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Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy your stay. Here you can find many of the pictures I've taken and even a story or two behind some of them. Hopefully you'll enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them,(well except the ones from really high up. ;) ). Keep an eye out because I'm constantly adding new pics. Thanks again for stopping by.

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May 19,2011

Sun peaked through the clouds and the day warmed up a little. Time was good to get in to the truck and see if Spring was trying to make a move despite Spring storms that dropped more of the white stuff. Record water content in that white stuff by the way. East Canyon was the destination and while not exploding with color...yet...the Sunflowers that make that place home were beginning to make an appearance. 

Too Long

Been away too long. Busy with things. Especially when Spring,(all 3 1/2 days of it),and Summer finally showed up. Hiking and taking pics. I'll be updating the place then keeping up with it after that. 

Nevada,California,and snow. Oh. And more snow.

Spent this past Presidents Day weekend in Nevada,(outside Reno),visiting my girlfriend. She was kind enough to play tour guide for myself and my camera. We weren't disappointed. And the weather "cooperated" by dumping a whole lot of snow on the surrounding area. Even impressed me. ;) Of course I left my boots and other shoes either home or at her house,so I was quite prepared for the photo op trips. Ahem. ;) Pics added. Hope you all enjoy.

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