Jacquelyn Knapp, Artist - Innovations

Innovations, Judged Art Competition for Juniors and Seniors

Show Rules and Information


   Innovations 2014
High School Art Competition

   Sponsored by USAO Art Department

   Dates & Times
   Delivery Date: Feb 26, 10am-7pm 

   Exhibition Date: Mar 3 - 14
   Awards Presentation: Friday, Mar 14 @ 1pm

   Pick up Work: Friday, Mar 14, 1:30pm -      
   ALL Work should be picked up by 5:00pm. 

   ***USAO will not be responsible for unclaimed work. 

   Entry Fees & Rules

dollars per entry.  Maximum 3 entries per student.
   Open to Juniors (grade 11) and Seniors (grade 12) only.
   All media accepted.
   Work must not exceed 4 feet in any direction.
   Rules, School Registration, Tag, Tag Diagram can be downloaded by  
      clicking on links to the left. 

   Registration forms should be filled out by instructor and should   
   accompany entries.  

   Include information of all student  entries. 

   Students can enter with a school or individually. 

   Attach tag to bottom right with clear tape with information visible from 
     the front.
   All works must be ready to hang.  
   Picture wire is required for hanging work with metal or wood frames,    
     especially work under glass.    
   All 2D work on paper must be matted and backed with stiff 
     cardboard or foamboard.  
   DO NOT use masking tape or duck tape.  They will not hold.  
   Instead use kraft or paper tape or clear packing tape. 
   If work is not ready to hang, it will not be considered.  
   All work must be suitable for public display.  All work subject to jury      
     by the USAO Art Faculty.

   Submission of work into Innovations 2014 by entrant grants 
   permission for the use and reproduction of entrant's name and/or
   entered work for publicity and/or recruiting purposes by the University
   of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Cash Awards
***Cash awards plus People's Choice***
Awards will be based on Merit deemed appropriate by the USAO Art Faculty.

All entrants will be notified of Judging Results via email address.
Awards will be posted after judging on this link and USAO Art Department Facebook page <https://www.facebook.com/pages/USAO-Art-Department/189144837325>.

The Art Department is located on the third floor of Davis Hall on the campus of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

For more information contact: Jacquelyn Knapp, Director of Innovations @ 405-574-1302 or facknappj@usao.edu



Tag Diagram.pdf
Tag Diagram


School Reg.pdf

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