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March 2014:

The HCPC will no longer be meeting as a public group.

The Hunterdon County Photography Club (HCPC) has been meeting regularly since September 2009. The initial goal was to get serious amateur and professional photographers together to share work, increase our skill sets through critiques and better our portfolios.


Over the years HCPC has welcomed many talented, experienced photographers who have shared their work and knowledge. Those involved members made the HCPC a successful, interesting and creative club. The group outings, the shared meeting critiques, regardless of our different styles and personalities grew our knowledge and understanding of photography and took each of us to higher places.


As time went on, HCPC has grown and changed based on our membership. In an effort to get more of our neighbors interested and involved, we loosened our criteria to join, and in January 2013 we became a program of the Hunterdon County Library system. Since, the HCPC has seen some very good talent leave the group, whether due to life circumstance or simple lack of interest. A year later, I truly enjoy the input, insight and interest of those who participate regularly, but it has become clear that our focus to better our portfolios and skill sets has blurred. 


With that reality, the HCPC will no longer be meeting as a public group. This change was coordinated with the Library so that our meeting space could be utilized by another organization.  There are other good camera clubs in our area and so many awesome resources online for you to engage with. It’s my hope that you find one that fits your needs.


I will keep the Google Plus site up and active for the near future. I would ask that for any of those who wish to contribute to the site, that you keep the ideals that made the group so successful early on. I am still interested in getting together from time to time to go shoot, so please call or drop me a note sometime.


All the best,  Craig

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4/23/2014 4:31:47 AM