OGA Meets - John Lanz Invitational

2013 John Lanz Invitational

The John Lanz Meet is now full and closed to new gyms.

John Lanz 2013 Flyer.pdf

2013 Results

JL L4 age 6.pdf

JL Level 4 age 7-8.pdf

JL L4 age 9-10.pdf

JL L4 age 11+.pdf

JL L5 age 7-8.pdf

JL L5 age 9-10.pdf

JL L5 age 11+.pdf

JL L6 age 7-8.pdf

JL L6 age 9-10.pdf

JL L6 age 11+.pdf

JL L7 age 9-10.pdf

JL L7 age 11-12.pdf

JL L7 age 13+.pdf

JL L8 age 11-12.pdf

JL L8 age 13-14.pdf

JL L8 age 15-18.pdf

JL L9 age 13-14.pdf

JL L9 age 15-16.pdf

JL L9 age 17-18.pdf

JL L10 age 15-16.pdf

JL L10 age 17-18.pdf

JL Team L4.pdf

JL Team L5.pdf

JL Team L6.pdf

JL Team L7.pdf

JL Team Opt.pdf

John Lanz Invitational

Registration is now closed for the John Lanz Invitational 2013!

Contact:  ogameetdirector@comcast.net 

2013 Session Schedule

Saturday, 8:00am    Level 4, Level 5 (ages 7 to 8 yrs)

Saturday, 12:30pm  Level 5 (ages 9 -10, 11+), Level 6

Saturday, 5:00pm   Level 7 through 10

OGA Meet Supervised Play Area

For children 4-12 years of age. 
$5.00 per child/per session
Sibling discount
Sign in at admissions!

Contact Information

Meet Director (Eve Vacek):  ogameetdirector@comcast.net
Coach Brad:  brad@ogagym.org
All AAI Equipment

Coaches/Judges Hospitality
Balcony and Floor seating
Pro Score Scoring and Display

24,000 Sq. Ft. Facility

2012 Results

Level 4 6-7.pdf

Level 4 8-9.pdf
Level 4 8-9.pdf

Level 4 10-11.pdf

Level 4 12+.pdf

Level 4 Team.pdf

Level 5 7-9.pdf

Level 5 10-11.pdf

Level 5 12+.pdf

Level 5 Team.pdf

Level 6 8-9.pdf

Level 6 10-11.pdf

Level 6 12+.pdf

Level 6 Team.pdf

Level 7 10-11.pdf

Level 7 12+.pdf

Level 7 Team.pdf

Level 8 11-13.pdf

Level 8 14-15.pdf

Level 9 12-13.pdf

Level 10 14-15.pdf

Level 10 16+.pdf

Optional Team.pdf

Refund Policy

We will give refunds for any reason until the 12nd of January.  We will give medical refunds with a doctors' note through the 27th of January.

For information on refunds, please contact ogameedirector@comcast.net


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