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Welcome to The Martinez Family Site.  With so many of you scattered all over the country, I thought this would be a great way to keep in touch and up to date on our latest happenings, as the Martinez clan is always full of surprises!!!   

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Happy New Year!

Hope this find all of you well.  I have been without a computer for the last month and I can't believe how lost I was without it!  

Quinn is doing well and growing so very fast!  She is one tough little girl!  She is constantly being moved around or laid on by Lawson, tugged on by E, and kissed on by Reicher.  We did take her to the dr. this past weekend and she has RSV so we have been keeping a close eye on her.  She is sleeping pretty well at night, which makes me a much happier person during the day and most importantly, able to function without the aid of a pot of really strong coffee....there were a couple days last week where I was up, showered, and ready for the day before 9 a.m.  YAY!  We all love Quinn....especially her daddy....he finds it hard to put her down. 

Lawson is talking, talking talking!  She is like her daddy and loves to talk! We need to be careful with what we say as she also loves to repeat things.  About a month ago, she had her first haircut....which was extremely traumatizing to her......her memory is like a vault so am sure we will have trouble getting her to go back....Melainie did an awesome job snipping as Lawson threw her head around in every direction!  When she is not being traumatized by a trip to the salon, Lawson loves to dance and sing....she has some pretty good moves.  I catch her in the backseat jamming out to the radio..among her faves are Lynrd Skynrd, The Alman Brothers, Queen....just anything that is loud!  Much to Roman's dismay my musical influences are rubbing off onto all of the kids and they love to have the music LOUD!

E made his first trip to the Sale Barn in Tecumseh with his dad, Brupa, Uncle Benny and Cousin Jax.  He had a great time!  The highlight of his day was going to John Deere days before the sale and climbing over, under and into all the equipment they had....he made quite a few friends there...could have been the John Deere sweatshirt he was wearing.....but he always makes friends where ever he goes and as Ro says, "E's a man's man."  To end the perfect day he got to eat at Little Dickey's in Neb. City....and got to sit next to his Brupa. Just to fill you in on E's musical preferences...Queen (particulary Fat Bottom Girls), Merle Haggard, Toby Keith, Glen Campbell (particulary Rhinestone Cowboy) and he too likes his music loud.  OK, I am seeing a pattern here...... and putting two and two wonder I have LOUD kids!!!!

Reicher was so ready to get back to school after break!  (I think we were all ready to get back to some sort of schedule as there was absolutely no structure in our house for two weeks.)  He is very much into this whole Catholic school thing...which I find wonderful.....just wish he would carry over those virtues he's learning at school to his interactions with his brother!!!!  He is full of questions about this saint and that saint, this person and that person and how they are all connected.....unfortunately my knowledge is extremely he gets referred to Roman...who A) loves to talk...and B) especially loves to talk about they are a perfect match.  Reicher also had his first Pinewood Derby competition this past weekend.  He got a ribbon for's with gold lettering! Smiling He did have a lot of fun getting his car ready.....unfortunately he came in last or almost last in every we will really have to soup up his car next year!  Ro couldn't believe how doctored up some of those cars were...and of course he's a rules guy and kept getting out his paper to check the regulations...but finally decided to "let it go."  Reicher's musical taste.....ANYTHING HE CAN SING TO....and the kid can sing....I even catch him singing mass songs around the house. 

Ro's birthday was Dec. 30th.  We had a nice little McDonald's meal to celebrate and a German Chocolate cake, his favorite, for dessert (no it wasn't homemade) picked it can you tell?  Ro and I did go out and have a grown up meal later in the week...and that was nice, as we don't get to do that too often. He now shares his birthday with his niece Ava Noel Martinez who as born Dec. 30th, 2008 in Waco, TX.  He was pretty excited about that! Ro's musical interests.....he has a very wide range...rock, Christian rock, country (at least when I am in the car)...just to many genres to mention! 

I have been home for the last 7 weeks and have one week left then will be back at work!  I have figured out that I really need someplace to go during the working is a really good excuse to put off actually doing housework!!! Also having a baby is a really good excuse to put off doing least it is one that I have been using!  Whistling  Now for my musical interests.....although it isn't really music....LOVE listening to Bob and Tom in the morning....(would love to have a job where I get paid to laugh hysterically all day) remember I mentioned Lawson loves to REPEAT things.....she has never really
"quoted" anything from them (not that I know of, anyway) but the boys have......there were several mornings when I would drop them off at daycare and apologize in advance for what what might come out of their little mouths....when they are in the car we now avoid that station.  I love country, classic rock, southern rock...anything that sounds good LOUD!  

It has been snowing for the last 3 days. The day before it started snowing the temperature was 60 degrees. We were running around without coats....playing outside.... Crazy Nebraska weather!  It is  supposed to continue snowing, off and on, through Tuesday.  Then will be in the 40s this coming weekned...did I say Crazy Nebraska Weather.  I can't wait for Spring!!!!!!

Much love from the Martinez Family-

Ro, Steph, Reicher, E, Lawson Claire, and The Mighty Quinn 

Quinn Grace has arrived!

Monday, December 1st, started off like any other Monday.... went to work....and had my appointment at 3:00 that afternoon.  No worries...other than feeling EXTREMELY overwhelmed trying to get everything ready at home, which is a neverending process, and for my absence at school!

Well, that normal day....came to an end rather quickly.....

As always, towards the end of my pregnancy, the doctor starts non-stress tests which measures the activity of the baby and the heart rate.  After having this done....he came in and looked at the results.  Nothing alarming, he just wasn't comfortable with what he saw and had another one done.  He still wasn't comfortable with that one, so he sent me to the hospital to be monitored for a couple more hours.  Well, that couple of hours turned into all night.....which resulted in being induced about 10:00 a.m. on December 2nd and Quinn making her grand appearance at 7:01 p.m. that night....weighing in at 6 lbs. 15 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long. 

 We are so thrilled she is healthy and physically a part of our family.  All of us find it impossible to keep our hands off of her and she is constantly smothered in kisses! Reicher loves to hold her!  He also loves looking at her and holding her little hand!  His class is even gettting in on the act and sent home a banner they made welcoming Quinn home.

E loves babies and does not leave Quinn's  side!  His eyes absolutely light up when he sees her and has to either be holding her, her hand or her foot.  He is so in love with her! 

Quinn has been a great source of that sibling rivalry thing that I talked about earlier.....Reicher and E have been arguing over who gets to take care of her and have tried to solve the issue by playing Rock, Scissors, Paper.....of course niether one of them are ever happy with the outcome of that game so the argument continues.  I'll let you know who the ultimate winner is if that is ever decided!  Quinn!!!!! Already stirring things up...nothing like hitting the ground running!  She fits right in!

Lawson is doing much better than we expected. Whoo-hoo! She has already started teaching Quinn where her eyes, nose, mouth, head and hair are.  However, if Lawson doesn't get the reaction from Quinn that she wants, she starts the "lesson" over, but will start pushing on those parts for we do have to keep a close eye on that.

Ro is ever the doting dad!  He loves having girls!  (Just for the record he loves his boys too!)  He has always entertained the the thought that maybe, just maybe, the next one will be blond with blue always I have to tell him there is no way that will ever happen and as you can tell by the pictures.....I again lost out in any of my kids looking like me!  I have not put Quinn down since they placed her in my arms.....I am just amazed at how beautiful and perfect she is! 

My classroom never did get ready for my sub.....bless her for what she walked into and thanks to my team, and other friends, for helping

 her out.  My mom came up on Monday and didn't leave until Thursday.  She completely overhauled my house....looks (at least it did) absolutely perfect!  Dad took care of all the things that needed to be repaired.  Aubree made us supper for our first night at home and Roman's parents arrived yesterday to help out for a week......we are having homemade tortillas tonight for supper....mmmmmm.....I know you all are jealous!  Thank you to everyone for all of your help!

We would love to hear from all of you! Hope this finds all of you well and enjoying the beauty and blessings of the holiday season!


Ro, Steph, Reicher, E, Lawson Claire, and Quinn

Fall 2008
Many of you already know the "Latest Martinez Family News", but haven't had the opportunity to share with the rest of you. Roman and I found out that there will be ONE more member added to our family....scheduled to arrive in early December. Yes, we were "surpirsed", as I am sure many of you were/are when you heard, but we are excited and can't wait for the latest Baby Martinez, another little girl, to get here. We are not sure how Lawson will handle the change as she is used to being the center of attention....however the boys are thrilled and cannot wait until she will arrive. The summer flew by, but we sure had fun! We spent many days at the Lincoln Children's Zoo, Children's Museum and at Oma and Brupa's farm...the kids' absolute favorite place. Of course the magical Sherwood Forest that Oma and Brupa created for all of the grandkids! Grandma 'Tinez also came up for a visit the end of June and spoiled us all with her cooking! Reicher spent a week at Space Camp with his cousin Jax...they both loved it! The staff didn't know they were cousins until the last day of camp....Imagine that! He also participated in the "Sticks for Kids" program and loved it. The last day of camp he received a free golf club which has quickly become one of his most prized possessions. Reicher also started a new school this fall, St. Joseph's Catholic School, and is in the first grade. Ro and I were a little nervous about the change, but Reicher loves it and is quite the little sponge. Three big "achievements this summer were losing his first tooth, riding his bike without training wheels, and he can now tie his own shoes! Easton, "E", is our outdoorsman! He loves to help his Brupa with his chores, travelling the countryside in Brupa's pick up truck, and riding side by side his Brupa in the tractor. He can't wait for Harverst, as the combine will come out and E will have his smiling self planted in the passenger seat. He also loves his Uncle Benny and tries to emulate everything he does. E is now the oldest kid at his daycare and is loving that as he gets to do things that no one else gets to do....especially high on his list is NO NAPS! He does watch out for Lawson and they have developed quite the bond. Lawson...where do I start??? Her brothers shower her with attention, which she loves. She tries really hard to keep up with them. Today she said each one of their names and they were ecstatic! Lawson is always on the go and loves to sing and dance. She has also turned in the quite the "fashionista" and loves to model what she is wearing. In July, Lawson was baptized....FINALLY! Her Godparents are Darren and Sherri Macfee. We were slow in getting her baptized but it was a great day and one spent with family and friends! Ro and I are doing well. Trying hard to keep up with everyone and everything. We are thankful that we have such a wonderful support system, my parents, Ro's parents, and my brother and sister-in-law. We couldn't do it all with out them! Thank You! Thanks for visiting our site! Hope this finds you all well and we would love to hear from all of you as life gets busy and staying in touch gets harder and harder.


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