasal secretions
17.) Disposable Diapers
18.) Walkie-Talkies to communicate between triage and Doctor Area
19.) Excess Plastic bags
20.) Markers to Color Code Instructions (Dr. Zavala used them
21.) Any Disease or Hygiene information pamphlet in spanish
22.) Need one person dedicated to getting names and ages
23.) Need one or two people dedicated to getting BP with automatic cuff
24.) Triage pads

Children’s Medication:
1) Children’s Multi-Vitamins
2) Treatment for Scabies
*Permethrin 5% cream
*Lindane 1%
*Ivermectin Oral
3) Treatment for Internal Parasites
4) Children’s Antibiotics
5) Children’s Tylenol
6) Infant’s Anti-biotics (liquid form is good)


Help Support Silva's Army at the 2012 Strides Against Breast Cancer

Check it out HERE

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Cinco de Mayo

Come and join us for Cinco de Mayo!!!
EMM Cinco de Mayo Flyer.jpg

Airfare for Emmaus Medical Mission June 6-10, 2012

If you plan on going to the upcoming medical mission (June6-10), please do not purchase your airfare tickets yet, we will be discussing this at our meeting on March 10.


Dear Friends, 


I would like to communicate our need for your prayers and financial help!  We will set out on another Medical Mission trip to Sumpango, Guatemala on June 6-10, 2012.


While we are there, we will adapt a local small school as a health clinic, and will provide thousands of medicine pills and vitamins as well as hundreds of medical procedures, including surgeries.


Can you please help us provide these much needed items?


-   $8.00 pays for a lab draw & result

-   $10.00 pays for an x-ray

-   $100 pays for each anesthesia given during surgery


Will you please make a donation, any donation to our mission? (You can do it right now while you are thinking about it)  We do this on a shoestring budget and everything helps.







you can send it to us via US Mail, at:


PO Box 452305

Miami, FL 33245-2305


make checks/money orders payable to:

Emmaus Medical Mission


Anything you give will help!  We also need your prayers.


With our prayers,


Emmaus Medical Mission, Inc

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip 2012

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