OGA Meets - World Cup 2012

World Cup Invitational 2013

Countries to be Represented at the 2013 World Cup:

China - Westside

Greece - OGA

Jamaica - Auburn

Mexico - National Academy

Switzerland - MAC



World Cup 2012 Results!

Meet Results L7 8-11.pdf

Meet Results L7 12.pdf

Meet Results L7 13.pdf

Meet Results L7 14+.pdf

Meet Results L8 9-12.pdf

Meet Results L8 13.pdf

Meet Results L8 14.pdf

Meet Results L8 15+.pdf

Meet Results L9 8-13.pdf

Meet Results L9 14-15.pdf

Meet Results L9 16.pdf

Meet Results L9 17.pdf

Meet Results L10 13-16.pdf

Meet Results L10 17+.pdf

Team Results L7.pdf

Team Results L8.pdf

Team Results L9 10.pdf

Results 2013

WC Level 7 Ch A.pdf

WC Level 7 Ch B.pdf

WC Level 7 Jr A.pdf

WC Level 7 Jr B.pdf

WC Level 7 Sr.pdf

WC Level 8 14-15.pdf

WC Level 8 16+.pdf

Level 8 Jr 12-13.pdf

WC Level 9 8-11.pdf
WC Level 9 8-11.pdf

WC Level 9 12-13.pdf

WC Level 9 14-15.pdf

WC Level 9 16+.pdf

WC Level 10 9-12.pdf

WC Level 10 13-14.pdf

WC Level 10 15-16.pdf

WC Level 10 17+.pdf

WC Team Results Level 7.pdf

WC Team Results Level 8.pdf

WC Team Results Level 9.pdf

WC Team Results Level 10.pdf

World Cup Winner.pdf

World Cup Invitational Flyer 2013

world cup 2013.pdf

World Cup Invitational 2013

A Girls Gymnastics Meet
Optional Level 7-10 gymnasts


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Level 7, ages 7 through 13


Level 7, ages 14+

Level 8, all ages


Level 9

Level 10

More Information

TAC 10 Vault Table (soft surface landing)
AAI Elite Bars
AAI Elite Beam
AAI Floor

Coaches/Judges Hospitality
Balcony and Floor seating
Pro Score Scoring

24,000 Sq. Ft. Facility

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