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The Day After Halloween

This halloween (2011) was a complete success in the eyes of Annabelle and Abigail! With a festivity of lights, sounds,action, scenery... they were very pleased. And of course I was more than happy to take them on their first halloween together. We enjoyed time with family and of course all the goodies at the end of the night. Today I check my email and already the Christmas ads are coming out. Yep, it's on it's way. I can say I may be the happiest one to ring in 2012

Big Yard Sale Day!

Yesterday, the tiny town of Oxford had some BIG multi-family yard sales. SCORE! For less than $30 we got a gorgeous coffee table (oval, and in fabulous condition) for $5. Couldn't believe the price because there isn't a scratch on it! The ones we have now have lift out glass in the center and Annabelle likes to stand on top of it or go under and lift it with her head, potentially giving me a heart attack each time. No more worries. Going on the curbside with a "FREE" sign. Maybe I should write on it "not ideal with young children".
Annabelle and Abigail were real troopers. Annie got to play with many different toys and children. Abigail could have really cared less as long as she was cool, dry and fed; but nontheless, it was a blast. Frugal is back in style. And thank goodness,too, because I'm getting great at it! Entertaining my girls on a small (and I mean teeny) budget is such a great feeling.
"Just to see you smile"....
Not to mention some great buys for my mom and a few choice pieces for my husband. But he doesn't get as excited as I do, understandably.
Hope Father's Day is a great one for all the dad's, grandfathers, and caretakers/guardians.

I had a Great Title

I've turned into a "coupon nazi"! It's a thrill; a great adrenaline rush. All the money saved on food, diapers, etc. will be put away to go on a cruise. Amour just went on one, and from what she describes,it's the perfect getaway. The middle of the ocean, contact with only the sky and the water...
I may be sick with it, but when I do a $200 grocery shop and only pay $98, that's pretty darn good. And I haven't even Googled the real pro's secrets yet.
Abigail is such a darling child. A bit of a "fuss-budget", but very determined to "get it", whether it be rolling over, trying to scoot, or reaching for a certain toy. Her eyes are stunning! As my father says, "when she looks at you, she's REALLY looking at you". When I lay her down and we have our own time together when Annabelle is napping, I tickle her belly and make silly little noises in which she laughs out loud  but sounds more like a burping cat. Truly grabs my heart in a way only my little girls could. God has truly blessed my life with these girls. Although a handful and at times want to hide in the bathroom, at the end of each day as I watch their sleeping faces, it definitely makes the backaches and migraines well worth it.
Robert is finally back at work full-time, doing what he loves to do and, I believe, was born to do. Carpentry. It's makes him happy when someone wants a new addition or a new kitchen, etc., and he sees how happy the clients are with their new piece of the world, it's like he's accomplished another goal in life, and keeps going on to make another person happy. I look at his talent for being able to build just about anything as a gift. It's one of his joy's; to do what he does and to see the end result... a job well done. Not to mention that we're finally getting caught up with our bills.
I've become a bit more relaxed in a way that I'm trying to enjoy the day rather than trying to live it in a single day. I was driving myself crazy with "I should be at this point right now in my life" or "this shouldn't have happened" or "I don't feel like I'm a great mom", which is the one I was thinking the most about in my mind. So many blessings, big and small, have been given to us and I fully intend to not take any of them for granted. It's okay to get a babysitter once in awhile to enjoy time doing things I like to do, or using that time just to lay back and watch a movie with Robert. Plus, my girls get to get out and have some fun.

Sunday Dinner Tradition

We used to come over here to dad's, on Sunday's, regularly. Somwhere along the line, we just stopped, but today the whole family is here, and it's just been quite peaceful. Annabelle got to go on her very FIRST riding mower ride with her Grandpop (or "pahp") as she says, in which she started to doze off. So adorable. Can't wait for the warmer weather and all the fun activities that await with it....

Early Bird

Why I am awake at 5:30am, knowing full well that I should be sleeping when my girls are? It's a nice spring morning. This is what I looked forward to all winter long..... getting  up early, having a cup of slightly expensive coffee that I got on sale AND with a coupon, listening to the birds and enjoying the warmer air. No complaints here!

Moving right along

Baby is getting on a 3 hour schedule through the night, so I'm pretty much waking up 5 mins before she does (don't know how, guess it's a mom thing). Annabelle is getting more and more used to her being here. Today is Babies R Us day for studio photos! Can't wait!
Playing in front of the webcam


Hmmm... there's laundry that needs to be folded, the kitchen floor needs to be swept, but at the same time both the girls are awake and in peaceful states. I'm pulling out the play mat and letting the girls get more acquainted. Goodness knows the laundry will still be there...

Rarranging life...again....

Abigail went to the doctor and is weighing nicely at 6.2 pounds, and everything is looking great with her. Doing what a newborn does.... ya know, lay there and be precious, gorgeous, while you wonder how something so small can make such a "big love" in your heart. Annabelle, bless her little heart, loves giving her sister kisses. I was trying to show her how to bounce the  baby gently in her bouncy seat, but she's a little rough yet.

Robert and I are pulling together as best we can, helping each other out (and getting along  doing such, during "the adjustment" as I call it. Annabelle wants to snuggle...MORE LATER...

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