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Welcome to the research page of Dr. Chimner and group.  We focus on developing basic knowledge of wetlands and using that knowledge to understand how they will be affected by climate change and other perturbations, improve management and conservation of wetlands, and restore disturbed wetlands.  Please feel free to browse the project photos to gain a better idea of the research currently being conducted.

Research Themes


Rod Chimner         Professor

Current Students and Post-Docs

John Hribljan                 Post-Doc          James Bess                  PhD

Andrea Enriquez           PhD                   Michelle Cisz               PhD

Anwar Guswarni           PhD                   Vaula Lukkarinen         MS

Rose Schwartz              MS                     Aric Devens                MS  

Todd Ontl                     Post-Doc  

Former Students

Katy Marlor                  MS (2009)          Drew Ballantyne  MS (2010)

Chris Johnson              MS (2011)           Arvo Aljaste       MS (2011)

Laura Kangas              MS (2012)          John Hriblan        PHD (2012)
Rocio Vazquez             MS (2012)          Cassandra Ott     MS (2013)
Laura Matkala              MS (2013)

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