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Born in Hong Kong...raised in Fresno, CA, and now residing in San Jose, CA in which he calls home, began exploring photography during his Senior year of High School {1997}. Since being part of the High School yearbook staff and photographing dozens of events for friends and family, Fred's been able to craft photography as a passion and hobby. Fred works as a part time photographer taking candid photographs for events such as: weddings, birthday parties, cultural events, city street fairs, restaurant menus, and many more alike. In addition to special events, he also photograph landscape, automotive, nature, and recently in the sporting world.

Fred has had a lifelong passion for photography. His innovative eye and flair for the arts consistently produce beautiful results. He has experience in a wide range of styles and pays special attention to details to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Fred currently lives in Silicon Valley and couldn't think of a better place to call home. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include: biking, hiking, tennis, and jogging. On weekends he enjoys his time with his friends doing some outdoor activities, hanging out in the City, cooking and entertaining, attending sports games, and traveling.

Why Hire Fred?

Fred Wong Photography not only provides high quality photographs, but also unbeatable prices! I'm sure you have contacted other photographers by now and their prices range from $70-$100/hr. Now you're probably wondering why my prices are so affordable.  There are several reasons why my prices are lower than most photographers. Most if not all of my clients are through referrals so there is no marketing cost for me.  Secondly, I have no overhead cost other than the cost of travel and mileage; and continuous upgrade of my camera gear.

I provide my clients unlimited photos, not just 50-100 photos for an all day event.   Click on the Fees tab above and you will see my affordable fees and wedding packages.

The pictures I take all belong to you without any copyrights. You do the printing and that will save you even more money.

I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolio and like what I do. I don't consider myself a professional photographer, but I do have the experience of a great photographer. Just view my portfolio and see for yourself.  Photography is my passion and the photographs I capture are priceless!


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