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Are you thinking about next school year?  Our Spring Registration Night is scheduled for March 17, 5pm-7pm.  Stop by to visit and register your child!


**We have a new phone number:  1-712-631-0010.  This will get you directly to the preschool.**

Preschool begins on
August 27,
2014 (tentatively set)
(tuition free with busing available)

Nursery School begins on
September 3, 2014

(tuition scholarships available)

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Noah's Ark Preschool

Noah's Ark Preschool

1425 Pleasant Court
Sheldon, IA 51201
(712) 631-0010 or (712) 324-3049

Welcome to Noah's Ark Preschool!

Here you'll find pictures of the students and information about our activities.

Noah's Ark offers Nursery School classes to children who are three years old by Sept. 15.  Nursery School classes meet two times a week.  Tuition scholarships are available.

Noah's Ark also offers Preschool classes to children who are four years old by Sept. 15.  Preschool classes meet four mornings a week and are tuition free for four year olds.

Noah's Ark preschool offers a developmentally appropriate early childhood education experience in a safe, caring environment.  We teach early math, literacy, science and social emotional skills that children need as a foundation to later learning. We teach children in a variety of settings - large group, small group and individual.

We use a research-based curriculum and assessment.

Our staff consists of certified teachers with many years of early childhood teaching experience.  We work closely with families to help us provide the necessary learning experiences that each individual child needs.

Noah's Ark is a part of the Sheldon Community Preschools and we offer tuition free preschool to four year olds with bussing available.



Please feel free to stop by and visit!!

**School supply lists are listed under "Newsletter".

Preschool Classes (4 year olds)

Preschool Classes meet Mondays-Thursdays, 8:30am-11:30am

**Reminder to Parents:  Please remember to schedule a physical for child this summer and have their immunizations up to date before preschool begins in August.  Thank you!!

School supply list is under "Newsletter" section.

We are enjoying our school year at Noah's Ark!  We have been working on our Creative Curriculum goals and objectives making your child ready for learning at the elementary level.

Mornings in a preschool room begin with circle time or group meeting. During this time the class discusses the weather and the date.  We also practice counting,  identifying letters, singing and reading a story.

Another part of our morning schedule is the learning center room.    The children in our program call it the "big room".  It is full of learning materials and equipment.  The children would say that they are playing but each center is set up by our staff to make learning activities feel like play.  As the children discover and explore each center, staff members take note of learning that occurs for each individual child.  Teachers report this learning and acquisition of skills to parents through quarterly progress reports and parent/teacher conferences.

Here are some of the things that you will find at each of our Learning Centers:
(Please keep in mind that the equipment and materials in our learning centers changes each week to keep expanding your child's learning.)
Math - number writing with sensory cards, number stamping with stamps and ink, comparing measurements using a scale and different objects, counting game

Art - free painting creations, creating a 3-D object
Science/Discovery - light table with patterns and letters, magnifying glasses and insects, ramps, sound experiments
Dramatic Play - painter's shop, grocery store, office
Sensory - colored rice with magnets and magnetic objects, playdoh and scissors, corn and tractors
Blocks - hollow wooden blocks, geometric foam blocks and magnatiles, community helpers, animals, tree blocks
Library - peg board, puzzles, seasonal books, puppets

Health/Nutrition - matching foods to food groups on magnetic board

During each morning in preschool, the class is divided into small groups that focus on a Creative Curriculum objective such as patterning, hearing rhyming, learning letter sounds and counting one-to-one.  These small group activities last 20 minutes and allow teachers to provide closer instruction and observation of each child.

At Noah's Ark, preschoolers create ABC Memory Books.   Each week we concentrate on a specific letter of the alphabet and create a page for that letter in our Memory Book.  These are a great way to remember your child's year at Noah's Ark and all the things that they learned!

Nursery School Classes (3 year olds)

Nursery School meets Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesday/Thursdays, noon-2:45pm

** Reminder to Parents:  Please remember to schedule a physical for your child this summer & have their immunizations up to date before nursery school begins in September.  Thank you!!

School supply list is under "Newsletter" section.

Circle time or opening is the way nursery school begins.  The children learn about the weather, the day and month and numbers and shapes.  They also read a story during circle time.

Nursery schoolers spend 45-55minutes of each class time in our Learning Centers Room.  (Please refer to the preschoolers section above for more information on learning centers.)

Nursery schoolers also spend 15-20 minutes of each class time in a small group setting.  Here they concentrate on an early learning skill such as color identification,sorting or counting.  The small group setting allows for closer teacher direction and observation.

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