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Welcome to the  page dedicated to  my choir ! Here I am with my singer mates from "
Christina Morphova" choir!
I am from Bulgaria, the country of Orpheus!

  I love music and so do my friends!

My choir is my second family!
The first one is small, but loves music as the  second  does!
I have 30 sisters in my second family and   sometimes we are very noisy, but Music is an Universe and we  are travelling through it!

We were born when the
Bulgarian Nightingale Christina Morphova flew away for Heavens!
It was long ago-in 1936, but the spirit of  the Nightingale is with us! Her voice is echoing  into our souls
and so we became Music!

Pomorie 2013-Theotokos-It is Truly Meet Festival

75th anniversary of Christina Morphova -thanks to House of Culture Dr.P.Beron

2011 -the year of the 75th anniversary of the choir-thanks to Boby Angelova

70th anniversary of Christina Morphova-2006

Aldonis Kalnins - Vivat Musica


Sad news

Our dear Lucy passed away on 25th February 2013-R.I.P.

Lyuci.jpg 2011-06-28

60th anniversary-Concert at NPC

60th Birthday concert


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