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On to Africa

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From Copenhagen we went to Africa. We started in South Africa with 10 days in Cape Town followed by 3 nights at the Arathusa Lodge in Sabi Sands near Kruger National Park.  We did 2 games drives a day and had sundowners out with the animals.  After that we flew to Livingstone in Zambia for 1 night.  We saw Victoria Falls and went on a safari by boat.  We did a land transfer to the Muchenje Lodge just outside Chobe National Park in Botswana.   We stayed here for 2 nights and had plenty of time to do a number of game drives.   Then on to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe for 1 night where we celebrated our 17th anniversary.  We stayed at the historic Victoria Falls Hotel which was in walking distance to the falls.  Moving on, we had to fly back to Johannesburg to get a flight to Tanzania through Nairobi.  That was a bit of a mess but unavoidable as no flights go directly to Tanzania from Zimbabwe.  In Tanzania, we had a driver take us to Ngorngoro Crater doing a quasi-safari as we went.  We stayed 2 nights at the Serena Lodge on the lip of the crater.  We enjoyed an all day game drive into the crater and a visit to a Masai Village.  We then did a similar drive to the central Serengeti and then flew to our seasonal tented camp in the northern Serengeti on the banks of the Mara River.  We stayed here 3 nights and we were lucky enough to see a crossing of the wildebeest.  We finished Africa with 3 nights in the Masai Mara at the aptly named Off Beat camp. 

Our trip to Africa was beyond expectations.  Everything went smoothly and I would do it all again.  Next, we end the trip with Paris.

Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden

We spent a week in Copenhagen and Malmo on our way to Capetown.  We really enjoyed this low key vacation in two very nice towns.  Everyone speaks English so getting along was not a problem.  We did a lot of walking in both cities.  It's amazing how expensive everything is.  Our hotel served breakfast and dinner so we were grateful to be able to save some money.  For lunch we spent at least $50 and we shared a sandwich and 2 beers!  Glad to be moving on to Capetown though because we have pretty much seen every inch of Copenhagen.

Click the Sweden and Copenhagen tabs above to see our photos

Fairfield Glade May 2013

A mini trip in May.  We returned to Fairfield Glade for some golf.  Fun was had by all

Savannah March 2013

In March we drove to Savannah with two friend for a few days.  We had a great time.  This was not our first trip to Savannah but it was for our friends.  We took the all day on-off trolley around town and got to know more about what we saw and have seen in the past.  Didn't get to eat at Paula Deen's yet again, maybe next time. 

Cabo Jan 2013

Just Beautiful!  Perfect time of year to go to Cabo San Lucas.  We rented a car and drove around the area.  Click on the tab above for more photos of our trip to Cabo.

Hilton Head Island, SC- Last trip of 2012

Fun time playing golf with friends...need I say more?

Fairfield Glade, TN

We went to F airfield Glade TN in October for a week. There a 5 golf courses on site and we played golf 4 days in a row on 3 of them. Our good friends and quasi-relatives, Glen and Janet, joined us for 2 days. It was great getting some time with them. It was a little chilly but the place is close enough to home to warrant another trip.

Hawaii August 2012

We spent the end of August/beginning of September in Hawaii.  We started on Kauai in Poipu Beach for a week.  The island sure has gotten busy with traffic, even in just the last 2 years.  We snorkeled a bit and went on an ATV trip through the upland.  We then moved to the Big Island for a week.  We stayed in Waikoloa Resort and played a lot of golf.  We had the opportunity to snorkel a few days.  The last day we saw a bunch of sea turtles.  We got really close to them.  It was so cool.  Finally we moved to Maui.  We were only there 2 days but we drove the road to Hana and then continued on to the "forbidden (by rental companies) road".  It wasn't nearly as bad as they would have you believe.  It's always hard to come back from vacation, but alas, we did it. 

Mexico April 2012

We took our first trip this year to Riviera Maya Mexico.  It was a great and relaxing trip.  We just moved, dumped all of our stuff in the new house and left for Mexico.  The only bad part was coming home to a house that had to be unpacked.  We loved our resort, the Grand Mayan.  We had an 1800 sqft 2 bedroom condo all to ourselves.  We visited the ruins at Tulum and snorkeled in a cenote.  The weather was beautiful. 

Merry Christmas!

Gary had a brain hemorrhage in September which threw a crimp in our plans to visit Ireland.  We were planning on leaving the next day for a 5 week trip.  Instead we spent 26 days in Emory, most of it in Neuro ICU.  Thanks to the great care of the nurses and doctors at Emory, Gary is doing fabulously.  Here are a few photos of us after just 7 weeks recovery!

Our Last RV Trip

In March 2011, we rented an RV for a trip to Gulf Shores Alabama with friends.  We had a great time.  The weather was fabulous!  We played golf 4 times at some great courses.  We enjoyed a home cooked meal at each of our accommodations, which for us was in the RV.  You will find a few photos under the RV tab above.  We call this our last RV trip because we confirmed that RVing isn't our cup of tea.  Next time....condo on the beach!

Hawaii-Dec 2010/Jan 21011

This year we spent Christmas on the Big Island and New Year's on Kauai.  We stopped for 2 days in between on Oahu to catch of with some friends that were co-incidentally in Hawaii at the same time.  We played 8 rounds of golf, visited the volcano, drove up to the top of Mauna Kea to visit the observatories, drove to the "grand canyon of the pacific", and we went zip lining.  I guess you could say we kept pretty busy.  We missed the first white Christmas in Georgia since the 1880's.  We had a few days at home then got hit with the biggest, longest lasting snowfall Georgia has seen in at least 10 years.  Wow.  Makes you want to go back to Hawaii very quickly.  Please enjoy our photos by clicking on the album above.  We were uncharacteristically brief in our picture taking.

Happy Holidays-2010!

We hope you enjoyed 2010 as much as we did.  We started the year with Gary's second retirement and Susan's semi-retirement in February.  We followed that with a month in China.  (the photos are posted here.)  Susan continued to work part-time, but we did manage to get away for golf trips to Alabama and North Carolina in October. 

This was the first year that we didn't do any major work in our house.  That probably means it's time to sell.  Know anyone in the market to buy?

Our families are doing well, as we hope yours are.  Our grandchildren are getting big!  It's hard to believe that the littlest will be 2 with the oldest nearing those teen years.

Best Wishes for a great 2011!

China Mar/Apr 2010

In late March through late April 2010 we traveled around China on our own. We spent a year reading and planning what we wanted to see and where we would go.  The following was our final itinerary.

Honolulu (3 nights)
Shanghai (2 nights)
Hong Kong (3 nights)
Macau (day trip)
Mission Hills, Shenzhen (1 night)
Guilin (2 nights)
Yangshuo (3 nights)
Xi'an (2 nights)
Pingyao (2 nights)
Wutaishan (1 night)
Datong (2 nights)
Beijing (6 nights)
Shanghai (3 nights)
Honolulu (3 nights)

Please click on the link above and view our photos.  There are quite a few, but it's only a fraction of what we took.  Everything was so beautiful. 

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

In May 2009 we went to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and spent the week in Victoria.  It was a different kind of vacation for us because we don't often get a lot of rest while away from home.  It was beautiful and peaceful. 

Pebble Beach

We just got back from Pebble Beach.  We had a great opportunity to play the course as well as Spanish Bay and Spyglass Hill.  The weather was fantastic.  Just a short trip but great fun and lots of memories with our friends.  The Spindrift Inn and the Inn at Spanish Bay were great too.

Maine to New Jersey

The wedding was fabulous!  And so was our side trip to Maine, Vermont, New York and New Jersey.  In Maine we ate plenty of lobster.  The weather wasn't that great, but the food sure was!  Then on to a little leaf peeping. The colors weren't prime but for a short distance between Brattleboro and Bennington VT, you would never know that.  Hyde Park, NY took a full day between the Vanderbilt Mansion, the FDR Homestead, the Culinary Institute of America and the nearby Orange County Choppers.  Please enjoy the photos and if you would like a detailed account, read my trip report at

New Jersey and Maine

Our next trip is in October 2008 to New Jersey for a cousin's wedding.  We are taking the opportunity to return to Maine to play golf.  We have already played golf in all 50 states but Maine is the only state where we neglected to buy a logo golf ball for our display case.

Niagara Falls

We just returned from Niagara Falls for our 12th Anniversary.  Please check back for photos and trip report coming soon.

Niagara Falls


3/14/2014 11:04:53 PM - 007079615526
hi... just want to ask if any immunizations or vaccinations or medications are required for a trip to tanzania/kenya/south africa?... thank you
10/11/2008 1:49:07 PM - 002033758479

I did not know you had been to Russia or Niagra Falls,

what a beautiful site.....

Great to see you guys last Sunday, can't wait to see wedding pics.


Take care, Nanci K.

10/10/2008 2:50:46 PM - 002033847063
Hi Kids!
When are we going to see the wedding photos?!?
9/10/2008 10:27:52 AM - 002028769018
Hi Guys!
Happy anniversary!  The pictures are fabulous I fell like I was there!  Keep clicking and I'll see you in October.

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