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What is 4-H?

What does 4-H offer?

Join the Revolution of Responsibility today!

Watch this video to see how the Revolution of Responsibility is helping Michigan.


2014-15 Johnson Foundation Scholarship

2014 Johnson Foundation Scholarhsip.pdf

Exploration Days - 2014

4-H Exploration Days | 4-H Youth Development

Events and Club Announcements!

2014 Archery Flyer.pdf

4-12-14 Dog Obedience & Jr Showmanship Clinic.pdf


Michigan 4-H Guiding Principles

Michigan 4-H sticks to some basic guiding principles that define how it approaches its work with youth. If you want to read the full document, you can download Michigan 4-H Guiding Principles as an Adobe PDF handout.

Here’s the quick version.

  1. Youth develop positive relationships with adults and peers.

  2. Youth are physically and emotionally safe.

  3. Youth are actively engaged in their own development.

  4. Youth are considered participants rather than recipients in the learning process.

  5. Youth develop skills that help them succeed.

  6. Youth recognize, understand and appreciate multiculturalism.

  7. Youth grow and contribute as active citizens through service and leadership.

MSU 4-H News

4-H News

Recent activity

4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs

A 4-H club is a place where young people and adults come together to do things that help them:

To join a 4-H Club, you just need to find one that works best for your family! Start by downloading the 4-H Club Contact List below for a list of who to call.
When you contact a club, be sure to ask a lot of questions to make sure it's the right fit for your family!

Don't see what you're looking for? ASK US ABOUT STARTING A NEW 4-H CLUB TODAY!

NOTE: In order to show an animal in a 4-H class or market class with other youth at the fair, you must be registered with a club before April 1. After April 1, the market and auction opportunities are closed but non-market classes may be available. Contact us for more information.

4-H Club Contact List

GT 4-H Club List 2014.pdf

4-H Members

Join 4-H!

- Who? Youth age 5 to 19; adults age 19+ can join as volunteers.

- Where? 4-H runs programs in every Michigan county. Youth from cities, suburbs, towns and rural settings participate.

- How? For Grand Traverse County, call 231-922-4825. For other counties, call your closest MSU Extension office by dialing toll-free 1-888-MSUE-4MI (1-888-678-3464) and entering the first five letters of your county’s name. Ask to speak with someone about joining 4-H.

- How much does it cost? To join a club, the participation fee per youth is $10 per year or $30 per family (with three or more youth). Some types of projects have additional costs for supplies, equipment, travel, etc.

Member Enrollment Packet

2014 Youth Member Enrollment Packet.pdf

4-H Volunteers

Why Become a 4-H Volunteer?

There are many ways to volunteer, click the links below and contact our office to find out more about volunteering with Grand Traverse County 4-H!

Experience the Power of 4-H — Volunteer!

Watch "Why Volunteer" video clip

Volunteer Application Packet


A Parent's Role in 4-H

Your child needs your encouragement to get them started in 4-H and to keep them involved in the program through their teen years. You can help if you:

Michigan State University Extension

The 4-H program is the official youth development program of Michigan State University Extension.

Michigan State University Extension programs and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, height, weight, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or veteran status.

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