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8/25/2009 3:50:37 AM - 002084483463
I love the fall pictures you have of the kids in leaves! soo pretty!

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Hi! Thank you for checking out my website. My name is Shannon Storm and I am a professional freelance photographer. I got my start a few years ago when I was going to college and working at a local newspaper (The Star in Cambridge, MN) as a journalist. I started getting a lot of photojournalist assignments like taking photos of graduation ceremonies, parades, ribbon cutting ceremonies and other local events. I really enjoyed going to the events and taking the photos so I added a photography course to my schedule in college. I then started doing work freelance. I moved to Portage, WI in February 2008 and started working at Pierre's Portrait Art Co. in Madison, I gained more experience and additional training working there as an assistant photographer/2nd shooter and production artist. I moved back to Minnesota in January 2009. When I moved back I had a difficult time finding a good studio to work for, so I started doing photography freelance again. I do photos on-location at many different places. I am currently located in Hudson, WI and I service Wisconsin and Minnesota as well as destination weddings.

I enjoy taking photos of so many different things, but people are my favorite. I love capturing the emotion in what is happening in the photograph, which is why I really love close-ups, to really be able to see into the person's eyes and see exactly how they were feeling at that time! Weddings are so fun and special to photograph, I can't imagine very many other things that come packed with so much emotion!

Children are one of my specialties. I have 2 young boys of my own and I am constantly striving to find new ways to make it fun for children to have their photo taken so they don't have to fake their smile.

My equipment

I use a professional Canon T2i digital SLR camera and for lenses I have a Canon standard 18-55mm and a Canon 55-250mm. I also own a Macbook Pro with Photoshop and Lightroom v2.0 and I edit (crop, adjust lighting, special effects, ect.) all my own work. Some of the photos in my collections were NOT taken with professional cameras. Which is why the quality of some are better than others.

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