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Jahnea Phillips


Welcome to JCfitness4all! We want to share your fitness journey with you! We offer three different fitness classes that will get you movin' & groovn' and burning your fat! You can do Zumba, U-Jam or Hip Hop Boot Camp.  If you love to dance and enjoy all kinds of music, you are in the right place! Maybe you don't love to dance or even know how, that doesn't matter! Our instructors will bring you a fresh, fun, yet EXPLOSIVE workout and you wont even know your working out! All over our classes offer beginner to advanced levels!

Where are we?

All our classes are located at the Hazel Dell Grange
7509 NE Hazel Dell ave.
Vancouver, Wa 98660


Zumba® fitness classes are a Latin Inspired fitness party that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration! This is for all ages and body types, young & young at heart! :)


U-Jam fitness is a cardio fitness program that unites World Beats with Urban flavor. The Music will take you around the World with old school hip hop to Bollywood with an athletic, intense cardio workout that tones your body and leaves you craving more! This is an addictive workout!


What is Hip Hop Boot Camp?

Hip Hop boot camp is a more aggressive cardio work out that is designed to kick your booty! Its dance boot camp with all your favorite old school and current hip hop music!


this week!

This darn snow has me going Crazy!!! join us today Monday the 10th at 3pm. Also, This Friday evening class is canceled, due to the grange floors being redone! 

Coming Soon!

We are SO excited to kick off our U-Jam fitness classes starting Feb 7th at 6pm! This is a FREE class and ALL are welcome! So grab a friend, dress comfortable and save the date!


Hi! I am Jahnea. I have been a fitness instructor for 3 & 1/2 years now. I started my journey just looking for a way to loose weight and 4 years ago I found Zumba fitness. I immediately fell in love.  I have always LOVED dance and finally found a way I could workout and not be intimidated by the gym atmosphere. With in my first 6months of doing Zumba and incorporating Advocare nutrition I lost 79lbs. Having a new lifestyle and feeling ALIVE again I knew that I was on a path to want to help others do the same! I recently found U-Jam fitness and believe that I have found my fitness soul mate! I love music so much and this format is easy to follow and fun for everyone! I hope you like to be motivated and are ok with a noisy class because we come to GET TO WORK and have a blast! My #1 rule is "leave your day at the door"  :)
Looking forward to dancing with you!
Zumba Fitness
Hip Hop Boot Camp

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Christina Gjesvold

Meet Christina

Hello Friends! I am Christina and I am looking forward to dancing with you!
I was "drug" to my first Zumba class by my best friend Jahnea about 3 1/2 years ago. I am not sure what was better, feeling free when I was dancing or laughing so much with my friend! All I know is that we had a blast together and I quickly saw that Zumba was a way for both of us to have more time together. During the process I decided that I too wanted to share this with others! You feel So free and can lose track of time while doing Zumba! I quickly started noticing weight loss results and have now lost over 50lbs. I am passionate about teaching and my goal in my class is to make sure that everyone has a chance to let their hair down and let lose! I have enough energy for all of us and you will for sure have a blast! Bring your best friend with you cause Zumba is something that is always better with your friend! Even if you do laugh at each other or think you have 2 left feet! <3

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