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Welcome to Little Sunshine Home Daycare!

Little Sunshine is a licensed home daycare Lic# 434410111.  We are located in Sunnyvale off of Hwy 101 & Lawrence Expwy.  If you are looking for quality childcare contact us at  We are open Monday - Friday, 7:30am to 5:30pm.


Little Sunshine is a play-based daycare, we believe that children learn through play and experience.  Our daycare has lots of age appropriate toys and materials for children to be creative with and learn as they play. We have an outside play area, completely fenced in for child safety, and go on regular stroller rides around the park. Daily activities are provided for the children to be engaged in – there is no TV at any time. Activities include: free playtime, circle time, story time, arts & crafts, music & movement, etc.


Our facility has forced air A/C in summer and heating in winter for children's comfort.  We also have two separate nap rooms aside from the main playroom.   


For more information or to make an appointment, please e-mail us at

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Center for Disease Control
Child Care Licensing Website
Lakeshore Learning
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