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Welcome to Mark Reynado Photography!  Thank you for visiting my website.  Here, you will find some samples of my work and the moments that I captured.  I consider myself a "lifestyle photographer" and shoot just about everything.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.  Thank you.

- Mark Reynado
C: 818.425.7792

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4/13/2010 1:32:00 AM - 003027555214
Mark was a WONDERFUL part of our wedding day. He has an incredible ability to capture those special moments without making you "pose" for them or feel awkward. He was so easy to work with. I was stunned when I saw the pictures. I don't consider myself photogenic, but Mark made me beautiful on my wedding day. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a innovative and extremely talented photographer!
4/13/2010 12:55:12 AM - 001075590526
Mark is fantastic! Since my 4 year old daughter's birth, we have been the typical photo frenzy type of parents and my daughter has taken numerous pictures with numerous photographers. It was fun to see how quickly she warmed up to Mark and how well Mark worked with not only her but our newborn son. Mark, is incredibly easy to work with, is very creative and has the "IT" factor when it comes to dealing with people, even young wiggly ones. I would recommend Mark Reynado Photography to anyone.
4/12/2010 10:35:51 PM - 003027451909
Mark is a very talented photographer and he was good to work with. He was very artistic in the way of posing us and capturing the picture in the right lighting. I was very impressed at the way the pictures turned out. Good job and thank you!

4/12/2010 9:51:52 PM - 003027651225
mark, i had such a good time playing together in the studio, and the photos turned out great! i know shooting dance isn't easy; i was so impressed with your timing and your artistic sensibillity. i love way you were able to capture the airbound and off-center moments, and i'm really happy with the way the photos embody motion and clarity simultaneously. thanks again!!

4/12/2010 9:51:17 PM - fb:547779092
Mark is an AMAZINGLY!! talented photographer. The pictures he took at our wedding are absolutely stunning! He has an incredible way of interacting with people and making them feel at ease. He devoted so much effort to getting the best photographs.
4/12/2010 8:50:16 PM - 002067897594
Mark is awesome to work with. I want to keep working with him as he really know what he wants to get out of his photographs and he is continually working to make himself better!
4/12/2010 6:41:55 PM - 000035412545
Hi Mark! Just finished looking through your photos. They are wonderful. I love how you are able to capture the models' emotions and display it your own unique way. I had a great time working with you. You were very personable and fun, yet professional. I hope to work with you again when I come back to California!! Great job and best of luck!

<3 Alissa Ohashi
4/12/2010 6:19:38 PM - 003027647249

As always, great work shooting our games last Fall. Your knack for capturing the moment, and the emotion, are fantastic. Nice job!

Tim Murphy
St. Francis High School
2/15/2010 4:50:18 PM - 003019541142

Your photos are great! Great eye for all your images mixed in with the right colors and emotion. The events provides the canvas for your work. Keep up the good work.

-Arnold Dichosa



Wedding - Kleier

WEDDING - Castro

castro3.jpg 2010-02-05
castro7.jpg 2010-02-05

SPORTS - Irvine Youth Soccer

SITES - New York City

REAL ESTATE - Goodyear Realty

MUSIC - Natusol @ Whisky A Go Go

MODEL- Mark Laribee + Amanda Goraleski

MODEL- A Crawley

MODEL - Tristen Munroe

MODEL - S Papadopulos

MODEL - Lindsay Cloud

MODEL - Dean Karasinski

Model - Chelsea Ravitch

MODEL - Cameron Sanchez

MODEL - C Bratton

MODEL - Alissa Ohashi


HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR - Paolo Veneracion


ENGAGEMENT SESSION - Brian Thibault + Christina Bradford

BAPTISM - S Arambula

BABY - P Biagan

BABY - A Papadopulos

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