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Hi all! I found a treasure of negatives that I will be getting printed over the course of the next month or so. Being they are old negatives they cost over a 1.00 piece to have printed. Here is the first round. Please take what you want. I believe you can edit the names on the pictures, if you can that would be great! That way I can get them labeled  right here. ENJOY
I promised the photographer that develped these photo's a plug.
Joseph Marshall @ Joe's Photos in Westland Michigan.

I believe these photos were taken before 1935.
1. There is not a family photo of Ruth and Mac, they were married in 1935.
2. Dad,  who was born in 37, Nor Dave who was born in 34 are in any photos...thus far.
3. I just received a note from Dave Bush and it had a clipping in it that noted most of these pictures were taken at a family reunion in Dresden, in 1933.

The new folder contains photos, between say 1933 and 1940ish

I found a few very old photos that range I think between 1870 to 1920 the new ones I know, but the older on especially in Scotland I have clues and thoughts but am not sure at all who they are. They were in a box of Nana's belonging that I have just now had a chance to see (they had been in Trish's attic) Enjoy and if you have any ideas, let me know ! The new album is Old Family Photos

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For My Kids and other that aren't sure

David M and Barbara J. Kaye Ogilvie are your 2 nd great grandparents. (My great grandparents)
Ruth (my Grandmother) is your great grandmother and the rest are either her siblings or nieces and nephews.

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I have added several as members and I know there is more family out there but I do not have their email addresses. If you now they would like to take part please, fwd their email to me please. Thank You :D

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