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Travels 2013 - The Adventures Begin!

For my job, I travel the country teaching & public speaking for a company called My work takes me to many different states across the country. It's a job that I love very much, and is very near and dear to my heart! Since we are homeschoolers, our family greatly enjoys the added blessing of being able to travel together when we can. 

Along those same lines, in my "free" time, I LOVE to pack up the van, grab the kids and the camera, and head out onto the open road; exploring many new and different places. Many times, we're stopping in to visit my large, extended family that is spread out all over the eastern seaboard or to see Tom's family, that hails from the midwest.


We've been doing this since the girls were just toddlers so you can imagine how comfortable they are with traveling and long car rides! Tom usually stays back at home, working and tending to our every day lives; but he enjoys flying in to meet us at various locations throughout the year, as his time and our budget allow. :) We've seen MANY adventures over the 23 years of our marriage.


So as you can see, between my job and my free time, our family tends to get A LOT of miles in each year. I've met so many people and families on our travels over the years that ask to follow us on our adventures. Since I haven't really had time to "blog", I started this website to share the different adventures through photographs that I capture, when time affords. Eventually, we began adding photos of camping trips and other local adventures as well, and "Jen's Adventures" was born!


Our travel schedule has DOUBLED in recent years and we're really excited about the places we'll get to explore this year and the new people we'll get to meet along the way! I've also been blessed with the opportunity to do some international travel this year, so I'll be visiting Germany & the Bahamas for the first time! (I'm already charging the camera battery!) :)


We are so grateful to God, for allowing us to experience these adventures, no matter where they are and for keeping our family safe along the way. We always appreciate your prayers as well, so please keep them coming! If you see that we're coming to YOUR area, please be sure and let us know! We'd LOVE to get together for a quick visit while we're in town!


Thanks for stopping by our site! We hope you'll check back often to see which adventure we're on next!




Jen Henriksen

Jen's 2013 Travel Schedule

Jan. 2 - 5 - (Atlanta, GA)

Feb. 13th – 17th – (Boone, NC)


Feb. 18 – 19th – (Orlando, FL)


Feb 22 - 24 - (Houston, TX)

March 8th – 10th – (Louisville, KY & Indiana)


March 21st – 29 – (Local Family Camping Trip)


April 2 – 10 – (Governor's Harbour, Bahamas) 


April 11th – 14 – (Philadelphia, PA)


April 21 – April 30 – (St. George's Cay - Bahamas)


May 3 – 5 – (Ellenton, FL)


May 13 – 15th – (Nashville, TN)


May 22 – 27th  – (Orlando, FL)


May 31 – June 8 – (Boone, NC)


June 9 – 26 – (On the road NC to PEI/Nova Scotia)


July 4th – July 16 – (Hurlach, GERMANY)


July 17 – 30 – (Marseille & Paris, FRANCE)


August 9 – 11 ( Local Family Scalloping Trip)


August 16 – 25 – (San Francisco & Anaheim, CA)


Sept. 2 – 15 – (Rome, ITALY)


Sept. 20th - Sept. 22 - (Iowa)


Sept. 24th – 26 – (Michigan)


Oct. 2 – 15 – (Prince Edward Island / Nova Scotia)


(Subject to updates/changes)

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