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Reverse Skin Aging: Is it Possible?

Aging is inevitable. Nobody stays young. No matter how rich or famous you are, your skin can't defy aging. It will still get wrinkles, lines and cellulite. You can deny it to yourself but you can't deny it to the people who can see how the passing of time affects your physical appearance. That must be the reason why there are lots of products promoted claiming that they inhibit onset of aging, not the years added to your life but the effects of it. Ranging from plastic surgeries, medical treatment to natural/homeopathic treatments such as acupuncture, body wraps, etc., these are all aiming for a longer youthfulness among each of us. 

However, some of these known solutions are a failed attempt. Medical treatments are often short lived and will require you to undergo another series of treatment. That would mean another expense on your part. Far from what we have known the secrets to reverse skin aging is encapsulated in one of our DNA structures called telomeres- the end/protector of the chromosomes that controls aging. It is a breakthrough discover from Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel prize winner. 

We may have heard above famous antioxidants which are believed to fight free radicals from damaging our skin cells. However, these products can't go through the fundamental components of our body's mechanism. You must do the following to boost production of telomerase- an enzyme that strengthen telomeres:

  • Healthy diet. Some people are not convinced that diet is responsible for getting a youthful skin. However, this is the component that provides the body the nutrition it needs to survive. A diet with fruits and vegetables can make your skin naturally glowing
  • Deal emotional stress positively. We all fight stress. However, sometimes it becomes unbearable that stress secreted cortisol in the blood stream that can cause damage in our cells and tissues. 
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise helps in regulating the blood flow in our system. As you know the blood carries the nutrients and minerals that will be delivered to different organs of the body.
  • Love and enemies you have. Get love more than enemies. Love makes you happy and feel lighter about life. Even if you have lots of problems, your brain will be functional because love makes the heart beat faster resulting in functional pumping of blood. 

Altering your lifestyle can modify your DNA. It is the secret to the longevity of life and glowing skin. Medical treatments, supplements and other methods of restoring your skin are temporal. Without you helping yourself reverse skin aging is impossible. 

Lastly, our body may have the same parts but the fundamental components of each body mechanism is different. What works well for me may not work well for you. But with the above mentioned lifestyle modifications, you change yourself for better and happier life. Be reminded that innovations like the ultimate body applicator are not there to replace your healthy lifestyle. It is made to simply enhance yourself and make you feel good and amazing about yourself. 

Simple Tips to Have a Glowing Skin

The body wraps are one technique to have a tight, tone and firm skin. It also helps in reducing cellulite appearances. However, the result of the wrap can be counteracted if you don’t know how to take good care of yourself. You need to have a generally healthy lifestyle to ensure that you will maintain a healthy and younger looking skin. In line with this, there are a lot of skin care practices you can do. Others choose to go with cosmetic surgery to revive the glow of the skin. However, with simple tips you can save from the expenses but you will still have a glowing skin. 

What to do?

  • Healthy diet. Despite all the yummy burgers and fries, you have to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and veggies that are considered good for the skin contain Vitamins B, C, E, A and K. These foods boost the health of your skin to keep it nourished and younger looking. 

    - Sources of Vitamin B: oatmeal, rice, eggs, bananas and even Vegemite 

    - Sources of Vitamin C: lemons, oranges, limes, cranberry/grape juice, bell peppers, and leafy greens

    - Sources of Vitamin E: spinach, olives, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.

  • Protection against the rays of the sun. One of the culprits of faster skin aging is too much sun exposure. It can also cause wrinkles, age spots and many other skin problems. When going out, ensure that you protect yourself with sunscreens with at least SPF 15. You must also avoid sun exposure from 10Am-4PM. This is the time of the day when the sun strikes the most. 

  • Use an appropriate soap/cleanser and moisturizer for your skin. Cleanser and moisturizer help the skin maintain hydration and protect it from different environmental hazards that can harm your skin. You must make sure that it is appropriate for your skin because as a membrane it can undergo chemical reactions such as allergy. 

  • Exfoliate. At least twice a week you have to get rid of dead skin to let the new and healthy ones grow.  Dead skin can trap oils and bacteria that can cause acne. You can exfoliate through peel or scrub. However, you should not do it too often because it can also harm your skin. 

  • Treat your skin. Pampering yourself once in a while such as going to a spa or salon can help in making your skin glower than ever. Aside from the physical benefit it can give, it can also boost your psychological satisfaction which will make you feel stressed free. 

  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and quit smoking. Alcoholic beverages can make you fat while cigarettes contain the harmful chemicals that can make your skin unhealthy. You have to quit these unhealthy habits to rejuvenate yourself and give way to a better lifestyle. 

Some of these tips are known fact. However, when you are using the body slimming wrap, you must be more conscious about it. You need to follow these tips to make sure that your skin will be healthier. It will make you feel good and amazing about yourself. 

Body Wrap: Body Contouring Technique in Just 45 minutes

The ultimate body applicator or the Crazy wrap thing is a breakthrough innovation by Dr. Don VerHuslt. It is made of active and natural ingredients that are considered food for the skin. It has gained several positive responses from the consuming public. How this body wrap can be a contouring technique? Before we get into details, let us first identify who needs a body contouring technique. 

Contour is the outline of the body figure. A pregnant woman has a bulky contour, definitely because the baby causes her tummy to bulge outward. An obese woman also doesn’t have a good body contour precisely because he or she is big. However, fat or being overweight isn’t just the cause of having a bad shape. When your skin is loose, slackening or sagging, the outline of your body is also affected. 

Sagging and slackening skin can be due to several causes. A woman who has just delivered a baby can have it, a person who abruptly gained or lose weight can see several lines on her different body parts, a teenager undergoing puberty can also gain loosening skin, or even body builders who gained large muscle increase. At any instance when your skin is stretched so much, your figure will change. 

At this case, the body wrap is to the rescue. Because of its active and natural ingredients, the slackening skin is being corrected through boosting the elastin production of the skin and facilitating the skin’s local detoxification process. It also targets the lymphatic system to open the channels for quick skin cell regeneration. When there is enough elastin in the skin, it will easily get back to its shape that will result to tighter, firmer and toner look of the skin. 

However, just like any other solutions, it doesn’t correct skin imperfections in a second. It has to be done regularly and must be partnered with a healthy lifestyle. You can use the body wrap once in 72 hours until such time you already get your desired results. After that, you can use it once a month for maintenance. The wrap is easily applied. Just leave it on your targeted area for 45 minutes and you can see an immediate difference. It does not mean that you will get the 36-24-36 figure (for a woman) but it will just make your skin tighter and toner to make your body outline better. 

To some it is a frustration because the truth is the body wrap does not help in any weight loss regime. It was not designed for such thing. However, it helps in making your skin tight, tone and firm. It can help you have a better body contour or shape that can make you feel good and amazing about yourself. Still, it does not mean your weight was lessened. It aims to give you a better skin but in terms of losing weight, you have to do your part in eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. 

Market Opportunities: Distributing the Body Wrap

Life is not just about having good skin, pretty face and slim and sexy physique, it is also about striving and earning. Having a living in this competitive and expensive world is a must for everybody. And so, It Works share its unique idea of earning from a product that captured the hearts of consumers- the ultimate body applicator or called as the body wrap and has been re-branded as the CrAzY WrAp ThInG. 

It has been known to provide immediate results for men and women wanting to have a slimmer and sexier look while nourishing the skin with active and natural ingredients. In as little as 45 minutes you will see a better, tighter, toner and firmer looking skin. With a positive response from the consuming public, it is expected that this body wrap will gain a fair share in the market that makes it a lucrative opportunity to have a business with. Good thing, It Works is generous enough to share the bliss of the ultimate body applicator. 

It is pretty easy to become an IT works distributor. You just need to follow instructions written here

By becoming a distributor, you become a business man or woman in a sense. You don’t have a boss and you will simply get benefits from the impact of the wrap to consumers. Its efficiency and effectiveness can bring customers at your front. What you need is a strategy to let the people know you are selling that crazy wrap thing. 

Before being a distributor you need to understand your core competencies as well as a competitive advantage.  So, first examine the product you are about to sell. Are you confident with it? Who needs it the most? Is it necessity or a luxury? Who can afford? And how can you reach to them?

Therefore, before selling it you have to understand first the nature of the product, then your target market, and strategies to reach your consumers. Michael Port’s 9 Principles To Becoming A Better Seller can help you in becoming more attached and strategic to the product you are about to sell. 

The ultimate body applicator is much saleable because it contains natural ingredients the consumers are seeking for. It is also an aid to get a better skin and it provides a holistic benefit to users. When such attributes are possessed by a product, it can surely gain a better market share. 

By becoming a distributor you earn and you can also use the product to be the best example for your prospect consumers. However, you need to protect the reputation of the company you are carrying. Don’t promise something that isn’t true. The body wrap can’t help in any weight loss program because its functions are to contour the skin and to restore its glow and youthfulness. You may not shed a few pounds with it but you can shed off a few inches on your target area. Lastly, having a tighter, toner and firmer skin is a competitive advantage, you can boast with the body wrap. 

What Makes the the Body Wrap Effective?

The ultimate body applicator or simply known as the body wrap is proven to tighten, tone and firm a sagging and slackening skin. In as little as 45 minutes, you can see an immediate difference in the body part where you have applied the wrap. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles and the shabby look of the skin. Also, the wrap can be used once in 72 hours until you achieve your desired results-a body figure that will make you feel good and amazing about yourself.

The wrap may be known for its effect but only a few have taken a look at what really the secret lies behind this cloth. Examining the ingredients of the wrap can justify the effectiveness and efficiency of the body wrap. Certainly the wrap is effective because of the active ingredients it has. One of these is camellia sinensis or green tea extract. 

Camellia sinensis is an herbal leaf used even in ancient times.  It is considered as food for the skin because it contains Epigallocatechin galate (EGCG) that was not oxidized when extracting the green tea. Green tea extract has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin protection activity that can lessen the damages of the skin. The skin is made of collagen bundles that when broken will result to unfavorable skin condition. The extract also contains flavonoids and catechols that inhibit the free radicals, ultraviolet rays, and other chemical substance to deeply penetrate and damage the skin. 

The body wrap is rich in natural ingredients. Fucus vesiculosus or Bladderwrack is also the reason why the wrap seemed to get favorable responses from consumers. It is used to stimulate the thyroid gland to lessen appearance of cellulite. It also contains Fucoidan which is a sulfated polysaccharide. It helps in retaining collagen while decreasing the skin's thickness. It has also anti-inflammatory properties that limit death of the skin cells. 

These are just two ingredients but its functions and effects seemed to be enough to say that the ultimate body applicator is indeed a one of a kind solution to a slackening and sagging skin. However, the truth is there are still a lot active agents present in the wrap. 

  • Glucose
  • Glycerin
  • Stearic Acid
  • Horse Chestnut Seed Extract
  • Hedera helix Ivy Leaf Extract
  • Horsetail Leaf/Stem Extract
  • Butchers Broom Root Extract
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Rosmarinus or Rosemary Leaf Oil
  • Eucalyptus Leaf Oil
  • and many more

There are a lot of them right? To complete the process, all of these ingredients are surely penetrating the skin where the wrap is applied due to the Caprylic Capric Triglycerides. It acts like an emollient and a dispersing agent to ensure that the ingredients will be absorbed by the skin. It is a non greasy lubricant without taste and has an indefinite shelf life.  

All of these are responsible for the wrap's efficiency and effectiveness. You don't have to go to a surgeon for medical operation. The product of nature is enough to heal broken and damaged skin. However, you must also maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. You need to have a balanced diet and regular exercise because no matter how effective a solution is it will be wasted because the results will be counteracted by an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Body Wraps In Action: Tighten, Firm, and Tone a Slackening and Sagging Skin

The ultimate body applicator or also known as the body wrap is one solution to a slackening and sagging skin caused by different factors. The skin just like any organ in the body will cease to function if toxic elements will not be inhibited in penetrating the skin cells or if the damaged cells will not be healed. The skin is made of collagen bundles which are connective tissues made of proteins. When the connective tissues are broken, you can see a dry skin with lines, loose, and “spongy” attributes. The slackening of the skin can be brought by aging because the organ function of the skin became inefficient. It can't retain moisture on its dermal layer and it can't revitalize itself the way it used to. 

To nourish the skin is a bit time consuming. There has to be enough minerals that will heal the broken tissues. With the active ingredients infused in the body wraps, the tightening, firming and toning process can be done in just 45 minutes. 

The body wrap is very easy to apply. You just need to wrap it on your targeted area and leave it steadily on it. If you are a non first timer you can even sleep with it. The wrap is made of active and powerful botanical ingredients such as green tea extract, chestnut, bladderwrack, guarana seed extract, caprylic/capric acid and many more. This is responsible for restoring and revitalizing the skin to renew a healthy and glowing skin.

One major function of the wrap's ingredients is its anti-aging activity. Some people suffer from premature skin aging. This is because their skin cells are easily damaged by free radicals brought by stress, depression, and other environmental hazards. The body wrap's green tea extract components has anti-oxidants to prevent free radicals invade your skin organ.  It also contains skin protection and anti-inflammatory activity to protect the skin from many other hazards brought by sun exposure and overall unhealthy lifestyle. 

The body wrap can be used once in 72 hours until you get your desired results. It should also be used once a month to maintain the effects of the wraps. Also, it is partnered with a defining gel. It will further smoothen and firm the skin where the wrap has been applied. The body wraps benefits to the skin are evidential. After application, you can see a better result and you can feel good about yourself. 

On the other hand, the best advantage of using the wrap is its efficiency. You don't have to go somewhere else for a treatment and you don't have to spend a lot. You also need not to experience pain like those who have undergone surgical operation such as laser or Botox. 

Lastly, to further enhance a good and healthy skin, you must discipline yourself. Maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise. An overall healthy lifestyle creates a significant impact on having a tone and firm skin that will boost your confidence to have a better and happier life. 

How to Naturally Maintain A Good Looking Skin?

The look of the skin can create an overall impression of a person's well being. It can indicate age, personality, status and lifestyle. Nothing can be hidden, yet some people no matter how they try to restore the glow of their skin, it can't simply get back to its glow and youthfulness. This is because when the skin's condition is brought by aging, you can't force it to get back to its original shape though you can put it on its minimal level. On the other hand, if the skin's condition such as slackening, sagging, dryness, etc. is brought an unhealthy lifestyle, you still have a chance to change and get your skin back to its original look. 

Tips to maintain a good looking skin are as follows:

  • Eat lots of Fruits and Vegetables. It's a common fact that fruits and vegetables do a lot for our body. Add to that the benefits it can give to the skin. Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants that fight free radicals that aid the skin to look tired and old. Vitamins C and E gained from fruits and vegetables can protect the skin from damages brought by the sun and help in the reduction of damage cells. Additionally, B vitamin biotin and vitamin A are responsible for reformation of skin cells, and skin tissue repair and maintenance. 

  • Protect yourself from the sun. Too much sun exposure can cause skin dryness that will lead to wrinkles, age spots, sagging and slackening skin. So, you must not expose yourself on high daylight such as from 10Am-4PM. Wear protective clothing that will block ultraviolet rays. And use sunscreen with at least SPF 15. 

  • Follow a healthy, skin-boosting lifestyle. Eating fruits and vegetables and getting protection from the Sun are just the tips of the iceberg for a good looking skin. Because the Don'ts can outweigh the dos, you must avoid the following: Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Sugar and Stress. All these factors contribute in damaging the collagen of the skin. When collagen is damaged, it means breakage in the tissues of the skin resulting to wrinkles, dry and “spongy” looking skin. 

  • Get Enough and Quality Sleep. Lack of sleep can aid in looking stressed and old. It damages the skin and makes you feel irritable, and depressed. When such things happen, you become stressed and free radicals began to invade your system. It will speed up the aging process because the wounds of the skin tissues will take time to heal. 

  • Be Active. Exercises can help detoxification and can cleanse the body through sweating. When bad cholesterols are excreted, healthy skin tissues will be given way to regenerate through the functions of the lymphatic system. 

  • Maintain a skin regimen. Applying lotion and moisturizers can rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin. As moisturizers are designed to heal any chemical reaction in the skin caused by external hazards, it can maintain the hydrated level of the skin. 

  • Using the ultimate body applicator. To some it may sound a fad, but the body wrap has been tested to become beneficial for the skin. Because of the active ingredients blended in the cloth, it can rejuvenate and revitalize cells to eliminate slackening and sagging skin. Ingredients such as Green Tea, Seaweed extract, aloe vera and others are powerful enough to penetrate and heal the wounded skin cell tissues. It helps in the formation of skin cells. 

You have the chance to restore your glowing skin and get your youthful look back again. You just have to discipline yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember that the skin will tell what you have been doing in your life. Make your lifestyle great and they'll see how great your skin is. 

Why Your Skin Slacks and Get Stretch Marks?

Previous post stated that skin slackening is a sign of aging. This is true. Yet, skin slackening is not just caused by aging. It can also be brought by different body changes such as puberty, pregnancy, quick gaining and losing of weight, massive increase in body muscle, and many more. When the skin stretches, collagen bundles are broken. 

Naturally, the skin is elastic. It has its own way of cell regeneration and local detoxification. However, when the tissues are intoxicated, and broken intensively, it can't easily recover. The cause of skin slackening and sagging can also be attributed to unhealthy lifestyle wherein a lot of toxin and bad cholesterol are taken into the body. These cholesterols block the lymphatic system disallowing local detoxification to process effectively. When this is the case, the fats will continue to be deposited in the body and will result to dry and unhealthy skin tissues. 

On the other hand, another problem faced by most women, teenagers and even old ones is the presence of stretch marks. It is more prevalent in women who experienced pregnancy or have delivered a baby. Stretch marks are due to different production of melanocytes. This is responsible for producing melanin, the element that gives color to other healthier skin. 

Skin slackening and stretch marks can be treated. There have been developments, both evasive and non evasive ways, to revitalize skin and clean the skin tissues to minimize stretch mark appearances. Some women (with lots of resources) choose surgical or laser therapy. However, this can be dangerous, costly and unnatural. To have a healthier skin, it is better to treat it with natural and active ingredients such that of body wraps and its perfect combination, the defining gel. 

You may have known a lot about the Ultimate Body Applicator. Its benefits have been testified by many users. It can provide progressive results that can be more stable than that of surgical operations. The active ingredients present on this treatment can be absorbed by the skin to heal broken tissues and aid for skin rejuvenation and hydration. In effect, it will show a tighter, toner and firmer skin and with less stretch marks. 

The skin is very sensitive to every instances that happen in one's life. Aside from the above mentioned causes of skin slackening and stretch marks, it can also be brought by unhealthy diet and no exercises. It is a contributing factor for sagging skin. Unhealthy food intake can increase level of toxicity and fats deposits. No regular exercise can't burn all the cholesterol present in the body. Instead of converting it to be a source of energy it is stocked and piled to become fatty layers that make your belly bulge outward. 

Slackening and sagging of skin can't just be a sign of aging but a symptom of being unhealthy. Don't let your skin makes you feel uncertain, and old. Rejuvenate, revitalize, nourish and treat your skin with active ingredients, active life and nutritious food. I can dare say that with a healthy skin you can always feel young, confident and amazing about yourself. 

About the Author:

A woman who cares so much for her health. She knows that she can neglect other things, but not this one. This is the greatest treasure a person can have in this world, and she will do everything to take good care of that treasure. This was the reason why she decided to write different idea on how to achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful body, both in natural or alternative ways. She had tackled about regular exercise and proper diets that is good for our body and figure. Now she is learning some advance solution such as body wrap. She knows that there is more that she can share with other people, and she will willingly do it to help.

Signs of Aging: Firming the Slacken Skin Fast

Skin slackening is a normal body reaction to loss of hydration and elastin as we grow older. But most people are terribly concern on how they become so detrimental especially when they feel that their face began to look droopy and tired of age. Face is the most important part in the body in terms of appearance and beauty. It's the main window of communication to the outside world. If you feel ugly and less attractive, you will find ways on how to put proper make up to enhance facial features and help your face appear pleasing. 

However, not all of your concern areas in the body can be covered by heavy make up and foundation. There are still parts that reveal the true duration of your stay here on earth. People, especially women, find ways to lessen the sagging appearance of the skin. Some are undergoing everyday exercise and stretching, drinking more water and the like. Others go to beauty spas and spend much of their money on surgery, botox or body lifts. Those that spent much could uncover desirable result. But those that do not and settle on everyday exercise and spas could see visible results longer than expected. That is why, the market has introduced a new product that could make a transformation to a specific area of the body no less than an hour. They are called body wraps.

There are lots of kinds of body wraps depending on the manufacturer. They vary on purposes, quality and efficiency. There are body wraps that are being done in the spas. They use natural ingredients that sometimes may sound like kitchen ingredients. They appear to be very messy because the ingredients need to be mixed first with clay before they are applied to the body. Then, after the application, the body may be wrapped by hot towels or blankets to aid the absorption of the natural ingredients to the skin. Most of the time the this type of procedure usually gives detoxifying benefit, relieving stress, smoothen skin and firming the slacken area. However, the result takes longer to notice. And it is somewhat extravagant if you have it every week. So, the results may be delayed even longer. 

Because of this, the Ultimate Body Applicator wraps serve its purpose. This type of wrap solve the delays and slow progress of the traditional body wraps. They boil them down to 45 minutes. This body wrap applicator gives visible results after one application only, and that is after 45 minutes. Others might think that this is some sort of a promotion that could deceive consumers. However, this is not the case. The Ultimate Body Applicator is indeed very efficient in delivering maximum toning, tightening and firming of the slacken skin after 45 minutes. If you are flabbergasted about the true effect, take a photo of yourself before you place the first applicator to your specific problem skin. Then, take another photo after 45 minutes. And the result does not only end there. The cream formula will still be working up to 72 hours, giving you progressive results. This type of body application is thrift. You can use one applicator once every three days since this is recommended. Take another photo if you wish. 

Enjoy the firming result with this 45-minute body applicator. You no longer needed to visit some spas and ask an esthetician to do the process for you. You can do body wrapping on your own. Enjoy the results as soon as you see them. Never forget to do regular exercise and eat balanced diet. If you do not, this might interfere the applicator's positive performance.

About the Author:

A woman who cares so much for her health. She knows that she can neglect other things, but not this one. This is the greatest treasure a person can have in this world, and she will do everything to take good care of that treasure. This was the reason why she decided to write different idea on how to achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful body, both in natural or alternative ways. She had tackled about regular exercise and proper diets that is good for our body and figure. Now she is learning some advance solution such as body wrap. She knows that there is more that she can share with other people, and she will willingly do it to help.

New Generation Body Wraps: Achieving Desirable Results in Minutes

Many people have come to a solution in repairing physical imperfections in order to become more beautiful and desirable. Cosmetic surgery became very famous. However, it takes a lot of time and money to complete the make over process. Until oral tablets have been created to reduce the stress and waiting in the laboratories or clinics just to perform cosmetic enhancement. 

Apart from the growing number of people who are trying fake noses and fake busts, those who are contented with their physical appearance but only have a problem with their skin, take extra mile in developing their skin condition. One of the common methods to achieve the firmer, tighter, moisturized and more toned skin is through body wraps. 

Body wrap is a method or process of wrapping the certain part of the body with a plastic wrap, cloth or blanket with natural ingredients such as honey, rosemary, butter, chocolate and clay. Body wraps are presumed to have detoxifying agents, reduces the skin slackening, prevents cellulite formation, tones, moisturizes, firms and tightens the skin. The body wrap application could be used in the problem areas such as neck, back, sides, abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. This is one of the common procedures in the traditional beauty spas. However, due to the natural ingredients used in the herbal body wraps, the application may appear to be very messy. 

The next generation body application wraps called Ultimate Body Applicator is a wrap that delivers maximum toning, firming and tightening for as little as 45 minutes. This type of body application is no mess and allows individuals to use the wrap on their own without the need of visiting beauty spas. It does not contain traditional ingredients that are mixed together with mud or clay. This type of body application consists of non-woven body wrap that is infused with botanically-based formula to achieve maximum results. 

The Ultimate Body Applicator delivers the following results:

  • it tones, firms and tightens problem area of the body
  • it reduces cellulite appearance
  • it improves skin tightness and texture
  • mess-free
  • easy to use
  • made of natural ingredients
  • results in 45 minutes
  • progressive results in 72 hours

The Ultimate Body Applicator comes in various shapes that can be used wherever you want to see result. When applying body wrap, open the applicator wrap package, remove the cloth wrap and unfold it. Put the cream-infused side of the body wrap to your problem area of the skin and leave on for forty five minutes. After the forty-five minutes is over, remove the wrap then discard it. You may track the results over the next 72 hours. 

In doing body application, you may encounter skin problem such as rash in your first use. This is due to the formula in the detoxification process but this is normal. It is also advised to drink more ounces of water while using body wraps. Use Defining Gel two times daily between body wrap application to achieve continual result. In addition, body wrap procedure is sometimes associated to weight loss formula and other means of reducing weight. However, experts may suggest that body wraps are only ways to having a fresh and clean start towards desirable body contour, an aid to achieving close to perfect beauty. 

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