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Off Season Training

Don't forget to keep moving during the off season. It's okay to take a little time off, but you need to keep a certain level of base fitness going so you can come into next season with a full head of steam. Come by the bike shop to plug into group rides throughout the winter. 

Tis the season

We are fast approaching the 2012 cycling season. So now is the time to bring your bike in to get it ready for the days of spring and summer fun. This semester the KSU Bike Shop is leading several mountain biking trips to some fun and exciting places for our Nature Bound Outdoor Recreation Club. Swing by the shop for trip schedules and more information. 


Wednesday April 18 2012 KSU Bike Shop is hosting our Bike to Campus Day again this year. We are planning on having breakfast in the morning for people that commute to campus on a bicycle. There will also be events throughout the day with prizes and giveaways such as the Mini-Bike Races and other fun activities.  For more information contact the KSU Bike Shop @ 770-499-3243 or stop by the Equipment Checkout window in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.



Bike Day 2011

Well the rain botched our bike day event, but we were able have some races in spite of mother nature. Take a look at thew pics. As you can tell, we had a blast. We might even hold a Mini Bike Race Series through the summer/spring semesters with some kind of culminating event at the end of the season. Just stop by the bike shop for more information.


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Mountain Biking Trip to Utah
The Utah trip is being planned as we speak for Summer. If you are interested in going, you will need to make it out to several organized rides to show your competency in order to be eligible to go on the trip. Contact the Bike Shop for more info



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