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Types Of Laptop Batteries

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Through the years there has been many technologies a part of notebooks, and laptop batteries are not any different. There are actually three distinct notebook battery types on the market today. Having the among them will help you determine exactly what to get when it's time for any purchase.

In this article I will discuss the three different laptop battery types, as well as some of the advantages each one carries.

laptop batteries

Nickel Cadmium - NiCd batteries were in truth the first rechargeable laptop batteries ever. Manufactures loved them as their cost was relatively low and so they stood a high output. You may not find Nickel Cadmium batteries getting used anymore, because of them being heavier rather than as efficient because the newer laptop batteries.

Nickel Metal Hydride - NiMH batteries can still be found all over the place -- designed for older model laptops. The rechargeable NiMH laptop battery was a big step up for notebook technology mostly simply since they were more reliable than the NiCd batteries, and they had a level higher output. The NiMH battery have also been cheaper to produce, and best to use.

A small problem with NiMH batteries is they could have a memory effect. Basically, unless you fully discharge battery, it could consider this and leave you with a sub-standard battery output.

Lithium Ion - LiON batteries are now utilized in most new laptops. Unlike the NiMH battery, LiON laptop batteries don't have any memory effect. LiON batteries will also be lighter than both NiCd and NiMH notebook batteries. These two advantages equal in the market to the Lithium Ion battery being the most widely used and a lot expensive among the various notebook power sources.

You are probably wondering which kind of battery to acquire. Obtaining a Lithium Ion battery is the solution, and when you will find the money it is precisely what I recommend. If you can't afford a LiON battery or perhaps your notebook just isn't compatible with one, then finding a NiMH battery is the next most convenient thing.

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