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"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials."

2 Years, 11 Months Later...

I'm still here!  I am currently studying Chinese at Dong Hai University here in Taichung City on a scholarship I received from the Taiwanese Ministry of Education.  I am learning to read and write and improving my speaking!  In my free time I am still teaching and traveling.

Recent Updates

  1. Still camping at our beautiful waterfall in Jhuci
  2. Holidays 2011: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
  3. Summer Vacation Tour of the Island!  A Weekend in Taipei, followed by a few days in one of the most beautiful cities, Hualien and finished off by visiting the breathtaking Orchid Island 
  4. LUVstock Music Festival

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Julia Richardson
Fuzhou 7th Street 5F2
West District, Chiayi City
Taiwan 600


1/1/2012 8:06:57 PM - 004074654606
Hi Julia, Can't wait to hear where your Summer adventure will be! Love you, Aunt B
8/23/2011 5:01:09 AM - 002008639766
YOU ROCK. And mad props for having stayed abroad for nearly 2 years now. I miss you. send me an update when you get the chance!
5/2/2011 2:12:10 PM - 002074753066
Hey Jules, I just love your pictures as it let's me know what a great experience that you are enjoying. Such beauty out there and not only do you get to experince it, but your pictures allow us to share it with you!
Love you so much!
4/26/2011 6:11:05 PM -

Dear Julie……We sure enjoy your pictures, I hope you will make an album in order to bring back, if you ever do come back!!!

You know what I would like to see if I were that close to China?  The Terre Cotta figures of the army, that they discovered when a farmer began to dig up a field, I have seen pictures of them and they are breathtaking.  They are life size, and each face is different.  I dont know where in China they are, however, I am sure you could find out.  They would really be worth the trip.

Love and stuff,  Grandma and Grandpa XXXXOOOO

4/26/2011 6:11:04 PM -


Dear Julie…..We sure enjoy your pictures!  We hope that you will put together an album while you are in , something to bring home with you, if you ever do come home!!!!


You know what I would like to see if I were as close to as you are?  A few years ago a peasant farmer was diging in a field and discover the most amazing find, an entire Terre Cotta Army, life size and with faces all different.  I  have seen pictures of them, but to see them in person would be fantastic!  I have no idea where in they are, but I am sure you could find out easily enough.  They would be a fantastic thing to see in person.


Love and stuff,  Grandma and Grandpa


10/27/2010 1:46:27 AM - 003064327944
hey cuz it ryan in arizona how are you doing i did not know you moved there give me a call at 928-303-7789
10/5/2010 6:01:16 PM - 002008639766
miss you :)
10/4/2010 4:02:04 PM - 003002483786
Julia! I love your pictures. It looks like Taiwan is treating you great!!
1/23/2010 1:54:56 AM - 002074753066
The pictures that you and Robert took on the East Coast are so beautiful. What a beautiful place and what an experience you are having.............not only do you look gorgeous but you look very happy. I miss and love you..............Mom
1/14/2010 12:19:45 AM - 002098363512
I love your pictures! You are absolutely beautiful and you look like you are having such a great time- go you! Miss you mucho!
12/10/2009 3:40:37 AM - 002008639766
MISSSS YOU!!!!!!!! looks like you're having an amazing time there!! xoxo
12/9/2009 8:12:35 PM - 003002483786
i am loving your pictures!! I can't wait to hear all your stories!! miss ya
12/1/2009 6:40:18 PM - 002071773339
Miss you Jules - Sorry we couldnt talk more last night - LOVE your latest pictures and cant wait to hear about your adventures.
Hugs and Kisses!
11/29/2009 11:22:05 PM - 003002483786
Looks like you are having a great time!! miss you!
11/13/2009 12:46:27 AM - 002099704270
Hey HOTNESS!!!!! All of your pictures are so beautiful, you're going to have such an amazing portfolio when you get back here!!!!! I'm missing you all the time BFF and long for those college days of kicking it with you (twin peaks : D ) but I hope someday before you come back that I'll be able to come see you and your beautiful city. I love you HULES!!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!!!!
11/12/2009 11:22:31 PM - 002074753066
Thanks for sending such awsome have an amazing eye and the color is unbelievable. I love and miss
11/12/2009 2:51:34 AM - 002066452235
Thanks guys :) Love you all so much....
11/11/2009 5:49:35 PM - 002071773339
Hi Jules,
What unbelievable pictures - arnt you glad you have such a great camera?
can you send me two of the sunset pics in high res? Id like to print them and put them up in the living room.

Sorry to hear you dont have burritos ;( but as Zu said - Im only so sad as I dont like Mexican Food (unless Zu cooks it!)
Miss you big much!
11/11/2009 4:32:26 PM - 002098872204
Hello my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't believe your so freakin far away now......I was just reading your 14 thoughts and I can't FREAKIN believe there is NO MEXICAN FOOD WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who doesn't like Mexican Food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah AVARY!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA J/K But as I was reading it I remember the good ol'days, eating our burrito at lunch I miss those days. I love your pics..............and I miss you.................Love you.........HUGS AND KISSES your way................
11/11/2009 2:58:19 AM - 002098363512
Hi Julia! I finally got a chance to check out your travel blog and I love it! Especially the beautiful pictures. Love ya! CM

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