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Proud Sponsors


These are our current sponsors who have so generously donated money or artistic works to HHearts Guangzhou.

German Chamber of Commerce - Generously donated 30,000 RMB for 2014.  Thank You!

PTA of Utaholy - Generously donated 11,000 RMB for 2014.  Thank You!


Angelika Schlautman - Created a beautiful photo book and artworks, which all sale proceeds goes towards HHearts.


UPTA of Utaholy - Generously donated 20,000 RMB.  Thank You!


Dr. Sherily Xiao from Acupunture & TCM & Physiotherapy - Generously donated 600 RMB.  Thank You!


The Guangzhou Scorpions Australian Rules Football Club - 5000 RMB was raised by the Scorpions Australian Rules Football team and Australian Community at the Australia Day celebrations held on January 26th 2013.  Thank You!


The Victorian Police Soccer Club - Generously donated $2880 AUD. Thank You!

Holland School - Generously donated $746.29 Euros. Thank You!

Sponsors Photos

Dutch School Donation - Numbers.jpg
Dutch School Donation - Numbers.jpg
Dutch School Donation - Numbers.jpg 2014-10-13
11000rmb donation from UPTA 2014 w text.jpg
11000rmb donation from UPTA 2014 w text.jpg
11000rmb donation from UPTA 2014 w text.jpg 2014-03-30
Donation GCC 02042014 w text.jpg
Donation GCC 02042014 w text.jpg
Donation GCC 02042014 w text.jpg 2014-04-02
Victorian Police Soccer Club Donation - Amt Embossed.jpg
Victorian Police Soccer Club Donation - Amt Embossed.jpg
Victorian Police Soccer Club Donation - Amt Embossed.jpg 2013-10-10
UPTA.jpg 2013-05-08
Angelika.jpg 2013-05-08
Scorpions.jpg 2013-05-08
Sherily Xiao.jpg
Sherily Xiao.jpg
Sherily Xiao.jpg 2013-05-08

Get Your Piggy Bank Now!


Please help support Hopeful Hearts by getting a free Piggy Bank!  Get 1 or more and place them at home, at work, or anywhere where you would like to collect loose change for donation to Hopeful Hearts.  Each month, Hopeful Heart members will collect and tally all Piggy Bank donations and update the amount on this page.  Please contact us contact us at HopefulHeartsGZ@hotmail.com and let us know how many Piggy Banks you would like as well as your contact information!  Thank you for your support!




How to Join Our Team!

If you are interested in joining the Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou Team, please contact us at HopefulHeartsGZ@hotmail.com.

We can always use your help even if you have limited time!  If you would like to share some ideas or you know a great way to raise money, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you!

How to Become a Member on Our Site!

Please become a member of the Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou Web Site.  This will allow you to follow the activities of the HHearts Guangzhou Team and all the children helped by the HHearts Organization.  You will also have the options to be notified of future events/volunteering opportunities via email!  Becoming a member of the web site is really easy.... just follow these simple steps:

1.  First, in order to sign up as a member, you will need a Shutterfly account.  A Shutterfly account is free and once signed in, you can simply click on the link on the top of the Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou site entitled "Ask to become a member".

2.  You will be asked to enter your email address at minimum and click Ask.

3.  An email will be sent to the HHearts GZ Administrator, who will then approve your membership status.

4.  That's it!!!!



Donations can be given personally to a Hopeful Hearts Team Member or you can deposit directly to the following bank account.  We work with the Amity Foundation since we are a very small new organization of volunteers.  The Amity Charity License can be seen in the files below.  A fapio can also be given for larger donations upon request by contacting a member of our team or the email below. 


HH Bank account:


The Amity Foundation In Favor of Hopeful Hearts

Recipient's Bank:
Bank of China Nanjing Centre Sub-Branch,
No.29 Hong Wu Road

Name ('Title') of Bank Account:
The Amity Foundation,
71# Hankou Road,
Jiangsu 210008,

Bank Account Number:
5105 5820 9952 (for USD) 
4611 5820 9832 (for HKD)
5404 5821 1474 (for Euro)
5430 5819 1301 (for RMB)
Swift Code: 



2012 Annual Report.pdf

2011 Annual Report.pdf

Amity License.jpg

Final version HH Annual Report 2014.pdf


2016 Piggy Bank Donation by Month

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