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Half Cut are . . . .

Graham Macklin (vocals)
Ian Hughes (guitar and vocals)
Richie Winn (guitar and vocals)


We really wanted a proper band with a drummer, a bass player, keyboards, backing singers, a percussionist, tuba (well, no that's not true) but we couldn't find anyone else to join us.  We therefore rely on backing tracks that we put together in our own studio.  They work really well and allow us to cover songs we wouldn't normally be able to.  The set lists reflect the eclectic nature of our music and we hope there is "something for everyone".  The backing tracks provide a solid backdrop, the vocals are strong and the mix of electric and acoustic guitars contribute to a tight professional sound.  We play regularly in pubs, clubs and bars but we are equally at home in more formal settings such as formal balls and dinner nights.  We are compact, we don't work through an agent but through recommendation and word or mouth.  We are not expensive so if you are thinking about live music for your next function please give us a call - you will be surprised at what we can offer!  We enjoy our work and endeavour to provide a relaxed and pleasant environment for you to enjoy your evening and dance the night away.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Fri 12th July - JHQ, Civvy Club

Check the poster to the right ...... heavy metal/bang your head? Not sure about that!!


So we played once again as a 3-piece ..... at JHQ's closing weekend at the Civvy Club. What a night!! The band sounded great, Richie made the difference with his 3rd vocal and guitar playing. The crowd (and friends and family) were great, staying right to the end and drinking the club dry .... well done one and all!! Thanks to everyone who came for the weekend. We all had a fantastic send-off to JHQ. Here's to the next Halfcut gig ..... we will be back!!

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Check out Halfcut live in action.

This video was recorded at Pogs Irish bar, Rheydt by Richie on a digital 8 track and 2 video cameras.


This clip was recorded at the No.1 Civilian Mess, JHQ.


Richie's last gig!


Richie & a few mates on their golfing trip to sunny Cairns (no-where near sunny Rhyl!)



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