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Our Family Road Trips

Our Road Trips

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A Bit of History

This site is dedicated to our favorite family pasttime, camping. We average 30+ nights per year under the stars, which makes it a leading component in how we spend our time together.

Here's the story... We bought our 1st tent while dating in the 80's, moved on to larger tents when our babies became growing boys, bought a preowned popup camper several yrs ago to "get up off the ground", & are presently the happy owners of a fantastic hybrid, also known as an expandable travel trailer, which makes traveling easier & a lot more comfortable. Whew! At times, we camp at familiar nearby places & other times we head off to faraway destinations. Though our camping style has changed through the years, our love for it has not.

Unfortunately, some of our trips (many from the early years) were never captured on film & some of those that were, have yet to be scanned & uploaded. This photo collection is by no means a complete record, but it is a glimpse into our personal camping experience.

Our Camping Equipment

Hillary 8'x8' Canvas tent (retired after 13 yrs of service & a broken zipper)

Coleman 9'x7' Sundome tent (outgrown with 2 children)

Coleman 10'x10' Sundome tent (still used occasionally)

Ozark Trail (2) 12'x10' Dome Connection tents (in basement storage)

1991 Palomino Filly popup (2004-2007)

2008 Palomino Stampede S-23BH hybrid (2007-Present)


Feel Free to Browse

Our photo albums are on separate pages according to our mode of camping: tents, popup, & hybrid camper. Sorting this way also keeps them in chronological order. Click on the tabs above our family photo to access each page. The last page, Tents, also includes a special section for our Annual Memorial Wknd trip. This is an extended family gathering that has been going on for over 25 years.

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