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Welcome to my site. Here you'll find updates on my outdoor adventures, including pictures, gear list, gear reviews, and stories. My trips are mainly in the Southeast (Alabama), but I would like to travel further in the future. You can ask to become a member and/or visit regularly to see where I've been. Feel free to write/sign the Guestbook on the right. I enjoy your feedback.

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About four years ago a friend of mine Greg (Tacky Hiker) and I started talking about getting into hiking and backpacking. Tacky Hiker at that time had done a lot of car camping and myself spent a lot of time hunting and fishing with my dad and family. I can thank my dad for getting me involved with the outdoors at a early age. As our passion increased so did our backpacking style. We started out tent camping and carrying over 30 lbs on our back for a weekend trip. Over the past two years we have evolved our gear and started using hammocks instead of tents now our pack weight is anywhere from 15-20 lbs for a weekend trip. A lot of thanks goes out to HammockForums.net and Alatrails.com for a wealth of information that we were able to learn from. I also have to thank my wife Beth for the support of my new hobby. She has also been on several trips with me and enjoys backpacking as long as its not too cold. I created this sight to share our adventures with my friends and family. Over the next few weeks I will be posting some older trip reports and pictures. I hope you enjoy both!

Happy Trails!

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3/1/2012 4:29:07 AM - 004084357500
I like our sites. We need to get together and organize our old trips.
2/24/2012 6:14:36 PM - 002039311216
Great pictures Josh. Keep them coming!
2/22/2012 4:58:52 AM - 004084357500
Nice Josh. I made a page also.


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