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Welcome to Pinnacle Wrestling!

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Pinnacle Wrestling season!

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It is said the destination is not the goal; it is the journey that marks our character, strength, and ultimately our wisdom. While many walk a road easy to bare, some choose to walk a different path that others dare not tread. Here, forged in the crucible of adversity and sacrifice, they find themselves in the home of those who stand for honor. And so when swords are clashed and teeth are gnash, it is these brave few who will stand firm.

See you on the mat!


Coach Braasch  


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Winning Behavior

Are you putting in place the behaviors that allow for success? Success, or winning as some like to call it, is generally preceded by a great deal of unglamorous, unspectacular, boring, but undoubtedly hard work. This work is a behavior, the behavior of winning. This behavior is both in action and in state of mind. This behavior permeates through all things. Whether you believe behavior is learned or innate, if you do not internalize successful behaviors, you will not be prepared when confronted by overwhelming opposition. Make no mistake; overcoming this opposition does not happen that day. It happens in the days and months prior. In these long hours filled with sweat, blood and tears demonstrating these behaviors, you will find the abilities needed to win the day you face your opposition. What does your behavior prepare you for?

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